Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I don't like it

I have a confession to make: There is one thing that I don't like about Kingaroy.

There. It's out in the open.

My new home town has a failing.

It's the cold. My goodness it gets freaking cold here! Without any of the fun of snow and skiing!

In the years that have passed since I graduated year 12 at Kingaroy State High School, and despite regularly returning to the South Burnett to visit family in Wondai, I seem to have forgotten that.

I had forgotten the freezing mornings where it takes ages to work up the courage to jump out of bed and dash for the shower, all the better to minimise the period of feeling cold in-between. Of shivering whilst getting changed. Of wearing socks, or even slippers - gasp! - in the house, because the floor is cold.

These days, I live in trackies, leggings and jeans, and relish making nourishing meals for us at night.

And how comfortable are tracksuits? I only have a matching pair of tracky daks and jacket but I'm on the lookout for another. If not, I'm considering buying a onesie, and actually wearing it out in public. Look out kids, consider this fair warning!

There are a couple of other things I've forgotten over the years too. Like the smell of peanuts roasting that often permeates the town. Maddeningly delicious. How could I forget that?

And the line of trees that separates the public high school from the primary school.

How I managed to survive Kingaroy winters dressed in my summer school uniform with only a jumper and stockings for warmth, is beyond me. (Oh I had warmer clothes. But I thought my winter 'slacks' looked daggy, and an extra jacket or worse, the spencers Mum was always trying to push on me, were even more heinous. Don't judge me. I was a teenager.)

Despite the brrr factor, the days are generally warm, and we are loving weekend sleep-ins swaddled under cosy doonas. The kids actually enjoy the cool - it reminds them of the time they lived in Auckland, where they experienced their first real seasonal weather.

However, scratch beneath the surface and the kids have found one thing each they don't like about Kingaroy too. Miss 10 fervently wishes there was a Muffin Break, and Mr 12 longs for a Boost. Not that we went to either of these outlets regularly, but they were an option for a treat.

Oh well, nobody - and no town - is perfect!

A South Burnett winter might be cold for me, but Miss 12 finds the days are still warm enough for a picnic with Lucy dog, and her bunny ...

Kit Kat enjoys the backyard too

On the weekends it's nice to stay tucked up in bed ...

Readers, is there something you wished was different about your home town?


vegemitevix said...

LOL! that made me smile. I've remembered that Auckland can be bloody cold in winter too, especially when the floors are tile and wood, and they don't have central heating. Oh well, at least it's not for long, spring is coming.

Mrs BC said...

We moved here for the beach, and it's great - we all love the beach! I just wish it was a proper surf beach, with some decent surf. Body surfing is not so much fun when you can walk out 200 meters and still not have the water reach your waist.

Char said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned not wearing a spencer as a teenager. I refused to wear one too - or a singlet. Makes perfect sense when you're that age to freeze. And it was the height of fashion to have slightly blue legs.

Unknown said...

Oh please. I would rather have sawed my own slightly blue leg off than be seen in a spencer! And Mrs BC, we are sadly further from the beach, but there are some beautiful mountains nearby. VegemiteVix, the weather does remind me a bit of Auckland, but I think our home there was actually warmer than here. Or maybe I am just getting older and more intolerant? x

Unknown said...

When I think of Kingaroy I think of peanuts - only been once but would love to explore that part of Aus again soon!