Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheesus! Mickey Mouse's demands leaked

They all have them.


You know the kind of thing.

Ridiculous demands like M and Ms with all the brown ones picked out. Expensive varieties of grown-up drinks. Loads of deep-fried chicken and/or very healthy macrobiotic raw foods and peaceful koi fish. Presumably to look at in the latter case.

Now a spy in the camp of Disney Live camp has revealed the headliner of the troupe, Mickey Mouse, is a bit of a pipsqueak when it comes to diva-like demands on tour.

For those outside of showbiz riders are the food, drinks and miscellaneous treats entertainers demand be laid on in order for them to perform.

Known as one of the nicest guys on tour, Mickey is famous for politely requesting that all his cast and crew share the goodies on his Rider.

Mickey’s Rider is no Flo-Rida. Lady Gaga or Mariah Carey situation, rather, it’s a humble snapshot of what the most famous mouse in the world – and one of the most famous performers across the globe – has ever so politely requested rather than demanded on his Aussie tour.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival promises to be THE event for kids this Summer holidays – a live concert experience starring their most loved characters and stars, where they can rock out to remixed songs they all know!

Mickey's Queensland Rider seems to indicate that Mickster is keen to embrace his Queensland visit by getting to know more about the Sunshine State.

Are you ready?


1. Cheese.
Known cheese aficionados, Mickey and Minnie are very keen to sample local Australian varieties, and have requested a selection of the famous Queensland Kenilworth and Maleny cheeses; the Apenzell cheese from Sunshine Coast cheesemaker Fromart (recently crowned Queensland’s Champion Cheese); and the Caerphilly from Witches Chase on Mount Tambourine. Please also include 2kg of Coon and Bega's top sellers, prepared in whatever what is best for tasting. They are really looking forward to sampling local produce in Queensland.)

2. Chocolate Cake
Though Minnie’s Chocolate cake is Mickey’s absolute favourite, he would like to request a large chocolate cake of your choosing to share with the cast and crew before a big show.

3. A framed picture of Minnie Mouse.

4. An air guitar.

5. An experienced mouse-eusse. Made available 3 hours before the show to him and the rest of the cast. That would be lovely, thanks.

6. Extra-extra-large ear muffs. Even during the Queensland Summer.

7. A large dog bed for Pluto should he feel like an afternoon nap.

8. A five seater couch in his dressing room
Definitely needed so Mickey, Minnie and Donald can sit and prepare before a show, and then relax after a show.

9. Cheese-scented candles.
Note: No Blue Cheeses to be used in the scents please.

10. A karaoke machine.
Needed backstage so the cast and crew can sing up a storm anytime they want, it’s important that music follows them everywhere!!

No surprises there really, are there?

For tickets and tour dates go to: http://www.disneylive.com.au/

And now for the winners of my Disney Live competition! They are:

Mlle Slimalicious
Hotly Spiced

Congratulations. Please email or message me with your names and addresses so we can send out your prizes.


Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Great news! I have sent you an email.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha that's so cute! And his rider is quite reasonable! :P

Hotly Spiced said...

I heard Mickey Mouse and his entourage were coming to town. A great day out for his fans I'm told.

Jo @ littlemelbourne.com.au said...

Wish we were going!

Rubyjaz said...
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Rubyjaz said...

Hi Bronnie,
Sorry, have been away. If it was to late, that's cool.

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Never heard back from you...