Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making memories

It was a long weekend here, and we made the most of it.
Saturday morning was as good a time as any to join our local library, something the kids had been keen to do since we moved here.
They are keen readers, and the librarian made them feel welcome, helping them find the books they wanted and enroling them in kiddie reading program.

The library was bags of fun!

Chase tried his luck at the old-fashioned games at a local festival.

At home, he treated us to his famous fettucini carbonara ...

With a little help from his sister!

 She's a budding chef too! Putting the finishing touches to her spaghetti bolognaise.

 And a home-made butter cake

Which she plated up like this! Hmm, butter cake with chewing gum and skittles. I wonder what the Masterchef judges would make of that? 

Writing this post got me thinking about the number of photos I have, locked away in my computer.

I rarely take the time to print them out or even save them onto a USB or disc.

I have dozens of photos around the house of when the kids were babies or toddlers, but hardly of any of them as they are now. The images are all stuck in a laptop somewhere.

Is anyone else guilty of this?

A friend put me on to photobox, an online company that will print your photos, make books, cards, and canvases of your memories. If I got organised I could even make a photo calendar for family for Christmas! 

I guess it would save me the hassle of going to a store and printing out my photos. 

Can you believe we used to have to wait for photos to be printed just a few years ago? And we couldn't delete the bad ones? (Or embarrassing ones!) 

And how annoying it was having to wait before we could share the images with loved ones?

I guess that's one benefit of having our memories stored on a computer. But I really must do something about storing them and sharing them somewhere else so I can look at them around the house as well. I don't even have an up to date photo in my wallet - but it's okay because there are several on my phone. 

Erm - until I lose my phone I guess!

I think I'll just go and make some hard copies of my memories now ... Anyone with me? 


Char said...

You may never have to cook again with your two in the kitchen. That's fantastic that they've got such important life skills at such a young age. I think my 24 year old would struggle to cook anything half that good.

Anonymous said...

I have heaps of photos on my computer that I'd love to put on my wall but alas I still haven't! You've inspired me to! :D

Kirsty said...

I'm equally slack in the photo department - one day I'll get to printing them or making more permanent memories for them! Love your budding cooks, I need to get my two older ones more independent in the kitchen as well - your post has inspired me in a few ways Bronnie!

Unknown said...

I still haven't gotten around to doing it, but maybe next week when the kids are on holidays with their Dad! I do love having happy snaps to look at. And yes, I'm lucky that my kids enjoy cooking - they are much more likely to eat what they make too!