Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And the beat goes on

So the Man Child arrived home from camp, and to my surprise, he had survived.
Okay, the entire group came down with gastro - I dread to think what the long bus ride home was like - so Chase wasn't exactly healthy.
He was sunburnt and exhausted after a week of outdoor activity and little sleep.
But he was home, and clearly not traumatised in any shape or form.
His abs were rock-hard after a week of swimming, sailing, stand-up paddle-boarding, body-boarding, hiking and more. And he'd popped his shoulder, after someone fell on him, he told me cheerfully.
Half his (new and expensive) belongings appeared to be Missing In Transit (they later turned up at school thankfully). And his suitcase was broken and half full of sand.
Somehow, in the space of a week, he'd picked up an English accent too. Hmm ...
Anyway, the little man was home and he'd enjoyed his week away.
His sister had enjoyed some 'Chasely-Free Time', as she put it, too.
We spent some girl time together, watching videos, having baths and DIY beauty treatments, and Missy presided over afternoon tea with the pets.
Harmonie loved getting her say when it came to meal-times, requesting the foods that fussy-eater Chase wasn't fond of, like Japanese curry, pea and ham soup, and Dominos pizza. (He likes home-made pizza, just not the takeaway version).
After a quiet weekend, catching up on sleep, Chase was back to normal, and if not raring to return to school, at least ready to leave on time.
And I wondered what I had worried about!

Harmonie and Lucy enjoy afternoon tea

Kit Kat got high

Hannah hung out with the girls

Harmonie and I enjoyed dinner out, just the two of us.

And before we knew it, the sunkissed young man was back! 

Readers, have you ever worried about something for nothing?


Janet Camilleri said...

All the time - it's called being a mother!

traceyb65 said...

i'd need my own blog to answer that ;) xt

Char said...

Do I worry for nothing? Of course I do. I could worry for Australia and bring home a gold medal. Mind you, one of my kids has given me plenty of reason to worry so I think my worrying is justified.

Anonymous said...

LOL it sounds like he survived just fine! The English accent is a curious addition though! :P

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

you know me well enough to know that the answer to that is a big fat YES with streamers, its own parade and fireworks.

Glad he had an awesome time.


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