Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Food Of Love Cookery School - and a giveaway!

Every Nicky Pellegrino novel should come with a warning.
Because I can guarantee that within a few pages of each of her novels, you will be pining for delicious, soul-warming food; dreaming of a trip to Italy; and perhaps considering a romance with the sexy barista at your local cafe.
Her latest book, The Food Of Love Cookery School is just as delicious as those that have come before.
This time, Nicky tells the story of four women who travel to the Sicilian mountain town of Favio, to attend Luca Amore's tenderly run cookery school. They cook, visit vineyards and olive groves, taste chocolate, and of course, eat. As sparks fly, and secrets are shared, their lives change forever.
The always-entertaining Nicky took time out from writing her next novel with MIA.

Nicky Pellegrino

Why did you start to write? Tell us about moving from your previous career as a journalist to writing ……. I had always wanted to write a book but, working full time as a magazine editor, thought I didn’t have the time. I kept telling myself some day I’d do it but some day never came. Then I had one of those seize-the-day moments. I was at work and received an email that said a woman I knew quite well had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and didn’t have long to live. That woke me up. I realised none of us know what’s round the corner and some day might never come so if you really want to do something you have to get on with it now. I went home that night and began writing my first novel Delicious.

Are there themes or ideas that you particularly want to explore in your writing?..... I’m interested in the way we connect with other people, the nature of happiness and how we end up in the lives we have. The Food Of Love Cookery School is very much about limits – how we limit ourselves and how the world limits us. Oh and food too obviously!

Do you plan and plot or do you let it unfold as you write?..... I sort of know where I’m going but I’m never quite sure how I’m going to get there. I write the way I live my life – organised chaos. But I think if I knew exactly how a book was going to pan out it would be boring to write it. This way I get as caught up in the story as hopefully the reader will.

Can you tell us about your average writing day – where do you write and how do you write? …..I have a studio in my garden that is full of books, a sofa for the dogs to lie on and a desk for me. Ideally I’d be sitting at it early in the morning and write until about 3pm which is when my energy levels dip and I start feeling sleepy. At that point I need to get up and move. Often I’ll go and ride my horses. This provides valuable thinking time and is often when I’ll solve issues I’m having with characters and the story. With The Food Of Love Cookery School my characters got stuck in a cafĂ© having coffee at one point. I couldn’t seem to move them on. Horse-riding helped!

What advice would you give other aspiring writers?...... Just do it. The publishing landscape has changed so much since I began but the one thing that has stayed the same is the necessity of sitting and thinking and writing for long, long, long hours before you can get anywhere. The most difficult thing of all is making yourself do that.

Where does your inspiration come from – the ideas?..... Things just pop into my head often as a result of something I’ve said, heard or done. That’s why, as well as the long hours spent writing, it’s useful to be out in the world doing things and meeting people.

How much research do you do?..... It varies depending on the book. For When In Rome there was a lot of research needed as I fictionalised the life of a real person – the singer Mario Lanza. For The Food Of Love Cooking School I didn’t need to do as much. For the next book I’m just starting and I can see that the research will be fascinating and so there is the potential to go completely overboard.

Do you get to choose your book covers?..... Not exactly but if I totally hated a design I don’t think they’d go with it. Fortunately I love the new ones for When In Rome, Delicious and The Food Of Love Cookery School.

What three qualities fascinate you most in people and inform your characters?..... I am nosey so I don’t think I could narrow it down to three characteristics. I’m fascinated with other people, how they live their lives, why they make their choices and most especially by their flaws – I think they are what make us most interesting.

What does the future hold? Do you want to keep writing? ….. I never think very far ahead. At the moment I’m focused on writing the next book, getting my new horse Uno going well enough to enter some competitions, sorting out my vege garden and working on some really interesting journalism.

Thanks to Hachette Australia, I have four copies of Nicky's novel, The Food Of Love Cookery School, to give away. To enter, please check you are a liker of my Facebook page. Then leave a comment below, sharing your favourite meal to cook for someone you love, and why. Entries close at 5 pm on Tuesday November 19, 2013. 


Domesblissity said...

I'm already a liker of your FB page Bron. I love pasta as a meal to cook my family. Something cheesy and flavoursome like lasagna or meatballs. A whole lotta love goes into that baby!

Anne xx

Kim maxwell said...

My husband is allergic to wheat, and also has to have a diet low in fat. So I love cooking him something likw a wheat free spag bol, he can't eat out or let anyone else cook for him (just in case), so he loves it when I cook for him!

I like you on facebook


Mary Preston said...

The whole family love home-made pizzas. A healthier option & a great way to add veg.

Like on FB


Sonia @ Natural New Age Mum said...

I love cooking for my gorgeous husband and he has just decided to be a vegetarian, so I would make him a delicious chickpea and vegetable korma curry with some coconut rice.

Maria said...

Lasagne. I add boiled eggs, ham and eggplant to mine. It's demolished in to minutes by my hungry horde.

Unknown said...

Pork Buns and Fried Rice. It's one of those meals that's a little bit fancy, but that my entire family LOVE to eat.

HelenD said...

Curry. It unites my love of cooking with my husband's Sri Lankan heritage to create our personal perfection.

Karlene said...

Lasagne. Everyone in the family loves it so there's no complaining.

Cathy said...

Homemade pizza is a favourite in my family. The homely smells and family conversations that are enjoyed sharing pizza are memories I will always treasure!

Unknown said...

I love to make oeufs en cocotte (eggs in pots) for my husband. It takes us both back to our travels in France, with all the delicious memories they entail!

mellie jane said...

My fav thing to cook for someone i love is baked garlic pork chops &apples with creamy potato mash to me its my love for them on a plate rich, beautiful and an explosion for the senses.

Annabel Candy said...

Oooh what a shame I am too late! I love a good read and anything travel based is right up my alley :)

Mrs BC said...

I'm too late for the giveaway but I don't care, I feel I've won already! Thank you so much for the author recommendation, I cannot wait to start reading these books. I love novels that contain recipes, they rock my socks!