Sunday, June 24, 2012

School holiday hijinks

It's school holidays in Queensland, and for my kids that means one thing: Fun.

Warm, winter sleep-ins. A trip to Sea World or Wet and Wild (because winter in Queensland is perfect for that type of thing). Doona day, wrapped up warmly, watching DVDs, and eating popcorn.

Target got the holidays off to a good start, by inviting us to experience their annual toy sale at a VIP event.

To be honest, there wasn't much that was VIP about it, at least at our local store, and the kids and I were almost run over in the stampede for bargain-priced toys.

I'm not quite sure why people were so impatient and rude, because there were plenty of toys and the sale runs for quite a while, items get restocked, and competitors price match anyway.

But I am grateful to Target, because they they sent the kids a $20 gift card each, so they could go mad at the sale. (They also sent me a $75 card which I was too stressed to spend on the night. To be honest, I was too busy keeping an eye on the kids, and avoiding being run over by eager toy buyers to look for anything for myself, but I'm hoping I can spend it later!).

The kids added their own pocket money to this - about $10 each - and had a ball adding up how much they could afford, and comparing value for money and that kind of thing. See? It was educational as well.

(I'm sure people waiting behind us didn't enjoy the sight of my children counting out their coins at the cash register, nor the time it took to count out how much they owed. But we didn't enjoy having trolleys pushed up our arses, so I figured we were probably about even.)

So thanks to Target, I have a $50 gift voucher for a lucky follower to spend during the school holidays.

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Sony Australia, I have two prizes of a double pass each to see Men In Black 3. We saw the movie a few weeks ago, and apart from instantly regretting taking the kids in about the first few minutes (you'll see why), it was a typical MIB experience and pretty much fun for all. Mr 11 rated it: 'The best movie ever. Or pretty much the best movie ever." And Miss 9 said it was: 'Awesome, with a happy ending.". For me, it was escapist nonsense which we could all enjoy. Perfect really.

The kind people at Lenard's have given me a $20 voucher, for one of you to spend at any of their stores.
I got to taste loads of their yummy food at the recent Blogger's Breakfast in Melbourne, and I wish I had one of their friendly chefs at home to cook for us all the time!

And finally, the lovely ladies at Nad's have given me a facial wand/eyebrow shaper and wipes - so you can get beauty salon looks at home. Having had my brows waxed publicly at the breakfast, I can vouch for how quick, easy, and painless, they are to use ... although I've not been game to wield the wand myself just yet. Especially after my Nad's DIY Brazillian Wax almost ended in disaster.

But let's not go there's school holidays after all!

To enter, please like my Facebook page, and then leave a comment below on what you'd most like to win.

How easy is that?

And now a few photos from our winter in Queensland so far ...

Some warming winter soup at our favourite local Asian restaurant Yum Yum Peking Duck, at Darra.

Missy Moo pours the tea ....

That's my girl ... Harmonie gets one of the ice dudes at Brisbane's Winter Festival to adjust her skates

My sk8ter kids

Show me the toys!


Unknown said...

I can't go past the Target voucher. Target covers so many of my needs and wants.

Anonymous said...

MIB oh Will how i have missed thee and really it will be a excuse for a perve....Oh silly me the kids will love the movie and they will love the aliens and they will love the doggie (he is in this one aint he?. did I mention it will be good perve sess. Will smith it has been a while... x Nadine x

Unknown said...

Hmmm, the Target voucher for sure. Much needed additional funds for Toy Sale shenanigans. My son has circled his choice picks in the catalogue and is keen to get toy shopping. Or... perhaps the NADS brow shaper. I've been meaning to get this for some time and could use a bit of brow maintenance.

Kimmie said...

I would love to win the target purchase some toys for under a wishing tree for kids in need this Christmas :]

Mum on the Run said...

Definitely the Target voucher - would much rather spoil my nephews and godsons than preen!!!
:-) xxx

Mrs BC said...

I would be happy to win any of these awesome prizes, except for the one from Nads. Because I'm just not that hairy.

Hsin-Yi said...

Ooh - that soup looks good! :-)

Your description of the toy sale event took me back to my own childhood when my parents took me to Hamley's (the iconic toy store in London) for a special treat and let me choose something. I invariably ended up buying some kind of toy animal...but my parents weren't as "educated" as you and they never gave me my own money to figure out. Which I think is a shame because it really took until I left home and had to fend for myself that I finally "understood" money and how to budget, etc. I think it's such an important skill to teach children and pocket money is a great way to do it.


kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

duh, Target voucher.

Or chicken. Everyone loves chicken.


In The Good Books Blog said...

I would love the Target voucher. I would give it to my sister who just had a baby less than two weeks ago. She is struggling financially as her husband lost his job, and of course, she can't go to work as yet. They have another daughter and her 2nd birthday is coming up and my sister was worried as she probably won't be able to afford to buy her a gift. She was so down about it and it's really worrying as she also has post-pregnancy blues. I'd love to cheer her up with the Target gift card as she would be able to buy something from the Toy Sale for my beautiful niece. Thankyou for the opportunity. I like your fB page (FB name Michelle Vamvas), and email is

Anonymous said...

In for pound or in for a penny.... almost anything free is a good thing or so my father in law would tell me.... He likes to collect the free pencils etc at the Ekka. Sooo I'd be happy for a win.... yes the eyebrows are long overdue, but my kids would enjoy spending a bit of money at Target... particularly seeing as the rain is reducing the outside activity!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow I can imagine that a toy sale at Target would be a very busy event! :D I get stressed at sales too and don't really enjoy them.

Angela said...

Love Target, hate toy sales.
Happy to eat chicken too.