Monday, November 5, 2012

Breakfast - what a challenge!

I'll admit it!

Chez MIA is a busy household, and sometimes we find breakfast time a bit a of a challenge.

I've always been a bit breakfast-shy, ever since I was a wee tacker.

Mum and Dad were old-school and insisted on feeding us up for the most important meal of the day. As they should.

They were right then, and they are right now.

Research shows breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, in that it breaks the fast of the night before, kick-starts the metabolism, and fuels the body for the day ahead.

We all know kids, and adults, do better when they've eaten breakfast, compared with those who haven't. And that's without taking into account things like headaches, drops in blood sugar, and even the encouragement of normal growth and development.

So as a child and later a teen and young adult, I'd always eat something, even if it was a piece of fruit or toast, and a hot or cold drink. I stick to that today.

True, sometimes I'm so busy feeding small humans, organising lunches, and pouring bodies into uniforms, that I don't get to have something other than my morning coffee until after the school run. I am the first to admit this is a terrible habit to have fallen into, and it's something we've begun remedying by setting the alarm at least 30 minutes earlier, so we can sit down together.

So it was timely when Kellogg's contacted me about their National Breakfast Crusade, which they ran in conjunction with Woolworths and former Olympian Melinda Gainsford-Taylor.

I am sure Kellogg's chose me, because I'm just like Melinda. You know, a mother of two, super-fit, super-healthy, and a super high-achiever and all that. Not to mention really gorgeous. (Ahem).

Also, everyone knows I love shopping at supermarkets, and I'm particularly fond of their advertising campaigns and jingles, which my children sing word-perfect at all hours of the day and night. Much to my pride and joy.

Anyway, now that Melinda and I are best buddies and all that, I'm passionate about putting breakfast back on the agenda - and on the table - for families.

That's Brand Ambassador-Speak for highlighting the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast each day.

What really hit home for me was research by the University of Sydney's Jenny O'Dea who found that nearly half a million Aussie kids head off to school each day with empty tummies. And, that those kids who skipped brekkies found it difficult to concetrate at school and subsequently performed worse in basic numeracy literacy tests than their mates who ate nutritious breakfasts.

Food for thought huh?

So Melinda's role in all this has been to help publicise both Kellogg's Breakfast Crusade, and their Breakfast Buddies program, which serves up free bowls of cereal at schools, sporting clubs, childcare and community groups at outback, indigenous and disadvantaged communities.

 As part of the campaign, I received a hamper full of Kellogg's goodies - and read on, because I have four of these to give away to my lovely followers. What amazed me was the reminder that you don't have to eat a huge breakfast to break the fast and get a good start to the day. Just a 30 g serve of cereal - a small bowl or few handfuls of rice bubbles, cornflakes, sultana bran or whatever - with skim milk (or whatever milk, I like skim), is enough to give your metabolism a kick-start and fire up the body and brain for the day ahead.

It's quick, easy, and cheap as well. And way healthier than a stop at the nearest drive through.

Since we received our pack we've made a concerted effort to eat something first thing every morning, with cereal a staple. The kids have certainly noticed a difference in how they feel.  (In the past, we would have waited until they were hungry, which may have meant waiting until they were over-hungry. And perhaps cranky.)

In turn, I've noticed an improvement in the level of calm and behaviour in the household, and even just getting ready for school is easier.

So here's to breakfast, and if you'd like to try the crusade for yourself, Kellogg's are kindly donating four hampers containing boxes of cereal, bowls and spoons to MIA followers.

To enter to win one of these hampers, simply leave a comment below sharing your best breakfast tip. For an extra entry, make sure you're following MIA on Facebook, and leave a comment there.

Melinda Gainsford-Taylor at breakfast time. I look just as together as she does in the morning too. And my kitchen is totes as tidy.
(In my dreams).
Chase loves his Kellogg's so much he sleeps with it.
(MIA note: Joke. We set this up for the photo. I'm not that bad a mother, honestly!)

 Harmonie loves the Sultana Buds and has taken them into her possession. She particularly loves the slogan: Take your buds to school.

She won't even share with Lucy, the fur baby.
And yes, I do have shots of us eating breakfast at the table, but I am in hospital, and I can't find them, okay? Cut a sick girl some slack.
Don't forget to enter our awesome Kellogg's/MIA competition to get breakfast on the table at your home ... and good luck. 


Not Quite Nigella said...

I'm so naughty, I don't even eat breakfast most days-I'm sure I'd get a cross for that from nutritionists :(

Kim maxwell said...

I struggle to get my daughter to eat breakfast, last week I acidentally forgot to give her breakfast before school (it honestly was a mistake, I wish I had planned it!), she said she was starving for a while before she realised she had heaps of food in her lunchbox, but surprisingly, she has eaten really well since!

Leanne myles said...

Hmm- best brekkie tip? Most mornings I'm flat out finishing my coffee let alone eating so I've started having a piece of whatever fruit I'm putting in the lunch box. A just munch and pack lunch!

Unknown said...

Breakfast is actually our best and easiest meal of the day. Lunch and dinner can become a bit of a challenge at times with my 20 month old twins.
I have just come across your blog :-)
Now following you on Google friend connect and networked blogs. Do you have a Facebook page?
Would love you to check us out sometime at melting moments.

AmberB said...

I find Breakfast to be the easiest meal of the day as we just have cereal each morning. A couple of choices, and that's it, prevents too many fights (fussy eating is not an option).