Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day - are you game?

There have been a lot of secret going-ons at Chez MIA this week.
Whispers here and there, secret conferences behind closed doors, and mystery shopping trips.
That can only mean one thing – Mother’s Day is almost here.
Usually the kids don’t have anyone to help them with Mother’s Day gear. They’ll do their home made cards, and if there’s a MD stall at school, I’ll give them money to buy something for me there.
Yes it's weird to pay for your own Mother's Day present, but that’s life, when you’re a single parent sometimes!
I’m lucky if MD involves a sleep-in. That’s if the kids can wait long enough to give me my well thought-out gifts, which are always interesting in themselves. One year, Chase gave me tea and biscuits (he ate the biscuits and drank the tea himself), whilst Harmonie gave me a beach towel. Because I clearly spend so much time on the beach! Just quietly, I think it was a hint...
There has been the World’s Best Mum fridge magnet, and Best Mum mug. And of course, all manner of trinkets and bling. Especially the handmade varieties, made with so much love, and which must be worn on special occasions.
My favourites have always been the home-made cards and drawings that used to come home from kindy, and later, prep and school.
There was the tea bag pinned to a card in the shape of a tea pot, so I could have a cup of tea and a break. The first time I got that one, I wept. True story. (Also? Tea, it seems, is something that Mums love.)
And the hand prints, to treasure when they are no longer leaving them smeared all over the walls and cupboards. (The first time I got those, they made a little water come into my eye also).
Not to mention the heartwarming surveys, carried out by well-meaning teachers and carers. (Some of those just made me cringe!)
One year, Harmonie’s question and answer session on me included the remarkable information that I:
Loved eating vegetables
Cleaning (Snort!)
Watching my 'shows'
Job: Making money with my computer (I hope the authorities don’t find out about that one!)
An early Chase survey proudly proclaimed that, in my spare time, Mummy liked to “watch adult movies”.
In any case, this year will be unusual, in that the kids have a partner in crime to help them plan a special Mother’s Day.
Tech Guy has taken them on top-secret shopping expeditions, and there have been a lot of meaningful looks and suspicious behaviour going on.
I suspect that this year, I will definitely be getting my sleep in!
I see, hear, and know nothing.
Meanwhile, as Mother’s Day approaches, it’s fitting that it’s been another busy week.
Harmonie performed in her first Eisteddfod (singing with her school choir). That brought back memories. I spent many a terrifying and cold day in that very same hall, performing piano with frozen hands, and later, speech and drama (not so scary).
That afternoon, she fell awkwardly after tripping on a display at Kingaroy Big W. It turned out, Harmonie has hurt her Archilles Tendon and ankle. The doctor doesn’t think it’s torn, but it needs strapping, anti-inflammatories, and crutches. (Sparking many jokes of the: 'Leave my crutch alone' variety.)
The same day, we found out that Chase’s headaches and dizziness are most likely to be migraines.Thankfully, these are probably not inherited by me, but are common in those of his age thanks to hormones and stress, and sleep deprivation (and he does suffer from insomnia, but thankfully that's improved a lot in the past few months). Who knew? Hopefully they won't be permanant.
We did have some light relief this week, at the Kingaroy EB Games Great Game Off for Starlight Week.
The kids' love for games is a double-edged sword for me. I love that there is something they are into, that they get to talk to other kids about, but it's hard to keep track on what's suitable and what's not. 
EB Games staff at all stores are always lovely to the kids, but particularly so, here. (And no, I'm not being paid to say that). They take care to give advice, chat about games, do special deals, or save them pocket money by recommending similar games that might be cheaper.  They'll also honestly tell me if something isn't suitable for the kids, and why, and suggest alternatives.
And, because we're dinosaurs, and have only one working TV in our house, I keep track of what they're playing but also get tired of hearing incessant gaming talk and noises. Hey, sometimes a mother just wants to watch her shows!

This event raised money for the Starlight Foundation, and contestants competed against each other in various games to win prizes.
At first, Tech Guy suggested it as a thing that Chase might like to do with him, but to our surprise, Harmonie announced, very firmly, that she would like to join in as well.
“Women can be good gamers too,” she said. (That’s my girl!) 

They all played excitedly, injured Miss 11 being provided with a chair, while I wished I was anywhere else cheered them on. 

Seriously, it was a fun night out, even for me, shocked at I was at being at a gamers' event. But after all, it was for a good cause! 

As Chase, and then Tech Guy were eliminated (the latter taken out by Miss 11 herself), Harmonie became the only female to make it through to the quarter and then semi-finals. 

Nearly the entire store of people (mainly grown men) were right behind her and cheering her on. It was a really warm atmosphere, with players encouraging each other rather than being excessively competitive. And it was really cool how the older gamers welcomed the younger ones, even giving them tips and advice.
Harmonie was finally defeated playing Driver San Francisco with an X-Box controller behind her back (one of the rules in that game) 
Afterwards, she was congratulated by all. She didn’t win, but was clearly the sentimental favourite of the night, and was quite happy with her efforts.

And as Friday arrived, the cat delivered a freshly killed mouse to our back door, Lucy dog had several close misses with the vet due to a penchant for escaping through tiny holes under the fence and leaping from peoples’ arms (she thinks she’s a Big Dog).
Finally, minutes before leaving to pick Harmonie up from school early to save her from an afternoon on watching sport on the sidelines, I was called to pick up Chase, who had taken ill.
No wonder I never get any work done.
The outlook is looking interesting for this mother’s day. How is it looking at your house?


Sam said...

Happy Mothers Day! My 'pink' one likes to game with her brothers too. We insist on the sorts of games where they can split the game - I think it has made them closer as they work together through a game. said...

You've had quite a week! Happy Mothers Day. :-)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

How did your mother's day go Bronnie? I hope that it was a fab one! :D We had afternoon tea at the Shangrila for both mums.

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Holy moly - what a week! Hope your MOthers Day was everything you hoped for and more xx

Unknown said...

I had a lovely day thanks everyone. Hope you all did too. x