Friday, January 20, 2012

Message in a lunchbox ...

My kitchen table is threatening to crumble under the weight of school books, pens, copy paper, and in a sign of the times, usb drives.

Yes parents, it's back to school time, and already I'm stressed at the thought of preparing school lunches that will be actually eaten and appreciated.

So I was delighted when Kellogg's and LCMs sent me a sample of their newest product to try, and a few other goodies.  

Miss 8 was even more impressed, and wasted no time inspecting the parcel.

The new product is LCMs that you can write on! The idea is that parents can write special messages to their kids, on the bars, so when the anklebiters open their lunchboxes at school, they get a little surprise. A cheery message from home will let the little tykes know that Mum or Dad is thinking of them, and make their day a little bit brighter.
Chase would have liked a pack for himself...

Oh look! They even included one, just for me. (Excuse me while I run off to hide it. Thanks.) 

Harmonie wanted to check the flavour was still the same.  "Yes, still yummy," she says!
'Aww, can't I keep them?", she asks? The pack also included a lunch box, complete with icy lid to keep the contents cool, a juice box, and sultanas.

Hmm, interesting marketing. "Mumma, why does the doggie have its head cut off?" asks H.

The LCMs Write-On Wrappers are available for a limited time only to celebrate Back to School (or prep, kindy, childcare or whatever). The special bars gives parents the chance to leave cute messages for their kids like: 'I love you', reminders like: 'No hat, no play', or "Return your library book", or even share a silly joke.

I gave my Write-On LCMs a trial run when the kids went to vacation care last week.

They were going for a day at the local pool, where there was to be a giant inflatable jumping like apparatus to be set up for the day.

We were running late as usual to a tight schedule, so I didn't have time to take photos.

But I wrote something like:

"Enjoy your day at the pool" on Chase's;


"Have fun jumping at the pool!" on Harmonie's.

And after each message, I drew a love heart.

When I picked them up, both kids were chortling.

"Mum why did you tell me to enjoy the poo?," said Chase.

"Me too," sniggered Harmonie. "And you told me to jump in it."

"And you drew a picture of a poo!," Chase continued. "Mum you're rude."

Turns out my '!' and the 'l' kind of ran into each other in my haste, and the love hearts looked more like poos than hearts.

At least that's what my kids, and all the others at vacation care thought.

And now all the other kids want their Mums to buy Write-On LCMs for them too. I am hoping that's not so they can be left messages about poo, but I'm afraid the damage may already have been done. (Really, my heart was in the right place. Years of frantic note-taking as a journalist has left my handwriting as scratchy as a doctor's).

In any case, the very generous people at Kellogg's and LCMs have given the readers of MIA a fabulous LCM Write-On Wrapper Back To School Pack, which includes a backpack, lunchbox, waterbottle, pens, and of course a supply of the new LCM Write-ON Wrapper bars, valued at $150.

To enter, simply comment below and tell me in 25 words or less what message you would leave for your child on the first day they started school.

And now the legal stuff ...
The competition is a game of skill and will be drawn by a representative of Kellogg's and LCMs.
Competition closes on January 27, at 5pm AEST.
Please check back to see if you have won. If you do not check back, every attempt will be made to find you. If the winner can not be found, the prize will be redrawn after seven days.

Disclosure: MIA was given a sample pack of LCMs to try, a lunch box, juice box, and sultana pack to try by Kellogg's LCMs. No payment has been received for this post.


babycakequeen said...

Heya Bronnie, even if I don't win I'm so happy you made me think of Charlotte's lunchbox. You already know about my premmi babe and I cannot believe she starts school in under 2 weeks! I'm so sad to let go but proud that she will be the younget and is one of the biggest, the teacher didn't believe she was a prem xoxox

Here it is and I cried when I wrote it, and then cried some more when I realised that she can't read (well yet) :

Dearest Charlotte,
I'm so proud of you -no matter what happens today or anytime over the next 13 years I will always be "Mummy"...


Thanks for the opportunity

Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

following as @babycakequeen on twitter or your blog as either feline1981 or babycakequeen, I have been for so long now!

Unknown said...

Hahaha @ the poo messages. Kids are so funny.
My messages would be

Mrs BC said...

I'd love to remind Mr 7 to eat fruit, but it'd be more fun to write 'Lets do something fun after school!' Keep him guessing!

rambling mum said...

Simply, "Love Mum xx" is what I would write. Mr 9 would LOVE these, Mr 16 probably couldn't care less! And Miss 4 eats the choc bits off the top & leaves most of the bar, so I guess she would miss out if we won these! She would eat the sultanas!

Lisa H said...

Write on LCM packets is a neat idea! Back when my kiddies were still at school, I used to write messages on 'post it' notes and stick them to the sandwich wrapper! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sharnee :

Male 12.. 1st day high school :

" Smile ! Happy people like happy people"

bardie said...

Don't forget to call your teacher 'Miss' and not 'Mum'

Rubyjaz said...

My standard message is a drawn heart at the start and end of their name. Just in case they happen to forget mum loves them.

Anonymous said...

Haha, maybe something like 'stay out of the poo!' Only kidding.
I think something like: I'm so proud of my big school girl! And a big love heart. Deb.

In The Good Books Blog said...

These look like a wonderful idea!
I would write:

"I've packed your lunch,
It's there, as you see,
But there's also a serve
Of love just from me!
Hope your day's beautiful as you..."

Mum-me said...

This is a great idea. I've always thought it would be nice to write the kids a note for their lunchbox but never seem to have enough time in the mornings to do it.

On my child's first day at school I would have written

"I'm proud of you now and always ♥♥♥ Mum"

nellbe said...

This is an adorable idea and what a pity it is a limited time thing.

I would simply right, 'Thinking of you, Love Mummy xx'

Anonymous said...

Who won?

Unknown said...

What lovely answers! The prize is being drawn by a representative of Kellogg's and LCMs as we speak ... the winner will be announced soon. I wish you all could win! Be patient dear readers, and I will announce the winner as soon as ... And can you believe that some blog readers find giveaways like these a turnoff? I don't, but I do only try to review and giveaway prizes that I would love and/or that I think you would love to. But any feedback greatly appreciated.

AMA said...

Lol nice pics! They remind me of home

Unknown said...

Well it's official ... An LCMs/Kellogg's representative has drawn the lucky winner who is .... (drumroll)...
Congratulations Mum-me.
Please contact me as soon as possible with your details so I can have your prize sent out to you.