Sunday, April 7, 2013

Not quite Hollywood

It was the only one of the Gold Coast's theme parks I'd not been to with the kids before, and with our trusty VIP passes burning holes in my wallet, what better time than the school holidays to try out Movie World?
The kids had been with their Dad a few years before, and were keen to see what had changed since then. I was keen to see what had developed since I'd last attended a movie screening when Chase was a babe in arms.
Maybe we were there on a bad day, but it turned out not a lot.
All the old fave rides were there - Wild West Falls Adventure Ride, Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster,  and the attractions of the Kids WB! Kids Fun Zone. The kids zone was a bit young for my two, but great for littler ones.
And the more adventurous rides were fabulous. Just a bit too adult for Mr 12 and Miss 10. Your kids of that age may be different. Teens and young adults were having a ball on rides like Justice League 3D, the Green Lantern Coaster and the Batwing Spaceshot.
My son would have gone on, but he didn't want to risk: 'Being spewed on by a random stranger'.
It would be okay if he were spewed on me apparently, because that would be his mother's spew, and that was ruled acceptable. (I'm honoured...)
But I couldn't go on the ride with him, because that would mean leaving Miss 10 alone.
Which was unthinkable.
Such is the reality of single parenting at theme parks.
And so we compromised once again, which meant Mr 12 missed out.
(It's always good to try to attend with other families if you can, or coax a spare adult into coming with you. Not always possible. Or affordable, if you're the one springing for the extra ticket.)
I was disconcerted by the trend for $20 photos with the characters. Yes, you could still get photos for free luckily, but the popular characters like Bugs Bunny and the Scooby Doo characters seemed scarcer than usual. Call my cynical, but I wondered if they were busier with their new $20 schedule? Less popular characters (to us) like a powdery Edward Scissorhands and sweet Alice In Wonderland ('she looks older than I remember her' remarked an unimpressed Mr 12), were still available though.
The stunt show was good fun, and Ice Age 4 was worth a look too.
Food and drink prices were, as usual, high. $6 each for dagwood dogs, $10 for pita bread wraps, and you're not supposed to bring any of your own food or drink in except for water. (People with allergies are exempt from this rule).
The kids loved the Ekka-style concession stands, which cost extra. My son's interest was piqued at a concession stand's holder's squid hat, which the hat holder first told him he could 'probably win' later. So we stayed on and played a few more games until until I enquired again. This time, the attendant checked with his supervisor and said there wasn't in fact, enough stock of the hat for it to be won.
We left after that.
Luckily, our passes were valid for Wet 'n' Wild, which was just down the road.
We've been there several times and I keep togs and towels in the car for just such an occasion. (What Queensland mother doesn't?)
And so the day was not a total loss, even though it pissed down raining and we all got soaked.
And no squid hats were won by anyone.

Excited for a big day out!

Look, it's Batman!
Time for a break!
Wet 'n' Wild - that's more like it!
Slippery fun!


Mrs BC said...

Movie World is my favourite, but then I've never been to Wet n Wild!

Char said...

Movie World is the only one I haven't seen and I still am not that interested. I'll lean towards Dreamworld every time but the prices are at the point where I don't wee the value in them any more.

Char said...
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