Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shopping like superheroes

Shopping with the kids is always interesting.
A recent outing included a mission to find pyjamas. Miss 11 was taken with a fetching Supergirl onesie from Best and Less and a Wonder Woman pop art wash cloth for bathtime.  Mr 13 would have grabbed a Batman onesie, but there weren't any in his size.  (We did find some Batman sleeping pants at Big W, which he's teaming with soft tops, so it's cool).
I tried to talk Tech Guy into buying the Superman onesie for himself, but he wasn't having a bar of it! 
What I loved was that not only were the Superhero range 25 per cent off, but when we got to the checkout, we were offered to choose a gift for free because we'd bought from that range.
There were colouring packs and other goodies, but with a little persuasion, Harmonie went for the Batman DVD, because she could watch it with Chase. Bless.

There was also this cute display that we had fun with.

(Harmonie has graduated from crutches to a cane since injuring her Archilles Tendon a few weeks ago)

And, if Miss 11 uploads a photo of her wearing her Superhero onesie, she could be in the draw to win a family trip to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast! (She's too shy to model it here...)

I love something for nothing so I thought I'd share a few other things that we've come across lately that we like.

- The Tigerair infrequent flyers club. A dig at more exclusive frequent flyers clubs, which reward passengers for flying regularly, Tigerair acknowledges that people don't fly very often and promises little.
There are no points, you can choose your own status, and you have to print out your own card! But members are promised early notice of deals and specials, and occasional perks and delights if you show your card on board.
And the first 5000 Infrequent Flyer Club members to join will receive a free flight voucher for $100, with more rewards planned in upcoming promotions.
"Most Australian travellers don’t fly often, or as often as they’d like, because it is just too expensive and therefore the merits of belonging to a frequent flyer program become pretty meaningless,” points out Tigerair head of communications Vanessa Regan.
I admit I'm biased, having flown Tigerair to Darwin and return recently (courtesy of Tigerair). But I have joined the Infrequent Flyer Club on my own because I enjoyed the experience so much. So far, so much nicer and friendlier than any domestic flight experience I've had in Australia in recent times.
- Burgers. Or more correctly Ribs and Burgers on James Street, Brisbane

The doors opened at 11 am last week, and hundreds of ribs and burger fans trooped through in the hopes of winning on free burger a week for a year. (Restricted to the first 100 customers). 
This joint is loved by celebrities like Benji and Joel Madden,  Jonah Hill, Sonny Bill Williams, Pete Evans, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, Italian soccer star Alessandria Del Piero, Rikki Lee and more. 
Now I live in country Queensland, I had to quietly sob as I turned down a VIP invitation to attend the opening. But I'm not going to begrudge city-dwellers (or country visitors) the pleasure of dining at this retro-butcher-meets-bistro-diner experience.
The basting brushed on the meat is a 40-year-old secret recipe privy to only a few members of the company. And even celebs can't pry the secret out of them.

Benji Madden doesn't mind a bite at Ribs and Burgers. (There are vegetarian options and salads too).

Look, I haven't tasted any of their burgers, ribs or salads yet, but the next time I'm in Brisbane - and that will be soon - I'll be making a bee-line for Ribs and Burgers. And dragging the kids along for the experience. Yes, I might go for a veggie option or salad, but I'm pretty sure my carnivore kids will be spoiled for choice. And we'll certainly be on the lookout for celebrities. (Actually my mini-masterchefs will be probably more interested in prying out the recipe for the secret Pink Sauce). 

- Blue Light Discos. The kids were attending the regular Blue Light Disco tonight as I wrote this post, and I'm so grateful to the police and volunteers who give their time to organise these events. They give kids the chance to experience a little freedom and independence from their parents and carers, but at the same time, they are fully supervised. In fact, at the Kingaroy Blue Light (I'm not sure if it's the same at all of them), parents can pre-register their children and their mobile phone numbers, so in the unlikely event of any emergency or problem, parents are contacted immediately. And children are only released to parents who must collect them from inside the hall where the disco is held.  There is no chance of a child being released to the wrong person, and any inappropriate activity gets jumped on immediately (and if serious, the offender banned). So while the kids might feel like their stepping out on their own, they're actually quite safe. And it gives the parents a little adult time too. There is a lovely atmosphere too, and it really gives kids the idea that police are approachable and ARE there to help them if there is a problem. And I thank the cops who give their time and energy to make this a safe and fun night out for all.

- Happy dogs (and a cat) Playing on a beach to Pharrell Williams's Happy. Watch the video and I defy you not to smile. Enough said.

Followers, what do you like about daily life? And do you ever find any extra little (pleasant) surprises when you are out and about or online? 


Maxabella said...

Tigerair's little club is a cute idea. I love it when marketing departments actually think like their customers. I especially like how it breaks down the ridiculous exclusivity that airlines still promote. Enough already!! x

Becky from said...

My kids practically live in their superhero onsies from Best and Less. They love them!

Kelly Exeter said...

Ahh Blue Light Discoes. How cool that they still exist - I remember them from when I was a little tacker!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

OMG Blue Light discos are still going. Oh ma I have some stories from Blue Lights lol xx