Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stuck into school

Are your kids back at school yet?

My kids went back last week, after a blur of shopping, bag-packing, and lunch-planning.

These holidays seemed to fly by, and I think none of us were really ready to go back to school.

But I was relieved that when the morning came, the kids rose happily and eagerly, and were dressed and fed in plenty of time.

We made it to school nice and early, found their classrooms, teachers and school mates, and they were soon unpacking and settling in ahead of the bell.

Best of all, their teachers seemed really nice and extremely approachable, which is always a huge plus.

It was probably the easiest back to school I’ve experienced in seven years of back-to-schooling.

Mr 12 started Year 7, and is now a school leader. (Sob!) How grown up he looked in his new uniform, having shot up again over the break. He’s now taller than me – not that that’s a difficult achievement – and weighs more than I did when I met his Dad. (If only I still weighed the same. Sigh.)

Miss 9-going-on-10 is in Year 5. She has also grown in size and confidence over the holidays. I’m proud of how the little girl who once hated to leave my side says goodbye casually and runs off to play with her friends.

When Back To School Day loomed and I asked the kids to pause for photos, they moaned a bit.

“Why do you need photos?” they complained.

“Because it’s a milestone in your lives, it’s important,” I said.

Am I old-fashioned to want to mark these days in their lives? Is it a sign that they are growing up and will soon be sick of their bloggy Mum wanting to take photos of their every move?

Readers, do you like to capture moments in your children’s’ lives with photos, or do you prefer to make memories with your minds?

One of the things that made going back to school easier for me was a couple of back to school packs that were given to me by Stuck On You to review.

Harmonie was given a set of book, clothes and shoe labels plus bag tag in their most popular girls’ design, and Chase got a lunchbox, bottle, and pencil case in a simple design popular with older kids.

“Mum, they’ve got my name on it, that’s impossible,” he said, when he spotted the goodies.

He was thrilled with them, and if they go missing in the playground or lost property, I will give up completely.

Seriously, the Stuck on You products really made life easier.

Chase is a beauty at leaving his lunch box behind, and this way everyone knows it is his. (It has a whopping big "Chase" on it).

And when I was labelling Harmonie’s things, it was so easy just to pull a pretty label from the supply and pop it on her books and cases. And she thinks they are really pretty.

With most value packs priced at around $49.95, they are good value for the de-stressing they give parents when it comes to labelling not just kids’ stuff but their own things for work.

Hey, if it saves a few lunchboxes from being left lonely in the playground I’ll be happy.

Stuck On You are giving a lucky Maid In Australia follower a Value Pack from their Back to School range.

To enter, just comment below telling me if you took photos of your kids when they went back to school. You’ll get an extra entry if you like my page Maid In Australia on Facebook and leave me a comment there.

Get stuck into it!

Entries close Sunday February 10, 2013.

The competition has now closed, and the winner is Melanie Moran. Melanie, please get in touch so we can arrange for you to claim your prize.

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