Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Give your man a makeover!

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2014 is here, yet your man seems to be stuck somewhere around midnight on New Year’s Eve! He’s looking a bit knackered and you’d really like to help get him spruced up without hurting his feelings, and without blowing the budget.
An affordable style makeover doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The following tips combine the latest trends in a commonsense guide, designed to bring out the very best in your guy.
One: Good Taste
Good taste in clothes means far more than money. Purchasing quality clothing is an investment. It’s important to know where to cut back and where to splurge. Additionally, your man needs to dress suitably for his age. While that favourite pair of frayed jeans may be fine around the house, chinos, double-breasted jackets, and leather laced shoes create an appropriate public image.
Two: Great Fit
Proportion, detail, and cut speak louder than words, so look for clothing that is right for your man's build. The best place to start a makeover is with properly fitting shirts, pants, and jackets. Clothes should be tailored, hugging the body, though not too tight. While a slim fit is in style this year, if your man feels ill at ease, it will show. Well-cut clothing needs to suit his look while providing comfort.
Three: Mix and Match
Mix and match… but don’t overdo it! Styles can be combined without over-exaggeration. Keep things simple (usually no more than three colours). Great looking doesn’t imply overdone! A dark shirt with a vest, nice shoes, and a quality leather belt can make a stylish statement without overwhelming.
Four: Proper Grooming
Shaving, regular haircuts, and styling let the world know that your man cares about his appearance. Routine workouts and quality skincare products help to maintain good health and prevent signs of aging. Growing older doesn’t have to detract from your guy’s looks. Fitness and proper care will slow the effects of aging while enhancing his already great looks.
Five: A Great White Shirt
There’s always a place for a sleek white shirt! Dress it up or down with a tie, waistcoat, or stylish pair of jeans. As a general rule, an attractive dress shirt matched with slim well-cut trousers provides an attractively balanced combination.
Six: The Right Shoes
A great pair of shoes shows that your man really cares about his looks. Clean, polished shoes add as much to the overall look as a well-pressed shirt.  If your budget is limited, online stores like Connor offer great prices for quality shoes, adding style to value!
Seven: Accessorize with Intent
Less is more, a few carefully chosen accessories won’t weigh the look down… rather they can complement well-styled clothing. A great new watch, a gold ring, or a simple tie-tack can add interest without overwhelming a look.
Eight: Confidence
Confidence, attitude, good posture, and a healthy outlook do more for a person’s looks than just about anything else. Attitude is as important a detail as a silk tie! Help your guy cultivate his own unique style. His individual fashion sense conveys a great deal about what he values.
Bringing it all Together
Giving your man style makeover doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Bringing out the very best in your partner is a combination of good style sense, well-fitting clothes, and the type of confidence that comes with knowing that he not only looks good… he’s truly one of a kind!

What would you change about your man's style if you could - and why? 


Char said...

I've given up with my husband. I call it a win if we go out and his clothes don't have stains and holes. At least my boys care about their appearance and scrub up pretty well - even if I do say so myself.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Oh Snap Char. Exactly what I am at.

And if he is not wearing a stupid Star Trek tshirt I call it formal.