Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter is a bittersweet time of year for me.

As a time of hope and new beginnings, in my own life it has been a time of wonderful beginnings and terrible endings.

One wonderful Easter Sunday, I got married. Surrounded by my closest friends and family, I said my vows, and left the very next day on my honeymoon to Thailand before moving onto London for a new job in magazines. Life was wonderful.

A few years later, I found out that marriage was over during Easter ... ironic, much? Or maybe just really awful timing.

Moving on a few years, my first child was conceived during Easter - another wonderful time in my life when I thought everything was as it should be again.

My Easters have been up and down since then. There have been gorgeous ones with my babies where they have discovered the magic of chocolate. Chase's first Easter was the first time he tasted chocolate and he knew exactly what to do with it!

And there was one a few years ago when I fell ill and had to take myself to the ER alone - the joys of being a single Mum.

This year, the kids woke early to find the Easter Bunny had been. There was chocolate for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt in our back garden.

I offered to take them out but they've been content to have a quiet day relaxing at home with our pets.

Easter isn't over yet, so I'm hoping this year's festivities will be one of the special ones.

How do you celebrate Easter?


Char said...

We used to have the big surprise chocolate binge hunt on Easter Sunday but my kids are way too old for that now. But on Good Friday our entire family (my four sisters and their families and my parents) all get together for brunch and that's the highlight of the weekend. This year I also got to run 20k with our group at 5:30am on Good Friday so it was nice to pre-pay all those unnecessary calories before the weekend really began.

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

Easter the past 15 years was in the Middle East and South East Asia in Muslim countries so pretty well we didn't celebrate much although you could find Easter eggs in some supermarkets.

This year, back in New Zealand I find myself moving things in a rush from my mothers house as it sold pre auction last week and Easter seems to have "flown the coop" so to speak.

I haven't had the car (long story) so forgot to get eggs for my two BIG boys. One dropped by helping his dad to move things for me, the other one I think is still sleeping from a late Saturday night, maybe he will text later.

I fondly remember though when they were younger and I used to hide their chocolate eggs and have all their friends around for an Easter hunt in our garden. Time flys and they grow up so quickly.

I can imagine the struggle it is to bring up children on your own but its an admirable thing and I believe that you become stronger and wiser and although there are lots of downs in life, there are lots of "ups" too. My word of advice for anyone struggling with anything in life is to take it one day at a time, never look ahead, well not too far, its easier said than done but its how I got through the last years of caring for someone very close I was inevitably going to loose.

God Bless


Not Quite Nigella said...

You've had quite a time with Easter haven't you! Ours haven't been that eventful at all but I hope that you're okay Bronnie? :) *hugs*

Unknown said...

Easter has been quiet but also lovely, just the three of us and the pets, plus family and friends from time to time. Perfect.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Bittersweet indeed, sorry to hear Bron.
Glad to hear this year was lovely.

I discovered (or strongly suspected at the time or dying of something ?) I was pregnant Easter 9yrs ago - after 12yrs of infertility. I was in middle of outback NSW, 1 hr from nearest chemist - no way of knowing if they were even open and 'busting' to take my first pregnancy test. I couldn't tell case they thought I was crazy.
(Anyway, I was 8wks pregnant and it didn't have happy ending because my little girl was stillborn at 26wks)