Sunday, November 18, 2012

The switcheroo

So the other day a simple switch made our family loads healthier.
I'm a member of The Soup Community. Much to my daughter's disappointment, it is not a project where you receive endless supplies of soup.
For me, it's even better. (Though trying telling the Soup Queen that!)
You see, Soup is a community where you are matched up to products that fit in with your family and/or your lines of interest, and you are occasionally asked to take a short survey and as a result, go on to test a product, sometimes with friends and family, and give back your feedback. You don't have to say yes - you can decline or accept, and it's all good.
I've accepted as many as I've knocked back, depending on time and interest levels.
You don't have to be a blogger to do it - anyone can register. It's free and it's fun.
On this occasion, the product was to swap butter for MeadowLea in cooking and preparing lunches.
To be honest, I was brought up a butter girl. We had our own cows for goodness' sake, and often hand-churned butter ourselves. I myself preferred margarine for everyday stuff, but for cooking? Mum taught me that butter was always better. And my kids' grandparents passed on their love of hot-buttered toast a long time ago. (It's been a Comfort Cood staple at home for some time, particularly when teamed with, dare I say it, soup? Home made of course)
But it was easy to take up the four-week Switcheroo challenge  - to swap butter for MeadowLea - particularly when I knew some of the facts.
- One 10g serving of MeadowLea provides 35% of an adults daily Omega-3 requirement
- Every tub of MeadowLea is made from more than 70,000 seeds, contains no artificial colours or flavours, and has 65 per cent less natural fat than butter
- Butter contains FOUR times more trans fats than MeadowLea
I'm not saying butter is bad. In fact, we still have it in our fridge. For important items like fairybread. And shortbread. (Sorry Soup, we didn't try it on those).
But we did substitute MeadowLea on just about everything else and had no compliants on dishes like:
Chase's herby baked salmon in foil
buttered toast
vegemite toast
scrambie eggs on toast
regular baking - bakes, muffins, biscuits, slices
chicken kiev and cordon bleu
spaghetti carbonara
garlic bread
and too many more things to remember

My Crazy Johns pocket wifi has been giving me no end of grief since I've been in hospital so I've had to go with the photos I've managed to download (which means no cute ducky sandwich lunchbox pics. Sob).

Instead, here for your enjoyment are:

Chase polishing off a homemade toasted wrap
A favourite lunchbox cake
Doesn't it look yummy? And yes, it does have choc chips in it, but so do muesli bars.
We've had an awful lot of fun switching MeadowLea for our usual spreads, and we'll be keeping it a staple in our fridge.
There are a load of healthy and yummy recipes on their website so take a look.
We are trying the cheese and vegemite scrolls next! 

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Not Quite Nigella said...

My parents still have these old Meadow Lea containers although it has been years since I ate it (decades perhaps!).