Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ms Cordiality!

From the Long, Long Ago Memories of Summers Past comes the times when Mum would keep jugs of Cottee's cordial made up in the fridge.

These were usually only allowed on Special Occasions.

Sunday lunches after church, when we were having guests, celebrating a birthday, and/or, God forbid (pun intended), having the minister and his wife over for a meal.

The biggest treats were icy cups, which we made ourselves and ate with a spoon. Many an icy cup helped to pass long hot summer holidays without air-conditioning or (gasp!) ceiling fans! They were usually enjoyed after days spent cycling in the bush with friends, catching yabbies at the nearest creek, or swimming at the local pool.

After my own kids came along, health experts warned - and rightly so - that water was best, and I kind of got out of the habit of buying or drinking cordial. Besides those 2-litre bottles were so heavy and took up so much room in our pantry and/or fridge.

But I do believe there are times, particularly on blisteringly hot Queensland days, when kids need a treat, don't you?

So I was taken back to my childhood recently when Cottee's kindly sent me a sample of their latest fridge containers to try. They actually call it a Mix-It-Up Jug, and it holds 2 litres of made-up cordial and sits neatly in the fridge door.

Available free at Coles, with the purchase of any two specially-marked 1-litre containers of Cottee's cordials (while stocks last), the jugs are marked with measurements so there are no excuses for flavouring mistakes. Plus, the jugs are made for easy pouring, so even icy-pole-making is a breeze.

Miss 8 and Mr 10 wasted no trouble trying out the Cottee's Coola 1 litre sample we were sent to try as well.

I have to admit, I love the 1 litre sizes, as I hated lugging home the 2 litre containers, and to my surprise the smaller size was just as full of flavour as its predecessor.

It took just a sip of Coola to instantly transport me back to my childhood. I'd forgotten how yummy cordial was! (And Coola is a refreshing lime flavour, which is great watered-down on hot sports days).

And it was a simple and economical treat for visiting children over the holidays as well. (I worked about about 1 litre of Cottee's make about 10 litres of cordial, so you can't go wrong really).

Anyway, thanks to Cottee's and Alvin And The Chimunks 3 Chipwrecked 3, I
have a fantastic School Holiday giveaway for MIA readers and their families.

The prize pack consists of:

- A Cottee's Cordial 2-litre Mix-it-up Jug as pictured above with my darling children.

- A 1-litre bottle of Cottee's Cordial

- An Alvin and the Chipmunks beachball

2 X double passes to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 3

1 X Alvin and the Chipmunks double DVD
1 Alvin and the Chipmunk pencil case
An Alvin and the Chipmunks collection of plush toys

To enter, simply tell me your favourite flavour of Cottee's cordial and why.

Entries will be drawn on January 19, at 5 pm, and announced in a post on my blog on January 20, and on twitter. Please remember to check back to see if you have won.

Winners will be given 48 hours to respond or prizes will be given to charity.

Good luck!


Tracy at Blue Zone said...

I love a chilled glass of lemon cordial with ice and a slice of lemon on the side. Nothing better on a hot day!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I love a dash of lemon cordial or orange/pine in soda water - to control my own taste with bubbles !

This Mummy Maze said...

Am loving the lemon/lime flavour but my fav will always come back to fruitcup.

Sarah Hone said...

I love Cottee's lemon cordial, it's so refreshing!

Unknown said...

Our favourite has to be the orange and mango. It's perfect for a hot summers day and sooo yummy. Unfortunately it doesn't last long in our house, it's too tasty!!.

In The Good Books Blog said...

In our household, we love Apple Raspberry, with a dash of the new Blueberry flavour!!!
It is really yummy, go and try it and I am sure you'll agree! Makes a wicked colour too! :)

Tina said...

We love a long, cool glass of Cottees Rasberry or Cola in our house. SO delicious & more bang for your buck with the new double concentrate formulas. Double thumbs up!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This isn't an entry because I'm sure someone more worthy or wanting deserves this but I used to love Coola lime cordial! :P

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I adored Coola too.

And Boo would lose his MIND if he won this, the kid is obsessed with those damn chipmonks!

Rubyjaz said...

My favourite is Pine Lime because it reminds me of splice ice blocks. pineapple and lime, how could you go wrong, ahhhh refreshing.

Denyse Whelan. said...

I am a kid again when I ever get a taste of Cottee's Lemon cordial. We "are talking a LONG time ago!"

Jacqui Honeywood said...

Ooh I was a cottees kid and I can't go past Friit Cup flavor because it reminds me of my childhood. When we were kids my brother and I used to call it our 'supery dipery' and it was half cordial, half cold water and lots of ice. The thought of it now makes my teeth tingle-I don't quite like it as string now hehe.

Dimity said...

My absolute favourite evokes similar memories from my childhood, esp. hot days at home running around the front yard under our sprinkler, is the fruit cup crush... yummo, and I must admit that there is still always a bottle of it in our pantry :)

Elise said...

Always loved the raspberry flavor - something about that vivid colouring that always feels like such a treat. I spent so many of my summer days with a pink moustache!

Marcia Coventry said...

I love Coola it's a Cottee's classic! I remember visiting my grandmother as a child and being given an icy cold glass full. I felt so special.

Nikki @ Eveningsong Ink said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and I love it :)

My favourite cordial flavour would have to be coola. It takes me straight back to hot summer days spent on the patio with a gigantic icy glass of cordial made not too strong, but juuust right. A perfect solution to a toasty Queensland day and infinitely better than the sickly lemon cordial my Mum used to wash down!

Nicky Singh said...

My brother and I spent many summers drinking cottee's raspberry cordial when we were growing up.
My kids loved it too!

Nicky Singh

Unknown said...

Great entries, and I'm feeling very thirsty now! The competition is now closed and CRAPMumma was chosen as the lucky winner. Mrs CRAP, your prize is on its way ...