Friday, August 24, 2012

Fathers' Day: Time To Think Outside The Box

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Every year, when Father’s Day comes around, TV channels, billboards, the internet and magazines all rave on about the perfect gift.
And every year, it's the same old stuff that gets peddled. Aftershave. T-shirts. Underwear. Or heaven forbid, socks!
It's as if all Australian fathers are the same: A uniform mass of humdrum citizens in thrall of nothing but a few boring gifts that apparently represent the modern dad.
Of course, there is good reason for this. To a degree. Some Aussie men really do get off on reading Darren Lockyer’s biography, or wearing a t-shirt bearing an amusing slogan about beer.
Speaking of which, beer is surely among the safest gift to give, be it a huge crate of Tooheys, or, for the more discerning gentleman, something from the marvellous smaller breweries established in Sydney and beyond. Cider and wine are also good bets.
But we need not always hold with tradition. Why not consider a trip somewhere, or for the really adventurous, perhaps something like a flight in a hot air balloon or maybe lessons in how to surf, ski, hang-glide or whatever. Anything involving engines and speed is usually a good bet.
The world of food and drink remains rich with possibility too – and not just beer. Give the father in question a bit of credit: he’s probably not just a beer-swilling, pie-eating, footy-watching Neanderthal. (No, really!)
The job of raising children demands he is more than that. So, of alcohol options we can look towards things as varied as port, liquers, single malt whiskey, and more.
Don’t expect your dad to be entirely one-dimensional when it comes to food either. Perhaps the best gift we can give on Father’s Day is a new experience. Consider taking him out of his comfort zone with a meal at an experimental restaurant, or exposing him to culinary delights he hasn’t even heard of.
This extends to the sweet end of the food spectrum too. There are a vast range of desserts to explore with the dad in question on Father’s Day. Australia is one of the best places in the world for this.
Then there is chocolate. Sometimes unfairly regarded as a more feminine gift option, men have their own relationship with chocolate.
And of course, we are not talking about just any old chocolate from the supermarket shelves. Many of us have developed excellent taste in chocolate, and dads are no exception. Chocolate can be just as subtle and ‘adult’ an indulgence as anything else.
When considering chocolate options why not take a look at hampers? Many retailers (including many internet sellers) offer fabulous deals on baskets that contain a dazzling array of chocolate options.
Imagine the delectable possibilities with a hamper from, for example, Ferrero, who have created a Fathers Day hamper just for the occasion.
The key advice for this Father’s Day must be then: Don’t fall victim to boring old stereotypes when it comes to sourcing a gift. This is an opportunity to introduce Dad to new things. Why not take it?

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daddownunder said...

Nice to know that some wives put a bit of thought into this VERY special day, I got socks. Love the blog keep up the good work.