Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby you're a firework ...

Usually years end and new ones arrive with little fanfare at Chez MIA.
And I’m the first one to grumble that the last one was shite, and the new one has to be better, and then act all surprised when it’s not.

As 2012, a particularly trying year, stumbled painfully to a close, it became particularly important for me to purposely wave it goodbye, and to welcome the New Year with a positive attitude.

And I wanted to share the moment with the kids by doing something we’d never done before; experiencing the fireworks at Brisbane’s South Bank.

Just the kiddy ones, mind –the ones that are thoughtfully put on at 8.30 so that those with kids can go home before the big show at midnight.

It was a milestone we’d never attempted before.

Aspie Mr 11 has never been a fan of fireworks, mainly because of the noise, lights, sensory overload, and crowds. Not to mention the hassle of getting there early, and waiting for the show to start. But Miss 9 has dearly wanted to go for years, and we felt it was time, since next year the kids are due to be with their Dad for New Year’s Eve.

Mr 11’s anxiety levels were quite high at crowded South Bank, where moods were understandably buoyant. And the waiting was actually quite drawn out and a bit boring, so we wandered onto the Goodwill Bridge, which was much better.

There was more room, and we found being on the water much more spacious and calming. And the views, overlooking boats io the river and across to the city and South Bank, were amazing.

“Mum they’re magical,” said Chase,  when the fireworks began. All thoughts of crowds were forgotten as he took in the show. Harmonie loved it too.

I knew I’d made the right call to stick to the early fireworks when the kids turned the lights out at 11.45 pm – they just couldn’t last until midnight.

But as I waited for the New Year to arrive I was glad we’d done something memorable to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013, instead of being boring and staying at home on my lonesome.
Maybe it won't make a difference to how 2013 goes, but it felt nice to embrace the New Year, and if nothing else, we made more priceless family memories.

Readers, do you make a big deal about New Year?
Ready for Fireworks ...
Missy on the Goodwill Bridge
The Man Child wouldn't consent to a photo on the night, so here he is tucking into a Transvylanian breakfast at Brisbane's Rocklea Markets a few days earlier

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