Friday, February 15, 2013

Things I love

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When you're depressed, you feel as if the life has been sucked out of you.

You lose interest in all the things that would usually interest you, and those little dark monsters keep nipping at your heels. (I refuse to call depression the black dog, because I like black dogs).

So when I discover some of the old Bronnie restless spirit bubbling up inside of me, it feels so good.

It feels wonderful to take pleasure in simple things. To be able to finish chores, and cross tasks off the list. To laugh over nothing, and stress less. To giggle when it is inappropriate, which makes the situation so much funnier.

And to be mindful of little things that make me feel more in love with the world right now.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week:

  • When the school principal quoted a Delta Goodrem song at the Grade 7 leadership induction ceremony. (It was Together We Are One if you want to know).
  • These authentic cultural holidays in Vietnam that lit up my roaming eyes. As a Sagittarean, I love to travel, and taking the kids on an adventure to Vietnam is now on the bucket list
  • The false alarm that was my cupboard-conquering Kit Kat. I felt someone - or something - watching me in the bedroom the other day, only to spy my furry friend gazing down on me from his perch.

He likes to watch
  • The honestly of kids. Bemoaning the fact that I hadn't had time to put on make-up again, Harmonie replied: 'It's okay Mum, you kind of look like a pale-faced zombie when you wear make-up anyway.' Gee, thanks honey. Guess I should be signing up for a makeover sometime soon. But I had to laugh at her description of my attempts to look more sophisticated.
  • The news that some of the teams on My Kitchen Rules had to use rented kitchens and homes because their real ones are too small to house camera crews, lights, judges and the other contestants. I must admit I had wondered about that, because otherwise it would preclude anyone with a poky house or daggy kitchen from going on the show. So much for reality telly, huh? Look out, there is hope for me next year ...
  • This actual news story. Forget snakes on a plane, it's the farts you have to watch out for!
Readers, what tickles your fancy? That expression alone is one of mine ...

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