Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MIA's first celebrity of the year: With added giveaway

So I promised you giveaways, and giveaways you shall have.

And 2012's giveaway comes from no less that the world's most famous, and ageless, mouse, Mickey Mouse.

Currently visiting Australia with the rest of the lovable Disney Live entertainers, including of course, his longtime love-interest Minnie Mouse, and their mischievous friends Goofy, Donald Duck, and special guests, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the gang from Toy Story, Mickey took time out from his busy schedule to give MIA an exclusive interview:

Your bio doesn't seem to mention your age?: Gosh, let’s just say I’ve been acting since 1928. Not bad, huh?

Any Nickname/s?: Well, sometimes Goofy calls me, “Mick.”

Famous for?: I don’t know about, “famous” but folks seem to like the cartoons I’ve been in. Oh, and lots of folks know about my club… ‘Course I bet a lot of little kids know about my clubhouse too. (ha-ha).

Current Residence: Lately, I’ve been all over the place, there’s lots and lots of travel
for Minnie and Me with our shows, and visiting children everywhere. Lately you might say that home is where you hang your guitar. (ha-ha)

Do you have a girlfriend?: Minnie’s been my sweetheart for a long time, if that’s what you mean. She’s the best!

Hobbies: Oh, I like doin’ lots of stuff. Playin’ music, dancin’, fishin’, hot air balloonin’… you know? And I love to travel, it’s going to be great coming to Australia this Summer, we can’t wait.

What do you never travel without and why?: If ya ask me, it sure is hard to beat a pair of red shorts, they are a must when we pack to travel! And my music … I like all sorts of music! If it can get me dancin’, great! If it can get a crowd dancing, that’s even better! Of course I never travel without Minnie and my friends Goofy, Donald, Daisy…

Favourite holiday destination?: We love travelling all over the world, meeting children and making them smile and dance and sing. Australia is one of our favorites, Australian kids sing real loud!

Favourite Movie to Watch on a Plane: Gee, that’s a tough one… I really like Fantasia! It sure was fun to make. (ha-ha)

Mickey, what keeps you motivated after a long, long journey? I guess the first thing I think about is all my pals, all over the world. There’s nothin’ like good friends to make everyday tons of fun. Yeah, they really keep me goin’.

What’s the wildest thing that has happened to you and the Disney crew? Well, between Donald’s practical jokes and Goofy almost blowin’ things up all the time, I’d have to say, “this week.” (ha-ha)

Tell me a little bit about your new musical tour and what kids can expect: A little bit, huh? OK, how about three words: “Rock and roll!” (ha-ha)

Of the Disney crew that travel with you, who is the most: Naughty; Friendly and Intelligent? Let’s see… Donald sure does like to stir things up and Goofy’s awful friendly and Minnie’s really smart… Oh, and Daisy too – can’t forget her. (ha-ha)

How important to you is family and friends? Well, like I said, my I love all my friends. I think in a lot of ways, they make me who I am, ya know? If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be me. That’s why I love travelling with them all too!

Why is engaging in music so important for young children as they grow? You know what I heard? I heard that kids who are into music are really good at learning all kinds of stuff, like math and science and art. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get to know other people. But maybe the most important thing to me is how much fun music can be!

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is touring Australia intil February 6 2012.

Disney hits are remixed to the hottest sounds of today featuring hip hop, pop, swing, reggae, rock, country and much more! The line-up of performers including, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula; Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie, Woody, Buzz and Jessie are among the more than 25 Disney stars featured in this jam session!


After already playing Perth to critical acclaim, the show continues as follows:

GOLD COAST Jan 6-7 Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre - Ticketek
BRISBANE Jan 9-10 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre - Ticketek
SYDNEY Jan 12-15 Sydney Entertainment Centre - Ticketmaster
NEWCASTLE Jan 17-18 Newcastle Entertainment Centre - Ticketek

WOLLONGONG Jan 21 WIN Entertainment Centre - Ticketek
ADELAIDE Jan 23-24 Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Ticketek
MELBOURNE Jan 26-29 The Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - Ticketmaster
LAUNCESTON Feb 1-2 Silverdrome – Silverdrome
HOBART Feb 4-6 Derwent Entertainment Centre - Ticketmaster

A Reserve: $36.50 (*family ticket $135)
B Reserve: $29.50 (*family ticket $105)

*Admits any configuration of four people
For more information and to purchase tickets to Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival visit

Thanks to Mickey and his friends at Disney Live! MIA has five awesome Disney Live Kids' Packs to give away, each containing a bag, colouring book and VIP program. Each pack is valued at $25.
To enter, please leave a comment below, sharing your favourite Disney character and why.
(Competition is a game of skill and will be drawn by a representative of Disney Live! after 5 pm January 6, 2012.)


Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

My favourite Disney Character is Minnie Mouse, I love her cute hair ribbon!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This would be such a hit for littlies! :D

Kelly said...

What a fantastic interview! HA! I love it! Favourite Disney...well, love the Tangled characters...and Goofy is cute.

Effie said...

I really love Mickey Mouse - he's like the father figure of the gang, and he was Walt Disney's favourite! Who could believe that such a little mouse could change so many children's lives around the world??

Hotly Spiced said...

I must be living under a mushroom. I had no idea Mickey was coming to town. I didn't even know he did interviews!

Rubyjaz said...

my favourite character from childhood is Aurora from sleeping beauty and now since the kids, it would have to be Ariel. I think I always wanted to be a princess and being a mermaid would have to be awesome. We saw Disney on ice when it came out and I now have a massive crush on Prince Eric, Ariel's got it all going on.

Anonymous said...

wow! what an awesome interview! My fav all time is goofy cos he makes me laugh i used to try and act like him as a kid just to be happy at home :-)

Anonymous said...

Donald duck is my fav he is very funny n has a beautiful girl in Daisy n who could forget his mischief making nephews. My daughter has just told me that they have nothing on Sleeping beauty and her dwarfs. Then my son said that he loves the lion king cause he is brave. The hubby has just jumped in on the bandwagon and says Donald is is fav aswell looks like the oldies win this round lol. Great interview bronnie Mickey is truely a wonderful character aswell x

kerry santillo said...

Goofy and his funny ways,
makes us laugh everyday!!
Goofy and his gappy teeth,
big ears, whats hiding underneath?
He makes us laugh with his big smile,
and loving his goofy style!!!

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