Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yabby Dabba Do ....

Review: Albany Bird Park and Marron Farm Western Australia: Nipper's Restaurant

It was a special occasion during our recent stay in Western Australia: My big brother's birthday. (Not telling how old he was.) *

Anyway, he decided on lunch at one of his favourite restaurant's for the occasion, the Albany Bird Park and Marron Farm, surprisingly enough, near Albany in WA.

My brother and his family are regulars here, and it's no surprise.

The relaxed venue is unlike anywhere I have eaten in Australia, or in fact, the world. Though it's a perfect spot for groups and couples of all ages, it's also family friendly (and you will see why very soon).

But first: The food.

The restaurant/cafe, Nippers, has an indoors/outdoors feel. The menu is fresh, seasonal, imaginative, and particularly for Western Australia, where dining out can be expensive, real value for money.  

Nipper's Restaurant, Albany Bird Park and Marron Farm
The specials menu changes regularly to incorporate whatever is yummy, fresh and seasonal. The kind of menu that is not just for tourists but keeps locals like my family coming back for more.

Being an (occasional) food blogger, gives a girl an excuse to be greedy. I was really keen to sample all the Western Australian cuisine my brother had taunted me about tempted me with over the years. And there were more than enough hungry mouths to help me finish it.

This was the tasting plate which included yabbies (more than I could count), melt-in-your-mouth asparagus, avocado, goat's cheese, salad, turkish bread, aioli and more. For $28 it had to be one of the best value dishes I've had in Australia anywhere. It was way more than I could eat, and I think everyone on the table who wanted one had at least one yabby. (My son made short work of several!)
The quality was sublime. So much so, that Chase and I have been dreaming of yabbies for months.

The chef sources the food from their own farm or as locally as possible, and you can taste the difference. The service is friendly too.
This was Chase's yabby pizza, which he pronounced delicious. The piece I tried was mouth-watering. Not a scrap was left behind, and this was an adult serve. 

This was just part of a chicken wrap shared by my nephew and sister-in-law.

One of the kids' pizza and chips ...

My big brother's marron pizza ...

A kiddie meal - ham and cheese toastie and chips which came with a juice box

The relaxed setting. We could have sat in the air-conditioning indoors, but chose the roomy outdoors area which meant we could watch the kids explore, and also enjoy the breeze, even on a hot day.
One of the attractions of the Albany Bird Park and Marron Farm was that the kids (big and small) could spend time waiting for their food to be prepared roaming the grounds.

 The farm is home to a wonderful collection of wildlife in the grounds, including dingoes, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, ponies, and of course, marron For a small charge, guests can hand-feed some of the animals. The kids (and big kid Bronnie, adored it!) 

For once, there was no call of "I'm bored", and the meals were there before we knew it. And after, as the adults lingered over coffee, the kids went back for a second look. Bliss.
We were able to settle in for as long as we wanted to.

So while the adults chatted, the kids enjoyed ...

* Disclosure: Not because I am a nice sister, but because by sharing my big brother's age, I may, in fact, inadvertantly, disclose my own.

If you go: The Albany Bird Park and Marron Farm is situated between Albany and beautiful Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, 304 Two Peoples Bay Rd, Albany, WA, 6330. Ph: 08 9846 4239


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

When hubby & I do our working trip around Australia we will make sure to call in there. Looks great.

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Marg said...

The fresh marron looks amazing! Not so sure I would go for marron pizza though! lol

Glow said...

Ahh memories! Map Guy always gets the Yabbie pizza - his uncle is the chef there :)

Louisa Claire said...

Looks delicious and great fun too! Thanks for telling us about it :)

Mum on the Run said...

It's on the list!!
Thank you.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That yabbie plate looks amazing! They're so sweet and delicious and full of flavour-you're making me so hungry! :)

Unknown said...

What a great place!! And love all those pictures of yummy foods!! :-)

The Associate Woman said...

Yeah, $28 for WA is not bad, hey. Colin

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Nice post! Great place, wonderful food, and loving company --- perfect holiday combination!