Monday, April 30, 2012

March Digital Blog Carnival

It doesn’t rain, but it pours.
So April arrived and promptly showered me with a crapload of erm, stuff, to keep me even busier and more distracted than usual. Bad pun totally intended.
That’s my excuse for the delay in publishing the April Digital Parents Carnival for posts published in March.
But better late than never, as they say. And here I must say a huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers who linked up to the carnival by sharing their favourite posts from March. Even better, not one of them abused me for being slack.
So please take a moment to read them and leave some comment love.
Go on! You know you want to …

From Denyse of Denyse Whelan
Blogs and Sponsorships
I wrote this post leading up to #DPCon12 in Melbourne. I had a sponsor in 2011 for 4 months. In 2012 no luck (yet) but I included here two very different responses to my requests.
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From Nat of Nat's Natterings

An easy alternative to taking cupcakes to school to celebrate and share your child's birthday.
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From Jolene of Jolene's Mumbo Jumbo 
Six Exceptionally Good Reason Why You Shouldn't Wax Your Lady-Mo in Frontof Kids 
Description: On noticing, with horror, that your face has taken on the
appearance of a fuzzy peach you will feel that natural urge to whip out
the whipper-snipper or the hot wax and de-fuzz those unwelcome hairs right
out by the roots.
But, take heed, here are my top six reasons why you should not wax your
lady-mo in front of your kids!! 
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From Alexandra at Alive and Blogging
The day I almost died
Have you ever danced with death? I quite literally managed to do just that. Let me give you a little advice... Don't practice your dance moves on a pole in a pitch black cave! Have a read about how I unknowingly had a very lucky moment!
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From Jade at Jadedeluxe
It's hard to deny you're getting older when you finally have to get glasses. And then someone tells you you look like Buddy Holly.
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From Rachel at Mummy Muddles 
When the school run turns into a marathon

From Twitchy at TwitchyCorner 
Documenting the most diabolical week from hell in February I was still recovering from. Read it to believe it…

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From Melissa Wrightson at From Boardroom to Babies. 
How much really IS enough?
"Struggling to make ends meet? Wish you could afford to buy those gorgeous pair of heels you saw on the weekend? This will make you think twice!"
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From Sabeen at Mumchic
The Big 3-0 , Home Truths and All That Jazz
The age of 30 has something ominous associated with it. People avoid the subject like the plague, and don’t be too surprised if you get a dead panned stare when you ask your bestie what they’re planning to do for their 30th. This is a serious faux pas particularly in the land of oestrogen … seriously!
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From Melissa at Bright Side Up
Stay-at-home Dad .. Where are you?
This month I visited the Twilight Zone that is my home. This working Mum was out of control and lost in the abyss, with no back-up in sight.
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From Beatrix of Beatrix Quills, A Blog For All Occasions
Accidental Exercise 
This post is for all of us busy mums - you too can feel smug and fantastic about your exercise routine, and it doesn't even need to involve getting out of your PJs! Accidental exercise is the easiest and best kind, and it's free!
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From Georgia of Parental Parody
Son of a....[something far worse than Bitch]
The two words that invoke fear in women the world over : IN LAWS. Find out how I coped with a surprise visit from mine. Or, almost coped.
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From Peta-Jo of Peta-Jo
Is the fear of your children being taken from you really so irrational? This recent court case has me wondering....
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From Lara Cain Gray of This Charming Mum
Children really do say the darndest things – but why must it always be a loud swear word when you’re at the supermarket checkout?  A post about linguistics and public humiliation. 
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From Ash from Me is Me's Blog
-    We got crafty for our first family-of-four photo shoot!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You, me, and Fiji ...

I was feeling a bit flat the other day, and I thought: I really need a holiday to look forward to.

Maybe it's the Sagittarean in me, but I love travel.

Thoughts of adventure in distant - or not so distant places - have kept me going through many tough times. And made me smile even brighter when times are good.

They have helped this little family bond even tighter, and make memories that will never be erased.

One of our happiest experiences as a family, was last year's trip to Fiji.

I wanted to see my childrens' faces light up with the joy of being alive, watch them be indulged, and to be with them, totally in the moment. All in one of the most beautiful places on earth, not too far from home, that I could actually afford to visit.

And Fiji was truly the place to do it.

Which is why I was sad when I read that, having survived severe flooding, gale force winds, and cyclonic conditions recently, Fijian tourism operators had been suffering from a flow-on effect with visitors unsure if the region was safe for travel.

However, the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association has confirmed that it's all systems go in Fiji.

So my message is: Don't miss out.

The storm is over, and the best way you can help is by visiting Fiji.

It will be as beautiful and welcoming as we found it to be.

You'll see warriors like this (from Shangri-La's Fijian Resort And Spa).

(And Mummas? A word to the wise. Do not miss out on the sunset torch-lighting/warrior ceremonies. Serious eye-candy. Serious. And you get to have your photos taken with the Warriors. Real up close and personal like. Ahem. And some resorts like the Fijian, have introduced Warrior-ettes. Just for the blokes and in the name of Political Correctness I am sure. I was too busy getting my photo taken with the Warriors to find out...)

Get set for adventure ... (Harmonie, putting on her lifejacket for the ride of her life on the Sigatoka River Safari to a remote Fijian village. We highly recommend it!) 

Woo hoo! The face says it all! Chase, jet boating along the Sigatoka River!

Taking in the sights and sounds of the river. Locals crossing the river in the traditional way ...

And here too! My kids were amazed. 

The village we visited.

Our lunch, made by ladies in the village, from everything produced in the village

Isn't it beautiful?

C. was one of the first to choose his position!
There were no knives and forks ... it was hands only, with a water bowl for cleansing. My Aspie boy loved that! And enjoyed showing European journalists how to do it.

Some cheeky village kids.

An exhausted but happy Missy Moo enters The Land Of Nod with her temporary 'pet' Coconut. 

And C. was so blissfully relaxed, that all I could see was his feet! 

Nowhere else but Fiji.

Maid In Australia's Fijian holiday was supported by Tourism Fiji Australia, Air Pacific Fiji, and the Shangri-La's Fijian Resort and Spa. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code Blue ...

If you've seen me out and about this month, you'll notice I'm sporting a bit of a Marge Simpson-like influence on my hair.

Instead of the usual, more natural chestnut or blonde highlights, this time I went for rather fetching shades of blue. (At least that's what I told myself. They are fetching. Not weird.).

The reason for my new look was inspired by one of my blog crushes, the gorgeous Tanya from Madmother.

I met Tanya at last month's Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne, and was rather taken by the splashes of blue in her hair which she'd put it to highlight World Autism Day.

It's surprising how many bloggers in the Australian Digital Parents community are parents of children on the spectrum. We have so much in common, that we never stop talking both in 'real' life and online.

And of course, we all agreed to do our bit to blog and tweet about autism this month.
April is traditionally World Autism Month, and this year's them is to 'Light It Up Blue', to raise awareness and understanding about autism and all the conditions/variations that come under the spectrum.

I wrote about autism and my own relationship with it in one of last year's most popular posts, here.

But this year, as the Man Child gets older and more confident in his skin, I wanted to do something a little lighter to mark the month.

Blue clothes, shoes, make-up, and yes, hair, has been the order of the day at Chez MIA.

All inspired by Tanya, and other mums I've met online and in real life, who marked World Autism Month in their own way. By blogging, tweeting, wearing blue, joining walks, and yes, even colouring their hair.

And it's funny, but going blue really has started discussion when I'm out and about.

"You're not a blues supporter, are you?" someone said the other day.

"No, Mum's gone blue for Autism," said Chase.

"Oh, that's even better," she replied.

And so it went. Sparking talks about autism, ASD, ADHD, PDD, and an associated bunch of conditions.

Sure, I ended up having to do my hair myself - my usual hairdresser had run out of blue fudge, and I wanted to be blue in time for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

And this meant my blue hair kind of turned out green and turquoise, rather than the fetching highlights I'd imagined. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Just a little blue...

Isn't it pretty? If patchy ...

Missy tried some blue as well ...

As did Chase. (Pictured here with extra snake painting from Australia Zoo).

This blog is part of a linky. I'd love you to read them when you have time.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Notes to the Easter Bunny ,,,

Easter has arrived and almost gone at Chez MIA and, as always, it's been loads of fun.

On Easter Sunday Eve, the Small Humans devoted themselves to writing notes and directions to the Easter Bunny.

That's me and the kids fast asleep ... and the Easter Bunny delivering eggs, and then leaving whilst avoiding Todes (toads).

One of the many notes Chase left for the Easter Bunny!

 I love this one. Placed just outside Chase's room and apologising in advance for the mess.
(And do you notice the 'tick box' facility? That's to ensure Teh Bunny has read and understood notices and showed he/she appreciates them.

The next morning we found the carrot and apple we had thoughtfully left out were gone and had been replaced by these ... evidence The Rabbit had visited.

Not to mention:

 (I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera before one of the eggs had been unwrapped and chomped into).

And a little Lindt Love for Mumma ...

And in the true spirit of a MIA Easter, we enjoyed chocolate for breakfast. 

Did you have a Happy Easter?

The winners of the The Pirates! Band Of Misfits giveaway, are MichVee and Nadine.

Please send me your contact details so I can send out your prizes.