Monday, February 10, 2014

All the single ladies!

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.
It’s true, I’ve had a few romantic ones in my time.
But even when I’ve been part of a loved-up couple, we’ve usually had other goals or wants in mind, and have agreed not to spend a zillion dollars on overpriced roses, chocolates and dinner on one night of the year.
To me, it’s always been more special to get flowers ‘just because’. Or to go on a spontaneous weekend away for the fun of it. To enjoy an indulgent dinner when everyone else in the area isn’t doing exactly the same thing (and paying twice the price).
That isn’t to say I’ve said no when someone has rocked up with a big bunch of roses or tiny box of jewellery.
But now is the time to confess: I’ve had some really horrendous Valentine’s Days as well.
It all started with those awkward teenage V. Days, where you go to your schoolbag, and your heart leaps to find a lovey-dovey card – only to find it’s from your BFF.  Or worse, there’s nothing at all!
The really sucky ones are the ones where you break up with your boyfriend on V. Day because he showed no respect by trying to drag you to a disco while you were studying for your first politics exam. (Told you I was a swat). To add insult to injury, he then showed up hungover on Valentine's Day bearing roses stolen from a stranger's garden along the way ... I may be practical, but a girl still likes a little romance! 
Then there are the ones you spend alone after breaking up with someone, going through photos, and cutting them out of the picture so to speak … (Just grabbing examples out of thin air here. Cough).
One of my weirdest Valentine’s Days was when I’d  broken up with someone, but because I felt sorry for him, we’d agreed to stay friends. (Note to self: This never works.) He made a big deal about wanting to take me out to lunch, because I was still so special to him, blah blah blah. I feel guilted into going, so I ended up cancelling plans with girlfriends. So he picked me up and took me to … a fish and chips shop! And we didn’t eat it anywhere special or romantic, like the nearby beach or river, where a picnic blanket and a view would have saved the day.
Nope, just at at the plastic tables outside the shop. And to add insult to injury, he had ‘forgotten’ his wallet, so I had to pay for it! I remembered exactly why I had broken up with him in the first place.
But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck, even if you’re single. In fact, some of my most fun V. Days have been when I haven’t had a man in my life. Girlfriends and I usually get together and enjoy good food, wine and flowers just the same. Oh, and of course, chocolates. (Why should couples have all the fun?)
The lovely people at We-Vibe are also keen to make sure that singles don't miss out on pleasure on this special day of the year.
Yes, you don't need a Valentine to have a lot of fun if you've got one of their fabulous adult Thrill toys handy.
Thrill by We-Vibe, which I reviewed earlier this year, is designed for indulgent solo play. 
The winner of five international awards, the Thrill by We-Vibe is 100 per cent waterproof, whisper quiet, and comes with eight sensual and exciting modes, including the tease and the Cha-Cha.
It's made of medical-grade silicone, and is completely curvy so it fits into your body. And it's designed to stimulate inside and out, with both a G-Spot and Clitoral stimulator.
Better yet, We-Vibe are giving three of my lovely followers a Thrill of their own for Valentine's Day.
To enter, just like my facebook page, if you're not already doing so. Then leave a comment below, sharing your worst, weirdest or most wonderful Valentine's experience yet.
This competition is technically for single ladies, but since my last review I received quite a few messages from women who were married or in relationships who were left feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom.
So I'm opening it up to you as well, though I feel sad that you're in a relationship and not getting your needs met. 
I'm hoping to do some posts on this at a later date.
In the meantime ... Happy Valentine's Day, and good luck!

Entries close at 5 pm on February 14 AEST. Each Thrill by We-Vibe is valued at $169. Open only to Australian residents I'm sorry. You can follow We-Vibe at instagram@wevibeaust and on Facebook at 

The competition has closed and the winners are: The Global Goddess, Kellie, and Claire L. Congratulations! Please send me your contact details so I can arrange for your prize to be delivered. 


The Global Goddess said...

My WORST V Day: I may have agreed to catch up with a man who, upon arriving at my home, I realised was not at all attractive, so I proceeded to drink a rather large quantity of whisky in quick succession. I remember waking up, alone in my bed in the middle of the night. Great! Until I went to go to the bathroom and found him fully dressed and passed out on my couch. The next morning, he turns up naked in my bed and refuses to leave! I have to make the bed over him, in a strong sign I want him to leave. He eventually decides to leave but not before grabbing both my breasts on the way out and saying loudly: "honk! honk!". My BEST V DAY: Every single one since the honker.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure whether to classify this as the best or the weirdest. Maybe it's a combination of both!
The year I turned 19 I had 4 valentines turn up, in the flesh, bearing gifts. Now, this was way before mobile phones, and they all turned up unannounced.... Two of them missing each other by minutes.
I remember thinking wtf? at the time, but being incredibly flattered... My ego was huge!!
Funnily enough, I didn't end up dating ending of them.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I enjoy VDay but I have to admit that it is a high pressure day! Sort of like NYE!

Rhianna said...

I have never had a great deal of romance on Valentines Day. One boyfriend shared his birthday with V day so he was adamant that the day should be all about him rather than me or us. However he would send me flowers the day before with a card attached saying just because. Which was pretty sweet.

Kellie said...

My worst was last year my husband and I were having a few problems - so he came home three days before Valentines Day with a cupcake with a heart on it saying to me "I'm giving this to you because it means something its not a peace offering , you are my soul mate, love of my life blah blah blah" Then on Valentines Day he was with another women, and six days later I left and I have never seen or heard from him since - and thats after being together for 10yrs. Now thats a Bad Valentines Day!!!!

nikki montague said...

Ive never had a Valentines day really, once I got flowers from a stalker but never had any romance for the day. Now that im married my hubbie is fifo so rarely home for it and our wedding anniversary is 10 days later so if he is home ww celebrate that.

Jo said...

The best was the day I met my now husband. I have to say that, right?

Rebecca Griffith said...

I seem to pick Valentines duds, so my best, and weirdest I guess, was sending myself a huge bunch of roses from a 'secret admirer', only to have my boyfriend freak out and accuse me of having an affair. He demanded to know this other person was so I eventually had to confess that it was me. I am the love if my own life! Ha ha ha!

Claire L said...

My best Valentine's Day was last year when I got a positive pregnancy test! My worst will be this year, without a baby, when it marks 12 months since that happy day after I lost my pregnancy. A bittersweet way to celebrate love.
Maybe a Thrill will bring back the focus on pleasure during our constantly scheduled baby-making.

Peta said...

My worst Valentine's Day was probably the year I broke up with my boyfriend that day.

Anonymous said...

Mine would have to be the first V Day after hubby and I got back together after an 18 month separation. I paid mega bucks that we really couldn't afford to get a flash hotel room for the night - champagne, chocolates, spa bath...
And then I got AF that morning. So no hotel hanky-panky for us - all that money just to sleep in a fancy bed!

Redcliffe Style said...

Can you believe I can't think of any! I'm sure I have blocked them out but I have been with my husband for 20 years. I recently worked with We-Vibe. It's a great company, that prides themselves on their great products.

Susan Sullivan said...

Valentine's. The Early Years.
The year was 1979. I was in year 6. I received my very first Valentine's card. It was anonymously home made with real flower petals stuck on it. As the day unfolded, I discovered it came from the class bully. I was horrified that the bully liked me in a VDay sort of way. It seems he didn't - it was just a prank.

Fast forward to 14 Feb 1980. Now a not-so-worldly Year 7er. The class hunk asked me to go with him. I said "where?". He thought I was taking the piss and never spoke to me again. I wasn't.

Post Traumatic Stress for the next 30 years? Just a little bit. Maybe….

Unknown said...

I was at TAFE having a normal day... and sat down to lunch with my friends and this guy starts yelling ... "you should be locked up" we all laughed and kept chatting until he said it again and again .. he came over and told me i should be locked up because he finds me so irresistible.. Im not even close t being model like just a normal gal... he asked me out for a date and i said yes to shut him up ... we didn't go out.. it was weird and embarrasing and not romantic ... then when i got home there were a dozen roses on my door step .. thanks to my mum ..phew

D.Callaway said...

4 days before my wedding (valentines day) I received a VERY EXPLICIT text from an unknown number! Took quite a lot of explaining to future hubby that I had NO IDEA who sent it, but I tell you what, what they were suggesting sounded like fun!! Too scared to ask hubby to try it, but some girl had a VERY interesting valentines night that year!!!!! I really didnt know who it was from.

Unknown said...

Ive had two memorable V days that were nice V days. I received flowers in all of my favourite varieties and colours with card signed "your not so secret admirer" and the following year I received exactly the same except three times bigger the bunch of flowers, and the exact same wording on the card lol......cute as. And this year, although weve separated and I didnt receive the flowers or card.....he was the first text I received at 5.29am Valentines morning wishing me a Happy Valentines Day :-)