Monday, September 17, 2012

Time out!

You know it's almost time for school holidays when the morning starts in tears - and that's just from Mum!

It's been a really busy term for the kids, and parents, with a choral festival for Mr 11, and school musical for all.

Add that to the usual mix of sport, social lives, homework and the rest, and we'll all be looking forward to some sleep-ins when school breaks up this spring.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few memories that have helped make the term really special.

We learnt a new sport - lawn bowls. Thanks to the lovely people at the Cementco Bowls Club Darra, who recently held an eight-week bowls course for beginners aimed at enticing kids into the game. It worked! 

We were amazed that the program was free, and the instructors were so kind and patient with us. (Yes us - I got roped into trying it out too!). Afterwards, there was a free barbecue lunch for everyone involved. It was awesome. So nice to see a club give something to the community.

Life's a beach.  When the kids were away, I escaped to the Gold Coast to feel my feet in the sand and the wind against my face. Good company and the beauty of nature is soothing to my soul.

Sunset at Surfers Paradise beach

The view from The Hilton Surfers Paradise. Just bliss ...

We pottered around the garden ...

The kids have been trying to lick their way to a prize in the Paddlepops Lick and Win competition. I love how close they are (when they aren't fighting!)

A pear shaped like a bum. It made me laugh, okay?

We got a new addition to the family! Meet Lucy. She's a Pomeranian-Chihauhua cross and is sweet as can be.

Finally, the menagerie is complete!

Well, almost. I still want my pony ...


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe fruit that looks like body parts is always fun! They do look happy and like good siblings :D

Anonymous said...

Love Lucy what a cutie. Counting down to at least one sleep in these holidays as well such a huge term. Enjoy the break bronnie mr c n miss h. Love the dewberrys