Monday, March 10, 2014

Wine in half the time ...

Whenever I ask people how parenthood has changed them, there seems to be a common theme: alcohol.
"We drink a lot more alcohol these days," one Dad joked. "I spend half the day wondering if it's wine o'clock yet," said a Mum. "We get a lot less sleep and drink a lot more wine," was the general consensus from others.
I'm not sure how parenthood and wine goes hand in hand (cough), but perhaps that was the reason
the nice people at Wine Selectors sent me a mixed case of six wines to taste and review.
I'm always health conscious and unfortunately it arrived in the middle of an Isagenix health and cleanse program. 
But it was exciting to receive my parcel of goodies all the same time, and I wasted no time in checking out what was included.

Inside the box, were three tempting bottles of red wine and another three of white

The all looked delicious and were labels I wouldn't usually choose. In fact, if they are available in the country town where I live, they certainly hadn't jumped out at me. 

I waited until a friend came over one night and we cracked one open. 

I'm usually a white wine girl, so I knew I wouldn't be tempted to break the diet with this one. My friend loves a good red though, and this Rhone-style blend from McLaren Vale got the thumbs-up. I loved that it's from Mc'Laren Vales' Paxton's vineyards which are certified biodynamic. So it's organic and has been made with sustainability in mind. Wine that's good for the environment and the body!

Next time, we tried a white, again from the Paxton fold. The name The Guesser comes from David Paxton's days working in shearing sheds in country Australia, where it's The Guesser's job to sort, clean and class the fleece of each short sheep.
It was a light, slightly fruity drop that went down well on a warm Autumn's evening. And yes, It's organic too!
I love wine with a story, because it means I can act like I'm knowledgeable whilst pouring and tasting. Yeah, I'm a bit of a tosser like that. 
I'm still being 'good' with my diet, so have yet to work my way through the case of six delicious wines. They are being saved for special occasions and/or gifts.
I love that each wine has a special story or meaning and each label is something I wouldn't normally treat myself to.
Because you're buying from Wine Selectors too, you get a massive discount. So you're getting a quality bottle of wine, for a fraction of the cost. And it's delivered straight to your door.  
My box of six (which I was gifted for this review) would normally cost $108 including delivery, but retail for a lot more.
You're not flying blind either - Wine Selectors offer a free Customer Callback service if you'd like advice on any wines or tips on what to buy. 
Even better, you're not locked in to receiving deliveries for months on end once you make an order.
You can order as often or as little as you like, without financial penalties. 
And, as I am finding, every wine is excellent quality. That's because Wine Selectors have a tasting panel of "perceptive personalities and palates' comprising winemakers, international wine show judges, and wine educators." They use Australian Wine Show judging criteria, but more importantly love wine as well, so are in tune with the palates of Aussie wine lovers. 
The other thing I love is that this company works with more than 400 producers throughout Australia, and the products are packed by Endeavour Industries Limited, an organisation which provides employment to people living with disabilities in the community.
So you can feel good about your purchases as well.
There are loads more positives - and hey it's wine - but you can read more about it here.
In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy slowly enjoy sampling my wines from this delightful Australian company. 
I love home delivery, don't you?  


kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

oh how I could do with a wine delivery right about now...

Anonymous said...

Not fair not fair at all… lol ... I have given up wine for lent and all i feel like now is wine :P
Nadine D

Char said...

No temptation here at all. Wine always tastes like vinegar to me. I think I killed my taste buds with sugar when I was growing up.

Unknown said...

Kelley, you deserve it, since it's your birthday. Nadine you are very good to give up wine for lent. I gave it up for my health cleanse! Char, you're always pretty health-conscious anyway!

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