Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not beached as ...

And so the holidays continue, and it's been busy since the kids returned home.
The first thing on the agenda, was to celebrate our own family Christmas.
The kids, of course, had spent Christmas with their Dad and his family, but having left the day school ended, we'd had no time to enjoy our own festive fun.
So it was fab to finally open our presents at last! 

And enjoy a special dinner.

Seemingly within minutes the house had been demolished!

And then Harmonie had a gingerbread tree to nail ...

Which she totally did. See?

(Hers is the one in front...)

There were friends and families to catch up with, cups of tea to be made (because Mumma's are the best!), and favourite meals to be inhaled. Anyone would have thought the children had been away for months, not just three weeks. Though I was just as guilty as missing them as much as they had missed me!

And of course, the pets weren't going to miss out on being pampered, Lucy especially.

Lucy being groomed to within an inch of her life ... and loving it! 

I wanted to take the kids to the beach for a break but it turned out they didn't want to go.

"We don't like the sand," said Chase.

"The salt water makes my skin itch," said Harmonie.

Certainly, the last few times we've been to the beach they have a ball, but they insist on going back to our accommodation after every swim/kayak/stand up paddleboading session to shower and 'get clean'. 

Seriously? Who are these kids anyway?

Okay. Mine. Enough said. 

Anyway, they said they were perfectly happy to stay just where they were, thank you very much, at least for a while. I guess an 8000 km return road trip will do that to a kid!

So we're not going to the beach, but we're hoping after a family reunion and a few other adventures, to spend a few days in Brisbane rekindling friendships and getting our city fix before school starts once again. 

So dear followers, did anything happen these holidays that surprised you?


Char said...

I'm totally impressed with Harmonie's tree. She seems to have a knack in the kitchen.
My holiday's been very unsurprising. Just days of doing as little as possible before work starts again. Although watching endless hours of tennis really shouldn't count as doing little.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a fun time with the kids! And Harmonie made the tree? Well done! What surprised me was how much I enjoyed doing nothing. That's a change for me who usually can't stand the idea of not doing some sort of activity.

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Well yes quite a few things happened, hubby got made redundant, I love my best mate for four years and I spent from the 28th Dec to Jan 8 working my ass off! BUT the kids have had great fun with their dad and I now have 2 weeks left to head to the beach, getting paddle boarding!
I love the name Harmonie, love that tree, totally sick!
Emily - visiting as part of #teamIBOT

EssentiallyJess said...

They don't like the beach?????? :)
It looked like an awesome after Christmas. I think your gingerbread tree looked better than the picture. xx

Sonia said...

I am with the kids on having showers after the beach :D

Anonymous said...

I'm with the kids on the beach. Ironically live near the beach though and often holiday at such resorts but its viewing the beach from a chair that suits me :) Your Christmas lokd a lot of fun. Happy 2014 . Visiting from Blog Chicks