Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lounging around ...

A few things have changed since we moved to the South Burnett.

With Jack Frost nipping at our toes in the mornings, the kids enjoy a 'hot chocolate' (cup of milo) first thing in the morning.

I get up a little earlier to put the heating on in the lounge/dining room to get it toasty for them and make lunches.

I'm still feeling spoilt with luxuries like reverse cycle in the living area - it's just wonderful. We try not to use it too often because I don't want to get a fright with the first bill. But we definitely need it in the mornings and evenings to take the chill off the room.

We're cooking a lot more too, as some of the photos in my previous posts have shown. It's lovely to have a decent kitchen again, with a stove that isn't so old the numbers have rubbed off! And with an oven that is big enough to fit a roast in and has more than one shelf in it! 

Best of all, we have a lounge area big enough to, well, lounge in. 

It's tiled, which would have been really chilly if we hadn't gotten this gorgeous rug from to brighten up the place. is a fab website where you can shop for all kinds of cool appliances, homewares, toys, furnishings and more. 

We picked out this stylish rug for our lounge room floor. There were plenty we liked, but this was one we all agreed on. It's so warm and soft, it's like sitting on carpet. I can't imagine we'd be this comfy without it.

A review online said it was easy to vacuum, which is important in our house, since it's going to get all kinds of rough treatment from the kids and pets. Okay, and me. 

You can't even see the spot where Lucy the pampered pooch spewed soon after the rug was unrolled, can you? Cleaned up quickly and easy with a bit of water and a soft towel. 

The kids find it soft and warm to sit on ...

And snooze! 

Lucy found it was a safe place to lay her head after her recent desexing operation. (Nawwww ...)

The rug was delivered to country Queensland just four days after I placed my order, so I was really impressed. 

If I have one criticism, it's that the rug does show the fluff a bit too easily for my liking, and I have to vacuum a little too regularly. Or perhaps we are just messy? (Don't answer that!)

And take a look at at your own risk. There are so many bargains, you will be easily tempted to shop!

Disclaimer: gifted me a rug to the value of $100 for the purposes of this review. 


Anonymous said...

I just put on the heater so I can imagine how comfy you guys are with your reverse cycle air conditioning :)

Char said...

It looks great. Those tiles would definitely not be anywhere near as cosy as the rug is.

Unknown said...

Oh that is a lovely, modern looking rug! I love it!