Saturday, January 26, 2013

Does your face lie?

"You look sad," I was told the other day.

I didn't feel particularly sad.

But I didn't feel particularly happy either.

My daughter often asks me:

'What's wrong Mummy? Are you worried?" When I am not particularly.

Is it getting older, or is it the fact that, over time and this pursuit of happiness, I've stopped smiling as an automatic feature. Do I need a truckload of botox or do I need to reset my Default Expression to Happy? As opposed to 'perplexed', 'confused', or 'Permantly Weighed Down By The Demands Of Life'. Because that is how it feels some days.

It used to be that I was known for my smile, sense of humour, and my infectious laughter, particularly when I was younger. In fact, it often got me into trouble, for laughing at the wrong time, and playing pranks when I shouldn't.

But these days, my automatic mode setting seems be set on Exhausted. And clearly it shows.

Luckily, I do not always feel this way, even if my face lies!

I still practise Mindfulness and find it helps to centre* me, and help me focus on the present. And that's often a calming thing - unless the kids are in the middle of World War Three and the temperature is nudging 40 (celcius)! And it reminds me of the little things in life that are awesome too.


 *My new Twitter knickers. Okay, they are not actually Twitter undies. They are $3 panties I got from Best and Less, but they have birds on them, and they are Twitter undies if I say they are.

I'm not going to posr a photo because some things should remain private!

* This fucking new ad for adventure travel company Gecko's. Gecko's have rebranded their website, marketing and brochure with  irreverent imagery, quirky descriptions and the new tagline: "May your heart be light, your step swift and your stories fucking epic".

Head of marketing Kirsten Cameron says the move makes the brand stand out in the adventure travel sector, using language that suits its style of travel and resonates with its audience.

I'm already a fan of their travel tour itineraries, which are like none other. For example, on the Amazon-Incas 'River Deep, Mountain High, Jungly, Very Jungly' tour, comes this gem:
'Amazon animals to avoid: poison dart frogs, piranhas, anacondas, jaguars, vipers, caimans, tarantulas. We could go on but we’re starting to freak ourselves out. Quick, everybody think about sloths. Awwwww.'

* It's long been a special treat on a long, hot drive' or after a school or sporting milestone. But in the past, and as a member of the Boombah-battling club, I've looked on longingly as the kids have slurped on their delicious Seven Eleven Slushees. Full of forbidden sugar, how could I dare indulge?
And then the other day, I discovered Zilched. Happy sob.
It is a 1% sugar version of the Seven Eleven Slushee. It is full of icy flavour and I love it. Currently mango flavour, like all low-sugar drinks, there is a slight after taste. However, the flavour is good enough that I don't mind it at all.
Plus, there is flavour through until the end of the ice.
It gives me just enough of a kick to get through a long hot day, particularly if we've been swimming or to the park, or if I'm on a long drive. And I don't have to worry about the sugar content. Genius.

* And it goes without saying, hanging out with my kids, even if they are in the middle of World War 3 and the temperature is nudging 40. I love those not-so-little people. 

Readers, what makes you happy? And does your face always reflect the way you feel?

* Australian spelling

This is not a sponsored post. I just fucking like these things, okay?


Anonymous said...

I think I have 'bitchy resting face syndrome'! (Check it out on youtube if you haven't seen it. And school holidays make me very happy.

Rhianna said...

No my face does not lie, it is e widget to one and all how I really feel by my facial expression,I just can't hide it. Wich van be both good and bad I guess

Angels have Red Hair said...

My kids often ask "what's wrong?" ... when nothing is ... and yet when I am unhappy/irritated/sad and longing for some acknowledgement ... thy never seem to notice :0)

allison tait said...

Some good wins there! Thanks for Rewinding.

Sarah said...

The Twitter knickers sound great ;-)