Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maid In Australia Goes Blue


I dye my hair blue for World Autism Awareness Day each year, in line with the idea of ‘lighting it up blue’ for autism.

The idea is that major landmarks around the world light up in blue for raise awareness about autism, for example in New York, Rio De Janeiro, Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House, and Brisbane's Sir Leo Hielscher (Gateway) Bridges.

Wearing my hair with blue splashes in it for a month or so gets noticed, and then I can explain why I’ve done it. Thereby raising awareness.

Usually I do it for World Autism Awareness Day, which is on April 2. But then people ask why my hair is blue and I tell them about it, but it’s almost as if it’s too late.

So this year I did it early. So that I could actually promote World Autism Awareness Day before it happened, rather than after.  

And sure enough, there have been comments. All have been positive (although my parents haven’t seen it!) A few people thought I was just being radical! (Yes, totally me).

We have a lovely local hairdresser, Brooke Stead, who suggested that instead of dying my hair, I try a few blue hair extensions.  The benefit is that my hair won’t end up blue for weeks, and I can take them out when I’m ready.

Do you like?

Mr 13, who is on the spectrum, has taken up the challenge to turn his hair and fingernails blue for the cause.

We’ve registered with Autism Spectrum Australia’s fundraising campaign, Go Blue ForAutism, and he’s looking for sponsors to donate if he goes ahead with the hair dare.

We’ve even got our own fundraising page, and it would be awesome if you could donate to this cause which is so close to our hearts.

Here are the facts: One in 100 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in Australia – around four times more likely to be boys than girls.  On Wednesday, April 2, communities around the world celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, acknowledging the achievements of people with autism, recognising their experiences and that of their families and caregivers, and helping others to understand what it means to live with autism.

That’s a cause worth going blue for, don’t you think?

Would you pay to see this boy's hair go blue?


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Sweetie if C does dye his hair blue are the school alright with him having blue hair as part of their dress code?

Only reason I ask you hear of so many schools these days that come down on students for doing things that go against the school rules although its for a great cause?

Only a few days ago a pupil was told to stay at home cause he/she shaved their head in support of a cause yet it broke the school dress code.

Congrats on spreading the word of another great cause.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Yes a definite worthy cause Bronnie. It suits you I have to say! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. Yes, we've checked with the school and they are okay with it. As long as it's not temporary.

Seana Smith said...

Good idea! I'm supporting Autism Awareness this year and taking the teens down to the Harbour to see the Opera House lit up. What a great idea to dye your hair.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

What if I hold my breath?



Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Glad to hear the school is on board with it.

Hope you raise heaps would love to donate some money but alas hubby is only a casual worker & can't as Easter is so screwed up this year that happy works only 7 days over a 2 week period.

This is cause of Good Friday,Easter Monday & then Anzac Day all being Public holidays and being all on top of each other this year as Easter is near the end of April.

Maybe next year when Easter is at the start of April we should have some money to donate if he goes in it again next year.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Cleaning Wiz said...

One in 100 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in Australia – around four times more likely to be boys than girls. We should aware about autism ........

Net Nanny said...

I love the blue in your hair, it looks fantastic and as it is all about creating awareness for autism it is terrific, keep it up and l hope many others join in creating more awareness and hopefully further research can help families who may have a child with autism.