Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A saviour for your phone

I'm not known for my agility and grace. I have trouble walking in high heels. I fall into pot holes, I trip over the cat. I'm always losing my phone, leaving it in the car, and even worse - dropping it! (The phone, not the car.)
My kids have a horrible habit of playing with my phone as well, and unfortunately they appear to have inherited my problems with co-ordination and memory.
So over the years there have been a lot of dropped, scratched, sat on, and broken phones. That's meant tears, expense, and hyperventilation as I've waited for said phones to be fixed, along with an inability to call, FB, text, email, instagram, tweet, or pin to pass the time. Hideous!
When we lived in the city, it was just bearable. Usually I could go to one of the places at a shopping centre and get it fixed within an hour or two, for a fairly affordable price. Problem solved.
In the country, it's more difficult to find someone who can fix a cracked iPhone or iPad quickly (anyone good is usually booked up well in advance.) And the lack of competition means it's usually more expensive here. Though things are getting better.
In the past, I've had phones drop out of my pocket when I've been cleaning the toilet, fly out of my handbag in the supermarket when I've been frantically searching for my wallet, drop out of the car onto the bitumen when I've opened the door, hurtle off the kitchen bench as if possessed, and fall onto the floor when a nameless child has left it where it shouldn't have been left.
I'm not sure what happened the last time my phone broke. I've tried several protective cases, but after a while find they interfere with texting or charging and I got annoyed and took them off.
Anyway, there had been a couple of small cracks on the screen which I'd been blissfully ignoring, until one morning I found it completely covered in cracks. Or course this was on a day when I was going to rely on my phone heavily.
I used it anyway, wincing every time, worried that every use would make the cracks worse and wreck my phone completely.
Fortunately, Tech Guy knew a guy who would fix it for me - but he'd have to order a replacement screen, which would take a few days.
Oh, they were the longest days ever.
I tried desperately not to use my phone but ironically people insisted on calling me more than ever.
Somehow, my phone lasted, and just as tiny shards started to break off, Tech Guy's friend rode up on his white horse and came to the rescue.
I had my phone back, but I worried: What would I do next time I broke it? (And believe me, there's a good chance of that.)
Fortuitously, I was given the chance to review a new product called the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian. (Get it? Save Your Glass Screen?)
Made of something called 9H glass, which is anti-scratch and anti-shatter, but so thin it almost could be plastic, the protector is like a guardian angel for your phone.
It's easy to put on too - almost like putting on a bandaid. There's also a video - with a bit of romance thrown in - to show someone going to town on a protected-screen with a hammer.

It's not going to protect me from any toilet-related incidents, and I wasn't brave enough to attack my phone with a hammer. (Nor did an attractive man come with my Saviour pack ... just saying).
I have, however, dragged my protected phone around in my crowded handbag, along with my keys, an open lip-gloss, and at one stage, Harmonie's shoe - don't ask. And I've dropped it at least twice. And it remains scratch-free, easy-to-clean, and crystal-clear.

Because the glass is only 0.3 mm thick it actually is barely noticeable. So my phone looks, feels and works like normal. But the glass has been specially strengthened for what they call 'superior impact protection'. 
I really love it, and at around $39.99 it's cheaper and way more convenient than breaking your phone and having to find someone to fix it - and quickly.
After all, we all know how traumatic inconvenient it is to be without our phones!

This is a photo I took of Harmonie (still on crutches after spraining her ankle and inflaming her Archilles Tendon a few weeks ago) with Lucy at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk recently. Just as clear as usual. 

And this is a photo of dumplings we were making later that night - still really clear

The only problem I had with my Saviour Glass Screen Guardian was this:

The lovely people from Saviour Glass actually sent me two kits for the purposes of this review. The first I put onto my phone, the second was going to be for Mr 13 or Tech Guy to review.

We put one on mine first, but it didn't look right from the get go. It was a bit smeary and blurry. But it worked okay and was pretty clear the next day. However a few days later, the glass fell off in my handbag. 

Looking back, the problem was that I didn't actually watch the 'how to' video before I applied the glass to the screen. There's a bit there about letting the screen dry after you wipe it with the supplied alcohol wipe (which gets any dirt or gunk off).

So then I grabbed the second kit (sorry guys, but my need is greater), and tried again. This time it worked perfectly ... and some two or three weeks later, having had all that rough treatment, is as good as new. 

Also, I must point out that at this stage, Saviour Glass Screen Guardians are only available for
Apple iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s; SamsungGalaxy S4, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can buy them at Big W, and The Good Guys, with more to follow.

The great news is that the kind peeps at Saviour Glass Screen Guardian are giving 2 MIA followers a kit each to try for themselves. Each kit is valued at $39.95 and comes with the glass screen guardian, alcohol prep pad, microfibre cleaning cloth and button stickers.  

To enter, leave your tragic broken phone story in a comment below, or tell me why you'd love a guardian for your phone. Competition is open to people living in Australia and will close at 5pm AEST on Thursday June 12. 

Saviour Glass Screen Guardian provided me with two kits for the purposes of this post. 

 The competition has now closed and the winners are Robyn Pike and Dee Dee Potter. Please contact me so we can arrange to send you your prizes.


Char said...

What a great idea. I've seen many a cracked screen - not on my phone but my kid's - and trying to read texts on them is a nightmare.

In The Good Books Blog said...

Over summertime, we went to visit my in-laws at their beach house. Our daughters were so excited when we took them to the beach. The youngest made a mad dash for the waves, which wasn't ideal as she can't swim!
Hubby raced after her, but slipped and ended up on his hands and knees along the shoreline, albeit clutching our daughter safely. He prevented a near disaster. That is, except for the phone that was drowned and dead in hos pocket!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I haven't broken the glass-yet! But I'm sure that it's just a matter of time as I'm so clumsy :P

Robyn Pike said...

Had never broken a screen until about a month ago. I was running with my two dogs very early in the morning and holding the phone as I hadn't been able to find my arm band holder. I tripped on a bit of uneven pavement and, dog-pulling assisted, landed flat on the pavement. Two grazed palms and knees, ripped pants and one smashed phone screen later I reckon I deserve one of these kits.

Unknown said...

Well, where do I start. After loosing my phone somewhere between Blackbutt and Kingaroy, I bought a new you beaut samsung that is amazing. I had the phone about 3 months before I dropped it outside Aldi while putting trolley back (don't ask) the screen smashed. I was trying to hide this fact from my husband but he found out as he does, that was 18 months ago. To this very day he still brings up the fact that he has had his phone for about 3 years and not even a scratch. I have a new screen on order as everytime I went to get it fixed they had run out of screens for my phone. I have the same cracked screen from 18 months ago with even more additions to the cracks. New screen hurry up and arrive already. So the point is this new 'Saviour Screen' is a need and not just a want...Please

Unknown said...
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