Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And now the dust has settled ...

So the kids are well and truly back to school now.
Chase is settling into high school. He's loving the variety of subjects and teachers, but finding the volume of work and homework a challenge.
Just carrying around his brand-new backpack (thanks for the gift, Aunty Susan and family) is a task in itself - it weighs a tonne! No wonder he's exhausted every day.
Harmonie is at home in year six, at the top of the school. Her teacher seems nice, and although she'd been put in a class without any of her best friends, she's making new ones quickly - and of course, catches up with the others during breaks.
Schools don't waste any time these days though.
Chase came home with a multitude of forms last week, including homework, and permission slips for his first year 8 camp, which will be later this month. It's one I have mixed memories from my own school days.
I remember having loads of fun with my friends. But I also remember cold showers, and having to do long walks in the freezing rain. And the leeches. Oh the leeches. (Shudder ...)
Oh well, I'm sure it will be character building.
And Harmonie started school swimming yesterday, and will be swimming every day this week. Luckily, she's an Aquarian and is part dolphin, so she's happy about that.
I had to chuckle at one of Chase's permission forms, which was to allow him to participate in 'high risk activiities'. The activities? Stir-frying and pan-frying in home economics! He's already a dab hand at that.
I would have thought lugging that backpack between classes would be more dangerous!
By the end of the first week back at school, we were all tired and thoughts of doing something adventurous went out of the window in favour of a lazy weekend.
I've had an upper respiratory bug which has kept my energy low, so we all decided to sleep in on Saturday morning.
After a spot of shopping, we decided a weekend of DVDs was just what the doctor ordered.
Sunday was another sleep-in, followed by Chase's favourite Eggs Benedict for breakfast - I usually do a cooked breakfast at least one day on the weekend. Next weekend, it will be Harmonie's turn.
Oh we threw in some gardening, a little cleaning, a play with the neighbours' children, baking and more, but it was basically a time to recharge our batteries before another busy week.
The shiny new shoes are already scuffed and coated with a film of Kingaroy red dust, and the uniforms are stained.
But the enthusiasm is still there.
Readers, how did you and your children cope with going back to school?


Char said...

So it's official - mollycoddling our children is the norm if that note is anything to go by. A 12/13 year old not being able to find their way around a hot pan without burning themselves is just sad.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I had some friends who had kids that were going off to their first day of school! They were beside themselves-the adults not the kids!

Anonymous said...

One of our children is going back to school but as a teacher -long term.