Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

We welcomed 2012 very quietly at home in Brisbane.

The kids weren't wild about the idea of taking public transport into Southbank for the official Brisbane celebrations, even for the early child-friendly fireworks.

And I'm glad we didn't go, because even though both kids were determined to stay up until midnight - and this year, I decided to let them as long as they agreed to sleep in the next morning - Mr 10 ended up crashing at about 9.30 pm. We never even would have made it home by then!

So instead we had a quiet party at home, at the request of both children. And to my relief.  Let's face it, I couldn't afford a fancy New Year's Eve event, and most of them weren't family friendly at all.

And because we're renting a nice place at the moment, complete with pool, we were all really happy with the idea of staying here to enjoy the 'five star luxury' as Chase describes it.

We had party crackers we got half-price after Christmas, so were soon wearing silly party hats and telling bad jokes while we drank our juice and water from light-up glasses.

In-between swims, we watched New Year's Eve marathons on telly. At 8.30 pm, we brought out the glow-stick necklaces and bracelets and sparklers. Such a treat to have a packet each, though Harmonie shared one of hers with me!

After Chase caved, Miss 8 tried valiantly to keep her eyes open, but when she started yawning around 11 pm, I suggested bed, and she nodded reluctantly.

And now I'm a grown-up I didn't feel the need to 'see the new year in' on my own. (Just what is there to see anyway?).  Instead, I stuck with the time-honoured tradition of mothers everywhere, and grabbed some sleep while I could!

Again, just as well.

Because the early-to bed dude rose at the crack of dawn begging to go to the local markets. (Another advantage of not partying is that you can wake up early and without a hangover. It may be boring, but you've got to love that)!

I made him wait until his sister woke up - especially since she'd stayed up so late - and then we piled into the car.

Only to find the markets were shut.

Wow. I felt sure they opened year round, but clearly I was wrong.

I offered to take the kids out for a New Year's Day breakfast (it used to be kind of a family tradition for us) but they said no, and that they'd rather go home. They are such homebodies these days, and seem to treasure every minute we spend together. And I'm proud they realise that doesn't necessarily have to mean spending a lot of money, it just has to mean spending time with each other. Bless their little hearts.

So we went to a park for a while, before the heat drove us home for more swimming, while Mr 10 cooked a BBQ brunch. (He insisted! And of course, at 10, he still needs help and supervision, but I do encourage his hobby).

So our brunch included eggs, bacon, chicken sausages, which we had with tomato, mixed lettuce, peppers, Japanese mayo and rustic crusty bread. Miss 8 added tomato sauce, and Mr 10, barbecue. So delicious.

Then we watched a movie and read while brunch when down, and spent the day swimming, napping, reading and watching telly. There was a walk in the afternoon, and more swimming.

We could have had friends over, but most were visiting family themselves and/or already had plans.

And quite frankly, because we see so much less of each other, especially in the school holidays, when access is on a 50-50 basis, we were just happy in each others' company. And that was cool.

It would probably sound boring to a younger Bronnie, particularly the girl I was in my 20s and even 30s, when New Year was often celebrated in another country, or in a big night out.

But if I'm honest, this was one of the best New Year celebrations ever. And the easiest. Hanging out with my own small humans was far cooler than I ever could have imagined! What great people they are turning out to be.

And as I tried to explain in my last post, I feel like I'm in a much better place than this time last year.

And so I have fingers, legs, arms, and toes crossed that 2012 will bring wonderful things. Not just for me, but for my children, my family, my friends, and/or for all of us.

Happy 2012.

The pool got plenty of use!

Look closer, and you'll notice that Missy Moo has snacks in the middle of her Li-Lo. Cheeky! 

Mr 10 was too busy 'creating' in the kitchen to let me take photos while he was cooking, but he let me take a quick one before he tucked in. Note how serious he looks! 

Chase cooked Nigella Lawson's creamy ham and pea pasta for our New Year's Eve dinner. Delicious! 

Then it was time for Sparklers

For both of them

I like this photo because there's a cat in the background looking like it's got sparkly eyes and a cape!

Meanwhile, here are a few other reasons I'm glad we had a quiet New Year's Eve at home ...

This report was originally published in the Daily Telegraph and on http://www.new.com.au/:

AT St Vincent's Sydney, it was a typical New Year's Eve - with subtle variations.

Head of Emergency at St Vincent's, Dr Gordian Fulde, gives his report card:

"TWAS a good New Year's Eve - well, at least for most of the population who weren't left sick or bleeding.

It is the only night of the year when the whole world, black or white, religious or not, celebrates and has a drink. Hence lots of violence.

We had two stabbings, one into a male's abdomen resulting in a perforated bowel.

There were also lots of assaults and fights. One young man is still unconscious with bleeding on the brain after being king-hit.

A 36-year-old giant of a man was so drunk and violent he needed to be sedated twice because when he woke up he was still very dangerous and out of control.

Several pedestrians were hit by cars, including a 28-year-old drunk male.

Falls from vantage points occurred after midnight. One 25-year-old female climbed on to a first floor ledge to see the fireworks but fell.

A 19-year-old got up on a metal roof for the fireworks. While sliding down he suffered deep lacerations to his arm, damaging muscles and tendons, requiring surgery.

We even saw more vomit than blood!

A boy, 16, with a blood alcohol of 0.3 could only just be roused. A 24-year-old female suffered a nasty head laceration when she slipped in her bathroom while vomiting.

A female, 23, was found intoxicated. She had abrasions everywhere but has no idea how she got them.

But none were as bad as one young lady who was so drunk she dislocated her jaw vomiting!

Several mixed alcohol with ecstasy, coming to hospital unable to breathe, suffering panic attacks and vomiting.

One really stupid incident occurred when some friends "as a joke'' folded over a metal bottle top and put it in a mate's drink.

He choked on it and needed to have it removed in hospital. A close call.

Despite all that, I suspect most had a good evening and I wish all a happy new year."

Cheers to that!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year!

Although it was quieter, it sounded like you had a lovely new year's celebration. I think all that mad partying & drinking is overrated - and I hate doing something because I feel that is what everyone thinks you OUGHT to do...who says you have to be out partying to be having a good New Year's Eve? (But then I'm a non-drinker and I don't follow the general popular assumption that you HAVE to have a few drinks (or get drunk!) to have a good evening either...all my life, I've had a great time, danced for hours, chatted with strangers, met cute guys...all without the help of alcohol! :-) )

Anyway - sorry, rambling off topic as usual - so I think it's great that you celebrated the New Year the way YOU wanted to and got the most out of it. I think there is great courage in going against the general flow and not being afraid to say that you still enjoy yourself just as much!

Your brunch certainly sounded very exotic!! :-)


Alannah said...

glad you had a lovely night...similar to mine as DH was on night shift. Thanks also for the 'sobering'report card....really feel for nursing staff at this time of year!

Mum on the Run said...

That sounds pretty perfect (and safe) to me.
Here's to a marvwellous 2012.

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

We both had the same way to celebrate New Years Eve, although hubby & I were both in bed at 8.30pm we had a long day going around Brisbane & the Redlands taking pictures then visiting dear friends for the afternoon till early evening & having tea with them.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Rubyjaz said...

We had a quiet one too, up at Bribie. BBQ at mum and dads with a couple of friends, my sister and her kids. We saw the early fire works on the beach and the got back by 9.00pm. Very relaxing. Not at all like the uni balls of old, I have grown up allot since then. Yours sounds fantastic. Happy New year to you and I hope we all have a fantastic 2012. You deserve a great year.