Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving on up ...

I've been quiet on the blogging scene recently, and that's because I've once again been embroiled in the all-consuming madness of moving.
And in this case, moving house for reals. As in, not just jumping suburbs or streets, but taking a giant leap of faith and swapping the city for the country.
We've moved to my old stomping ground of the South Burnett, where I've got family and some more support, and the kids are enjoying the wide open spaces and fresh air.
The living is cheaper too. We've got a far nicer, safer, warmer home (and it will be cooler in summer) than the one we had in Brisbane, at a fraction of the price we were paying there.
The last few weeks in Brisbane passed in a daze (days?) of packing, plus wrapping up milestones at school. Not to mention sad farewells.
We are still settling into our new home, not to mention marvelling at the luxury of having a stove with numbers on it, a non-human dishwasher, and a safe yard for Lucy the fur kid to play in.
I'm proud at the way the kids are taking to a new school and the challenge of a different routine and making new friends.
For now, it all seems new and different, but apart from the cold weather - yes, it is cooler than we are used to in sub-tropical Brisbane - there is a lot to like.
Hopefully it will soon seem less new, and a lot more like home.

 Saying farewell ... We found the guinea pigs a good home

A last dinner at Yum Yum Peking Duck at Darra

Harmonie's Bunny came too ...

Fun with friends at the school fete
Responsibilities - Chase looking after the Crazy Hair stall at the school fete 

There was fairy floss eating to be done ...

And an all important year 7 leadership camp to be conquered! 

Somehow, amidst the action, the moving fairies worked their magic and the MIA household was transported from Brisbane to Kingaroy. And nice warm beds.

Readers, have you moved house recently? Did you hate it as much as I did? 


Unknown said...

No more city slicking for you guys hay :) It is amazing the difference from when we moved from Riverhills to Greenbank, only a small leap but big enough to call it our "great open space". The kids will flourish. Enjoy the adventure miss H, master C & Bronwyn.. Hope all works out for you all & hopefully soon will get to see the kids again. Growing so quickly, very time we see them they are like sprouts in the dirt...growing up far too quickly!
Regards Linda

MadCow said...

That post made me smile. Happy for you.

Yep, moved 7 months ago. Not a fan, but have moved so much in my life that it was also a bit 'meh'.

We still have all the stuff we were culling sitting in the garage awaiting a garage sale ...

Domesblissity said...

Was wondering where you moved to Bron. That's a bit of a hike. Hope to see you in Brissy from time to time. Kingaroy is a nice spot there. Been absolute years since I've been there.

Anne xx

Unknown said...

We moved from the city to the country nearly a year ago now. Best thing I've ever done. Glad you're enjoying your new surroundings.

vegemitevix said...

Loving this post and its accentuate the positive style. So pleased you are all feeling so settled and thrilled the kids have managed moving so well. Well done Bronnie! Vxx

Char said...

I moved three times in 18 months just after I got married and hated it so much that I vowed to die in this house. And that was before kids. It must have been quite an ordeal to pack up EVERYTHING. Ughh! Makes me cringe just to think of it. But it sounds like you've made a move to a better place for your family. So the ordeal will have been worth it.

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I don't mind moving in fact since 1983 I've moved about 24 times the longest places I've been are Woodrige and where I am now (you know where that is sweetie)

Thinking of buying our own house in the next 10 years if not sooner.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh Bronnie moving house is such a difficult thing to do I applaud you for doing it with the minimum of fuss!