Monday, September 24, 2012

Maid in ... Fiji!

As school holidays hit, I find myself dreaming of places where I would rather be.

And our fondest family holiday has been without a doubt last year's trip to Fiji.

I chose Fiji, because it was reasonably close to home, many people speak English, and I knew it would be enough of a culture change for the kids, without being a culture shock.

Besides, as anyone who has ever travelled to Fiji with kids knows, Fijians are all about families. And they love kids!

I travelled with a single girlfriend and her children, and for us, one of the highlights of our holiday in Fiji, was that we got to spend quality time with our children. But there were so many included activities on offer for children, that we, the Mums, got to have a break as well. And our kids were having a ball. For The Win!

It had been forever since I'd been on holiday and actually finished a book. Or a conversation for that matter!

Kids Club access was included, although my two mostly decided they were too old for that. Instead, they hung out with me, but occasionally ventured off with the adults who organised the childrens' activities, for hermit crab hunting, coconut collecting, egg-throwing, fish-feeding, or all manner of fun.

It was bliss!

Our first stay was at The Warwick Fiji Resort And Spa, on the Coral Coast.

We also stayed at Shangri-La's Fijian Resort And Spa, but more on that property in another post.

In the meantime, The Warwick was our introduction to Fiji.

It's supposed to be about a 45 minute drive from Nadi Airport, though it took more like twice that, thanks to the bumpy roads. Which you'd expect really.

However, we enjoyed passing the time with our driver Moses, who explained some of the local traditions and described crops and towns we were passing.

Until it grew dark, and then we all nodded off until the bright lights of The Warwick beckoned.

"Missy, we're awake," whispered Chase, gently patting his little sister. (Don't you love beautiful family moments like that?)

And then we were welcomed warmly and handed mocktails all round. The kids were stunned that they were included in the fuss, and I was stunned that the concierge then took the kids to see the goldfish and other features of the hotel while I took charge of the 'boring stuff', like checking in.

Formalities over, the concierge then took the gleeful kids on a 'ride' to our room. I can honestly say, that has never happened before at any resort, and has never happened again.

Either we weren't hungry or the buffet was crap, because none of us had much of an appetite that night. But the kids quickly discovered the resort kittens and cats, and began feeding them morsels of food.

Then it was a walk along a moonlit beach to our room, and bed.

Our holiday in paradise had begun!

Welcome mocktails. Kitty gets one too!

Hitching a ride to our room ...

There was so much for kids to do. Beachcombing was just one.

One of the kid officer-led activities - digging in the sand for buried treasure. Harmonie was the only child to find two, and won an ice-cream for her efforts.

Chillaxing, Fiji style. Hammocks are not just for the big kids!

Hmmm ...

On either side of the resort were little shops where activities and souvenirs could be purchased. Harmonie gets her hair braided for a few dollars.


On the way to breakfast one morning, some workers were de-nutting and trimming coconut palms. When they spotted the kids looking longingly at the green coconuts, they quickly sliced one open for them to try. Chase doesn't look convinced! 

He much preferred a green lemonade in the spa! (At the Warwick, there were no coloured drinks like Fanta or creaming soda, so instead the staff would paint lemonade with all the shadows of the rainbow. Am sure it was perfectly healthy for them. At the very least, none of us had any trouble sleeping.)

The nightly drum and torch-lighting show was a highlight for their kids - and their happy Mumma! 

Looking for treasures.

A bonus was that the kids got to eat, play and stay at the resort, even though I was the only adult in the room. We bought our stay via an online voucher via Our Deal , which was $599 for a four-night stay for two adults and up to two children. This included accommodation in a rather basic room - though we only ever slept in it - kids club, most activities, breakfast, and was excellent value.

Having said that, you might be better off booking an all-inclusive flight/accommodation voucher.

Meals weren't five-star, but there was plenty of food, and you could choose from several fab restaurants, including Japanese, Italian and seafood, so it never got boring. Importantly, for my kids at least, breakfast was great, and Mr-then-10 quickly made friends with the egg chef, who made omelettes to order from scratch.

For me, it was great knowing the kids could order practically whatever they wanted without me having to worry about the bill at the end. 

We were sad when our stay at The Warwick came to an end and would go back like a shot. 

Plus, the kids want another ride on the bellhop trolley before they get too old! 


Lucinda said...

You sure had some great fun!
The kids look really happy.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww memories!! It has been ages since we visited Fiji but I remember saying 'Bula!' a lot :D

Eva Cyrus said...

The pictures shown above are very beautiful and the beach is also looks like awesome. Removal companies Kensington

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun! said...

Can you believe I've never been!??? It's on the list :-)

Unknown said...

It was a great place to get away. We also got used to saying Bula everywhere!