Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kids in the kitchen ... and a giveaway!

My kids love being in the kitchen.

As you know, they're always baking, roasting, stirring, and whipping up meals and goodies for us and even guests occasionally.

It's not something I've pushed on them.

I guess their Dad and I both love to cook, so it's something they grew up with. I also grew up baking alongside my Mum, so it just seemed natural to involve my own children when they showed an interest.

So I was all too happy to agree when I was approached to review some delicious and healthy new snacks for kids, with the promise of giving some away to my followers as well. (The snacks, not the kids).

Called Fast & Fruity, they contain pourable, 100 per cent fruit, with no extra sugar or preservatives. And we all know how kids love fruit already prepared and ready to devour!

The idea is Fast & Fruity pouches can be popped into lunch boxes or picnic baskets, or used to make delicious healthy goodies. They can also be popped onto pancakes and into smoothies, or onto desserts. Or just used in place of tinned fruit, but without the sugary syrup. They are gluten free too.

My kids can't wait to experiment with the school holiday pack that is winding it's way towards the South Burnett as I type, and there are three packs available for three lucky readers to share with their kids.

Winners will each receive:

 Fast & Fruity  2 x 500 gm pouches of each of the three flavours, be-licious berry and apple; golden peaches with a hint of vanilla; and sunshine sweet tropical fruits
-          1 icy pole maker (makes 4)
-          1 Sundae Glass
-          Jelly crystals
-          Recipe cards for: Tropical Jelly Fruit Stack, Hummingbird Cake and Yummy Fruit Blocks. 
The packs are valued at $39.05
Doesn't some school holiday cooking sound like a perfect chilly day holiday activity?

And this is how ones the Fast & Fruity people made earlier turned out:

Hummingbird cake. Drool.

Icy poles

Not quite a sundae; a smoothie instead. Yummy. 

If you'd like to win, just leave a comment sharing your favourite cool weather school holiday activity. Winners will be drawn after 5 pm on Thursday June 27, so they will have time to use their packs during the school holidays. 

Remember to check back to see if you're a winner!

The competition has ended and the winners are: Merryl, Your Cheeky Monkey and MichVee. Make sure you contact me with your addresses so I can organise for your prizes to be sent to you. Congratulations!


Unknown said...

Building huts with blankets, doonas and pillows.

Doné said...

All of us in our big bed, watching movies the whole day, ordering pizzas. (Or me trying to watch a movie while the kids fight over water and see who fart is the funniest.) but at the end if the day everybody had so much fun with all the talking, playing, and watching old time favourites.

Char said...

I think you could probably use those pouches to make the instant ice cream that was shown on Masterchef last night. All it needed was frozen fruit (bung some of those pouches in the freezer), some sugar and some egg whites. All done in a couple of minutes in a food processor and it was ready to eat.

Anonymous said...

Mmm that hummingbird cake looks great! :D

sapna said...

Our favourite winter school holidays activity is baking pizzas in lunch,decorating and eating cupcakes in snack time and reading story books.

Mary Preston said...

First to head down through the park, with the scrunchy leaves, to the Waterbird Habitat to feed the ducks.

Coming home to a hot chocolate and a movie.

The walk/run lets go of all that excess energy.

mandachic said...

A game of sports on the Wii; the physical activity warms us up and keeps everyone from getting fidgety sitting around the house

merryl said...

Board games ... Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, anything. It is time away from TV and computers and lets us spend time together as a family.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Ummm being lazy by putting the heater on and watching a movie! Life is so hectic during school its nice to veg out and do nothing. I also do a lot of baking so would love to try these new pouches out! Thank you :) Monique

Unknown said...

camping out in the toyroom with the kids wrapped in warm blankies and watching movies together with popcorn and warm milo. We usually go down to my mothers house for the break but its snowing this time so we have passed to stay in Brisbane where its a tad warmer lol. Hope everyone is keeping warm in this weather x Nadine

In The Good Books Blog said...

A family dance-off on the Wii
Or a round of karaoke
Down to the shops to catch a flick
Despicable Me 2 is this holidays pick
We love to bake muffins, cakes and pies
And do some crafts for a pleasant surprise :)