Saturday, May 4, 2013

Look kids, no hands! (Okay, maybe one...okay both then!)

Why should kids have all the fun?
I've often thought that, as they've whizzed past, wind in their hair, sun in their faces, as they've explored the great outdoors on their scooters.
My childhood was never that much fun.
So I was thrilled when I had the chance to reveal a Crisp Big Wheel Scooter.
It's a scooter that's built for adults!
With big 200 mm wheels - important for Mums with dodgy balance (or maybe that's just me) - it's built for speed. And style.
There's also an extra-wide, grippy, low deck that's more like a skateboard than a scooter.
But it's not daggy. Not at all. (More on that later...)
I was a bit nervous about taking on a scooter for my first time in years.
But with the kids' encouragement I took it, gingerly at first.
"You just put push off with your foot and hang on Mum," shouted Chase.
"Don't go too fast," warned Harmonie.
And I did it!
Slowly, and a bit shaky at first, then faster.
And soon I was zooming up and down the street with ease.
It felt awesome to feel that rush of freedom again, and I really did experience glimpses of what it was like to be a kid again. Okay, not as agile and fit as a kid, but the potential was there.
And the kids thought it was hilarious and wonderful at the same time that I could join them on their scooters, and we could ride together as a family.
And I'm amazed at what awesome exercise it \is. No wonder the anklebiters are so fit!
The scooter may be larger than usual, but it folds easily,so it fits into the back of the car. So it's easy to take to the park with the kids' scooters.
I can't tell you how much fun it is to go to the park together and scooter around with them. I tell you, sometimes I find myself lining up with them when the ice-cream truck turns up!
The kids love the scooter too, rating it way better than either of their own. In fact, they usually take it in turns to ride it to school.
See, that's because it's not daggy.
"Cool ride," says the lollypop lady.
"That's really wide," says Miss 10's friends.
"That's good," says Mr 12's friends.
"Can I get one in blue?" says Mr 12.
"I wonder if it comes in pink," says Miss 10.
"Can I have a turn?" says MY friends.
We love that there is room for a decent-sized drink bottle as well.
It arrived in a large box but was easy to put together - Mr 12 managed it with ease, and was pushing me gently out into the street to try it out before I knew it.
With scooters so popular and so much fun for kids I'd certainly recommend a Crisp Big Wheel Scooter for Mum or Dad - or any big kids really.
I can now keep up with my kids in the park, and we can go for scooter rides together after school or on the weekends, which is way more fun than me trailing them in the distance and trying to keep up.
Who knows? I'm probably improving my fitness as well.
Certainly, my jeans are looser since I got my scooter a few weeks ago.
And I haven't fallen off once!
 Is it for me?

Hands off! This one has my name on it ... 

 And I'm off!

 Harmonie's turn ...

 The latest school run accessory ...

Even Kit Kat can't help but take notice!

Disclosure: Crisp Big Wheel Scooters gifted Maid In Australia a scooter to review for the purpose of this post.


Char said...

Looks like a lot of fun and a lot sturdier than the ones we bought our kids when they were younger.

Not Quite Nigella said...

Well done Bronnie! That's fantastic that it's steadier. You look right at home on it and the looser jeans and not falling off is definitely a win!

Eileen said...

Thanks Bronnie. Mumma has been hassling me since I mentioned you were going to trial this. "has your friend ridden it yet?" "can I buy one does she think?" What an excellent review and a great way to exercise and have fun with your kids. I shall tell mumma that you don't recommend it for 77 year olds with dodgy knees! Again a great review and you look like you had fun with it...
Leenie. x