Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy birthday Harmonie

It was Harmonie's turn for a birthday yesterday, as she became a grown-up 11-year-old.
In our usual family tradition, she had a weekend of celebrations.
It began with a blue light disco on Friday night, one of her favourite places to go since we moved to Kingaroy last year.
Saturday was busy, starting with a special morning tea with Grandma and Pa-Pa. Later, we prepared for a sleepover with two special friends, and a get-together with a gaggle of other girlfriends the next day.
We had dinner with my family on Saturday night, including Harmonie's cousin Connor who turned 11 a week earlier. 
Three little girls shared a queen-sized bed on Saturday night through to Sunday morning, and I'm not exactly sure that much sleeping was done. There was lots of giggling and chatting, and plenty of bonding time - no boys allowed. 
The next morning, the trio helped get together for the party. "Childish" party games, like pass the parcel, musical chairs, and balloon races were out. Though there was talk at one stage about throwing darts at a photo of Justin Bieber! 
They planned mainly to hang out, talk, play music, and watch you tube videos. I guess my baby is now a pre-teen! 
But the tomboy in Harmonie couldn't resist one planned event - a water balloon fight! Every pair of togs she owned was shared out and worn, pretty much every towel in the house was wet, and my clean lounge room rug was now covered with grass and dirt. The girls ended up in the pool after that, and I'm banned from posting any photos of that particular activity! 
Lucy dog was in danger of being petted to death, the cats ran away, and I'm quite sure Chase was in hell. 
Like her brother, Harmonie didn't want a birthday cake. She wanted a cheesecake. (Chase, the Australia Day Baby, patriotically chose pavlova.)
I'm not known for my cheesecake making skills, and there isn't a Cheesecake Shop in Kingaroy, so I was relieved when my lovely neighbour and friend Kayla offered to make it.
"She'll probably do a better job than me," I said to Harmonie, trying to assuage my guilt at not making it myself. "No offence Mum, but she probably will," Harms shot back. Ouch! Clearly the memories of dodgy themed cakes of birthdays past have not yet faded.
(Oh and the cheesecake was delicious!)
We were all exhausted the next morning, but it was a school day after all. Harmonie, a studious child very much like I used to be, was happy enough to go. 
Living in Queensland, we took water ice-blocks instead of cake to share with the class, a decision that proved very popular because it was a sweltering hot day.
It was also very eventful. Harmonie sang in the school choir at an official ceremony that afternoon, and was sworn in as a senior leader.
But wait, there's more!
She and her brother recently took up Taekwondo, and Harmonie was determined not to miss a lesson, deciding to attend class rather than go out for a meal.  
In another family birthday tradition, she got to choose the evening dinner ... plain steamed rice! 
"You can choose anything you want tonight, and you're asking for steamed rice?" I asked. 
"Yes, it's yum," she replied.
Luckily, there were some meals I'd prepared earlier for later in the night when everyone got hungry.
Like Chase, Harmonie has entertained me so much over the years, given me so much love, and taught me so much about parenting, life, love, and myself. 
I will always love her to the moon and back and even more than that! 

Harmonie as a newborn. Photo taken in a rare moment, sleeping!

The mischievous phase begins ...

She loves her brother ...(sometimes!)

Biker chick

Wild child

Her feminine side

Happy birthday Harmonie!

Do you have birthday traditions in your household?



Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Happy Birthday Harmonie!! I loved reading this post-I remember blue light discos. I wasn't ever allowed to go to one but they were around! And cheesecake is a delicious choice for a cake!

Char said...

Special memories made this weekend. Happy birthday Harmonie.