Monday, March 17, 2014

Do you cheat?

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It's official: I'm a cheat.
On Week 2 of my Isagenix Health Cleanse, I deliberately gave myself three days off from the program - which you're not supposed to do - because in a long weekend of celebratory events, I knew I would stuff it up. And I didn't want to feel guilty about it.
I was pleased with my first week's effort, so I felt okay about taking a few days off. I didn't go crazy, but I didn't want to feel bad about eating and drinking and taking part in normal life. And I didn't want to feel deprived either.
So I had a fab few days, and on Monday morning I felt my eyes and skin weren't as clear as the week before, and as if I'd put on weight. I was beating myself up about it, when I realised I had lost another half a kilo and a few more centimetres. For the win!
So with renewed enthusiasm, it was back onto the shakes.
That week though, I found myself cheating. A lot. It wasn't that I wanted anything bad. Far from it. I was dreaming of salad sandwiches. Nourishing Vietnamese soup. Rice paper rolls.
I looked forward to my shakes in the morning - they made me feel good and filled me up, and seemed to give me more energy for exercise. (Far better than just coffee or the dregs of the kids' breakfast.)
I usually had my 'knife and fork' meal in the middle of the day, because I was starving by then, but didn't feel like another shake at night. So I wasn't quite following the diet the way I was supposed to.
Plus there was dinner out here, a coffee there.
I'm only pointing it out, because I have to be fair and admit that I wasn't following the cleanse properly. But I refused to feel bad because life is for living, right?
For my second cleanse, I failed miserably. I felt weak, sick, and deprived. (Later I found out that as well as pneumonia, I had whooping cough. Once I was on the right antibiotics, I improved quite a bit).
I managed the whole day until dinner, when Miss 11 had a chicken salad sandwich before Taekwondo, and I crumbled and had one too.
And I thought: How ridiculous to feel guilty about a chicken salad sandwich?
(And yes, it tasted divine).
So that was the cleanse broken.
Even so, I lost a further kilo that week, which made 3.5 kg in two weeks, and several more centimetres.
The fact was I was continuing to slowly lose weight without really trying, and without being able to work out quite as much as I would have liked to. It's hard to know how I would have gone if I was healthy and not recovering from pneumonia and whooping cough! Maybe I wouldn't have given in on cleanse day? Maybe I would have had enough of an appetite to have a second shake on shake days? (You're supposed to follow the program, so having the second shake is important if you're wanting the weight loss).
In any case, there has been more going on than cheating on diets at Chez MIA. Currently, Miss 11 is on day three of a suspected grumbling appendix or mesenteric lympadenitis, which is an inflammation of the lymph nodes.
She gave me a fright when niggling tummy pains in the morning - which we had thought were muscular - had turned into stabbing pains in her right hand side by school pick up time.
She looked terrible too, and was cold and wearing a jumper, even though it was a hot Queensland day.
Straight to the GP we went - and we've returned since - but the jury was out. She's lost her appetitie and been pretty nauseous, but it's the pain that's bothering her the most.
So the doctor is adopting a wait and see approach for now, and hopefully it will all settle down on its on. The lymph nodes around her kidneys and tummy are up and sore, so they could be causing the pain or be as a result of an infection in her body.
Meanwhile, Mummy is playing nurse and dosing her up with TLC. She's set up a day bed on the couch with Lucy dog and has watched Turbo on rotation. The joys of single parenting.
As for my breast lump scare, I was recalled for an examination, which I'd been warned was on the cards.
We did find a lump on my other side as well, and I'll be having an ultrasound the next time I'm in Brisbane, Toowoomba or on the Sunshine Coast.
We're pretty sure everything is fine, but it's just a reminder to stay in tune with your body and get anything checked out. Especially if you live in the country and have to travel to get tests done!
I've been entertained by a string of tradies coming and going - everything in this house seems to break down at once - and of course, Wine And Food In The Park, which I'll blog about another time. (oops, another cheat day!)
Stay tuned for the next update on my health cleanse. Readers, have you ever been on a health and fitness program and been tempted to cheat?


Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Goodness, you sure have a lot going on, I hope your daughter is okay, and that your results come up clear - a bit of a worry. As for cheating, falling off the wagon acceptable in my books, as long as you can get on it within a few days instead of letting it fade off into the distance!

Kirsty said...

I've dieted before but I've never done a cleanse. But I like your approach to it - why feel guilty for eating something if you are still losing weight and feeling okay? All the best to Miss 11 - I hope the pain and inflammation is resolved soon x

Char said...

There's a reason that I don't diet and it's because I cheat then feel guilty and it's just so counterproductive. Food now is more about fuelling my body and that works so much better for me.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I'm always tempted to cheat when I'm on a diet regime! All of the time! :)

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I have never been on a cleanse but I would LOVE it. When we did Lite n Easy it was awesome, loved every second of it. We have a built in indulgence day (we only did the program during the week with weekends off) and it was fab. We only stopped cause Maddie moved back home and we couldn't afford it for 3.

Maxabella said...

Gosh, Bronnie, I hope both you and your girl are ok!! And don't worry about the cheating you are doing soooo well that I reckon that cleanse and you were meant to gave an open relationship... x

Seana Smith said...

Hmm... am a non-dieter BUT I do sometimes write down what I eat and then try to steer myself in a better direction... I have just got a juicer and for the first time thought of just drinking juice for a day... then ate lunch, but it was salad!

Twitchy said...

I went off sugar a tear ago and was struck at the start but recently I've indulged in real dark chocolate with nuts again and boy does it feel naughty!!

Don't be hard in yourself it's the big picture that counts. Worrying stuff about your girl- I hope all works out and its only a passing infection.

Twitchy said...

A *tear* ago? How Freudian!!

Mrs Organised (alias Sandie) @ AppleBee Lane said...

We're all only human and sticking to a diet is so tough!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Dont be hard on yourself for cheating a little - in the big scheme of things you are doing so well! I am a cheater :) I do hope everything is ok with your daughter and you though - what a lot you have on your plate. Thanks for linking up with Bron and I for the Weekend Rewind xx