Friday, June 13, 2014

What really happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

 Linda Jamison (left) and sister Terry on the beach at Malibu, California. Photo by Ben Rothstein.

They were the only psychics to predict the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And over the years, the incredible Jamison Twins, also known as The Psychic Twins, have reunited families, solved murder cases, found missing persons, saved marriages, and diagnosed illnesses using their unique gift of automatic writing.

I've known them since 9/11, when I interviewed them for Woman's Day magazine.

Their track record of predictions, often made on live television or radio, far before the events themselves occurred, spoke for itself.

Critics often say: Well why don't they tell anyone?

Quite frankly, they do! They have contacted the authorities where relevant, as far as they have been able to.

They have contacted media organisations like CNN, as well as authorities like police, and government organisations. Routinely, they aren't believed, are made fun of, ignored, or hung up on.

"Our terrorism predictions have been proven for more than 25 years," they say. "It's like they are trying to pretend we are invisible, like the missing (Malaysian Airlines) plane."

Smaller, independent media, thankfully, record their conversations and interviews, publish them, and pass them on. And they have thousands of believers around the world, including Australia, who contact them for readings, and tune in for their appearances on television and radio.

With the advent of social media, the twins are now active on twitter, facebook and the like, they can spread their messages further and wider.

They were the only psychics to not only predict the tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but to pretty much map out the bumbling search for the plane, the cover-ups, and the conspiracy theories, all before they happened. (And after doing all this, their website was hacked. All evidence points to someone/people from the US Government being the hacker/s).

They have also been the only psychics to really offer any hope or comfort to those families, friends and loved ones left behind to wonder about what happened to the innocent travellers on board.

I tried to pitch a story to the Australian magazines and newspapers I usually write for. The Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, have a huge Australian following, particularly after my original Woman's Day story, where they also correctly predicted that Olivia Newton-John's errant lover Patrick McDermott had faked his death and would be found alive. However, I have been knocked back at every turn, which is strange considering the twins' insight is not only credible, but in the public interest as well.

To those who are suspicious of psychics, I can assure you the twins mean only good. And I can tell you I have been in journalism, writing, and a student of life long enough to know when people are genuine, and when they are not. And when they have a gift, and when they do not.

The twins have a message for the families and friends of those who were on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Those left behind have asked for anyone with clues, information, or insight to share it. And so, I do this here.

From Terry and Linda Jamison, The Psychic Twins: 

The families and friends of the 239 people aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now face the unimaginable challenge of grieving for a loved one whose final resting place may never be found.

They will have to somehow find a way to accept the possibility that the body of their loved one may never be recovered.

Even though there may be recovery of remnants of the plane, it may not ever be enough, and they are going to have to find a personal sense of peace in order to move forward with their lives. As time goes on, it may become easier to surrender and release feelings of powerlessness, rage and frustration.

Survivors will have to learn ways to hold their loved ones in their hearts. Positive memories, thoughts and prayers help.

No matter what the outcome may be, we pray each person finds the strength they need to continue to live their life with confidence, and find meaning in their lives because that is what your loved ones would want you to do.

A spiritual practice such as prayer and meditation can help tremendously. For the actual family members of the victims it will become necessary to forgive, whether it be the airline, authorities, or others whom they are holding responsible… This will take time. But healing is possible.

This event has caused unspeakable suffering for so many. These people need to get a sense of power and control back in their lives. Many will be consumed with overwhelming thoughts of revenge, others by fear of traveling, or fears of another possible attack. It will be normal to have these feelings.

We urge those who are grieving to connect with friends and family for support. It may become necessary to reach out to get grief or anger counseling or join a support group to deal with their emotions. Counselling is one powerful way that the two of us got through our own grief after 9/11, and it kept us grounded in the midst of all the chaos.

It may help to write one’s feelings down in a journal. Express your anger, frustration and sadness in a therapeutic setting. Also, creativity can be very healing. Write a letter to your loved one, plant a tree in memoriam. Celebrate your loved one’s life.

Nothing can ever separate you from your loved ones who have passed. We believe we all survive death and live on in the realm of spirit. One of the chapters in our book Psychic Intelligence can help you connect with those loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Here is a quote from our book:

“We believe that the soul survives death. Every living thing is composed of energy and energy never dies, it simply changes form. Therefore, the soul is eternal and continues to exist on another plane after the death of the body… life does not stop with death.”

Now, there is plenty more to this story, and if you are interested, read on.

Basically on March 12, 2014, the twins predicted on a radio show, before any satellite or radar information was made public, that that they didn't believe there had been any mechanical failure or fire on board Malaysia Flight MH370.

"We believe this was a hijacking and we need to look at the pilot or pilots and maybe some of the passengers of board," they said. (Note: It is impossible to tell who is Terry or Linda when you are talking to them on the phone or listening to them on air, and they are fine with being called 'we' or 'they'.)

"We believe that this is maybe a new kind of paradigm of terrorism that we have never seen before.

"We are saying it is a hijacking. We feel that the pilot or pilots are the ones who took deliberate actions to re-route that plane for sinister purposes relating to some kind of political agenda or personal agenda. It was a very well-conceived and well-executed plan, probably for political purposes.

"At least one or two of the pilots, and one or two of the passengers were involved."

The twins fear the MH370 incident is terrorism of an unprecedented level not seen before, and that we may never know exactly what happened to the plane and passengers.

They point to cover-ups, secrets and information that has not been made public.

"We are sorry to say we do not feel that optimistic (that the plane will be found), but we are hopeful. We do not see it was possible to land the plane in the dark, in the jungle. We are hopeful, but we do not believe it is likely.

"The public may never know who did it or why. We do feel that more information will come out."

The twins believe the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Want more? Here is an excerpt from the Psychic Twins' appearance TV show "Sisters for the Soul" March 20, 2014. Their predictions were later confirmed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Follow the twins on Facebook here and on twitter here.

Their official website is at 

Do you believe? And what do you think happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? 

(IMPORTANT: My deepest sympathies to the loved ones left behind. My only reason for publishing this post was to attempt to give them some peace, and to keep the search for answers alive.). 

The Jamison twins



Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That was SO interesting Bronnie! I totally believe in the powers of some psychics. It's a shame that there are scammers out there that tarnish the work of the good ones.

Char said...

Wow that's a bit spooky. I don't know if I believe but I certainly wouldn't discount it.

Unknown said...

Grateful for your having published this online, despite being turned away by others in the media. Good of you. Terry & Linda Jamison are no fly-by-night psychics. They are sweet-hearted and very in-tune with spirit. Bless them and all others who are in healing service to others.

carol said...

Although I have seen them make a few inaccurate predictions, for the most part , they are accurate about a lot of various types of predictions. They have a high rate of accuracy and it is documented in a way that they cannot be accused of falsifying results. Publically on various shows they do not own.
They also seem kind for the most part and I think they genuinely want what is best for others.
They say they predict so that others can be prepared and take appropriate protection and action.
The hardest thing seems to be to get a reading from them.
They make you love them anyway. It seems to be reciprocated on some level at least.

Unknown said...

I don't think we will ever truly know the whole truth of the situation.

Life Love and Hiccups said...

I have no doubt in my mind the ability of psychics and these girls are incredible. wow. Just wow and much love to the families of the victims o this flight x

Anonymous said...

As soon as the story hit the news stations I said to my son and hubby, this plane has been redirected by the pilot and it flew under radar over the Indian Ocean then it turned north I have been a medium/psychic since the age of 6 when my grandfather passed away at the age of 48yrs and living in many places over the years, I have never charged for any readings as it is a gift and god given so believe I give this with the love god gave me.
I strongly believe this was the pilot who arranged the flight details he knew he would have to give up his family and friends he left behind. It was the plane terrorists were after and I am of the belief both pilot, co pilot, all air crew and passengers were killed. The plane is being kept in a mountain on a deserted land. I am unaware of any little islands that occur in the Indian Ocean or if in fact the plane got as far as Pakistan as I feel it is terrorists in Pakistan involved in this.

This is the first time I have said anything further than my friends and family. I don't expect people to believe me, it is just the visions I see. I saw the pilot at his make shift cabin controls at his house. I was able to track the plane but unable to track the passengers and crew. The pilot I feel was breaking away from his family and friend she had lived a double life for too long. He had been on a life long programme to get his track record behind him. But this was his double life. This was his goal he is either still alive or has been shot as his job is done. That's how ignorant he was. The passengers I feel have been massacred I am sorry to say this as it pained me. The object was the plane.

Whether I am right or not is immaterial as there is loss of life major loss of life. Which does not make sense, terrorists needed the plane. An insident is in the planing. One not dissimilar to 9/11 and this plane will be used if feel it will be stripped of all seats and packed with explosives. As yet I can not get where this is likely to happen but a major terrorist attack will happen but when and where I am not able to get yet.

I hope I am wrong but I have the same feeling as I did when the plane went down over Lockerbie, Carlile, UK.
I tried desperately trying to get in touch with friends serving in Lakenheath and Mildenhall and friend who were in Germany. I had 4 friends die on that plan in Lockerbie.

Also 9/11 I watched in horror just like my dreams I was watching in real time, these were my dreams coming to life.

I send much love to the families and friends of the Malasian flight. But also to the victims and their families and friends for their loss in all terrorist incidents. It is a waste of life, this isn't meant to be. We can all get on we go on holiday and we all get on with the people who live there they even say the problems are with our countries leaders who just can not speak for us. They are the problem of every country involved with this kind of terrorism.

Anonymous said...

The Psychic Twins are featured in the new book Conversations With Mediums by Australian author Scott Podmore -

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Prediction confirmed. MH370 Pilot Zaharie Shah named chief suspect, plans for Indian Ocean flight found on simulator …

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about this plane 6 months before it happened .This plane was blown to bits with a new form of terrorism we have never seen . Someone on the ground in the flight towers gave the ok. I was in the plane and tried to stop it. It was a liquid bomb and well planned and executed. I see a family member in a dream that was clairvoyant is going to communicate where this plane is . Red Sea in my dream

Unknown said...

Wow, these insights are incredible. Thank you all for sharing. I hope one day the true story comes out, but without any more loss of innocent lives. Please keep the insights coming. x

Anonymous said...

New article on Business Insider June 30, 2014:
Pilot Rips Apart Theory That the Malaysia Plane Landed on an Island … via @bi_gettingthere said...

This was fascinating, I'd actually never heard of the twins before! I can't believe - and find it so very, incredibly sad for the families involved - that all these months later, the MH370 still hasn't been found. At this point, it's impossible to discount *any* theory.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 you are so on target. I loved reading your post. It confirms my theory as to what type of terrorists we're going to be dealing with in the future. I, like you see more but I don't dare post it. Maybe Italy will be the target from what I see. A Chapel perhaps.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am interested if you are being paid to recommend the Psychic Twins? I believe it is important to stipulate any money changing hands when you recommend psychics. If you are being paid as a writer to get a story found for Seo then your audience deserves to know. You also have links to the magazine you work for, therefore are you in partnership with the media to use this blog for link juice?

If you are being paid to recommend the psychic twins you are obliged by the consumer laws to clearly stipulate this blog article is an advertorial. I will be following this up with the ACCC.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, thanks for your interest. No, I was not paid for writing about the twins. My blog is my hobby. Nor do I do not work for Woman's Day magazine either. I am a freelance writer who occasionally writes on commission for magazines, newspapers, companies and websites, including Woman's Day. I was commissioned to write a story for Woman's Day magazine after 9/11 as mentioned in the post, and have kept up with twins' predictions since. As I say in the post, no traditional media here were keen to commission the story, and my blog is my outlet to write about things that interest me and/or my readers, but may not be considered publishable by mainstream media. I also write about things that annoy me, and things that I love, that I pay for myself. (Or that are free). Occasionally, I am given products to review and/or give away, or to participate in media events and travel famils, and these are always disclosed. If I had been paid to write about the Psychic Twins I would have pointed it out in the blog article. Australians were on this plane, including friends of friends. And as a travel writer, I'm keen to know the truth. Like many people, I am still fascinated by this mystery and want closure for those left behind. I felt it deserved to be shared. I have never received anything from the twins in return for writing about them. I am a journalist by trade, and I just like to share good stories. Clearly this is one of them, as it is probably the most popular ever. Some bloggers do choose to monetise their blog, by accepting payment to write about certain people and products, but in Australia, you will find that most of them are represented by agents. Most good Australian bloggers voluntarily follow a code of ethics (I am one of them), which includes disclosure of payment or sponsorship. I hope this clears this up for you.

Dream Investigator said...

I was asleep when Mh370 and every person on board the plane mysteriously disappeared. As a dream-investigator i am at times offered a seat in the audience of events happening in real time so to speak. This amazing phenomenon is something i am and will always be learning about, so as a novice i trust in my gift and that the way i communicate my visions will shape understanding and inspiration when and where the woven pattern, the sacred web of loving life, desires motion and growth.

So, the passengers experienced an absolute ecstasy when the plane changed it's course. I saw the people in awe, i was watching from behind a transparent veil/dimensional shield that they were not aware of. They were almost sight-seeing as tourists do, you see they appeared to be in a museum, and many great wonders and mysteries were revealed to them, hence the awe. One thing stood out to me over everything else, Easter Island. There is much more detail to my dream but may it suffice to say that Easter Island statues have the design/shape of an aircraft in their facial features (look at it on angles till you see it) Mh370 had engineers/scientists from a semi-conductor company called Freescale (?) think energy generators/converters) The technology for a type of military radar was the creation of one or more of the freescale employees and was highly sought after and subsequently is now patented under the name of one of Americas most powerful men, Rothschild or Rockerfeller, big fan of population "control". And The aircraft hidden in the Easter Island heads are "Vimanas", ancient Indian engineered aircraft powered with mercury and ego (really the texts say this) and apparently the reason for a nuclear-type cataclysm of a war that took place approx 16 000-200 000 years ago and wiped out 2 thirds of our living planet.
Mh370 did land, on an island as many have suggested, their were old 50's black & yellow American buses on the island and a very long passage like you use when walking from your boarded plane to the terminal when arriving at your destination. This tube? was in place as a way to prevent anyone from seeing landmarks etc that could be communicated in the event of passenger/outsider correspondonce. The people were given showers and plain dark blue track/exercise jumpsuits to wear, which were pants and zip jacket made with parachute type material.
I will leave it here, anyone desiring more information can contact me on facebook.
I have prayed, danced, cried and loved with and for the innocents on that plane. I am extremely upset when government/military powers play with the lives of other beings, i know the web of life is spun forever though, and threads are astral cords that forever shimmer in and out of sight, knowing no end to their source only infinite beginnings. Please follow your heart, it knows the way. The only time to give up is taken from you at death, as long as you are here you owe it to yourself and all those who would encounter you as magical, whether you knew it or not, to travel through waking and dreaming worlds seeking that golden ball of bouncing light that makes you feel ok with everything. You will not catch the ball often, and only hold it a short while when you do, but you follow it your whole life,,because to see it in front of you is enough. Because the golden ball is really You. <3

The Psychic Twins said...

Sadly, the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps this week was predicted by the Jamison Twins two months prior. 150 passengers were killed by the actions of a rogue co-pilot.

Exact prediction of the Germanwings crash from The Psychic Twins World Predictions 2015 Show on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/11/15:

LINDA: "Now, we wanted to mention the places in other countries that we see possibly in high danger. Germany, Spain, for some reason we're getting Barcelona. Never said that before, starting to get it…UK, England, not so much Scotland, I'm seeing the UK, London...

TERRY: France, we're going to see more in France.

LINDA: Absolutely…and we're seeing a couple of aviation tragedies...two very big explosive tragedies having to do with big jets…At least one will be terror related, you guys, so be careful. You know, really look sharp when you're traveling. We're seeing something that is involving mass casualties."

Anonymous said...

This is almost exactly my vision. I can't believe you have it too. Almost identical. From the moment I heard mh370 was missing all of your vision flashed by me. Before I heard any more info, I had the entire vision the same as yours. I can't believe you have the same vision - I am stunned. Almost speechless. I just know this plane was intended to be used in a terror attack at a later date. I can see the aircraft in like a mountainous jungle type area, and pasengers would be massacred. But my only confusion is that I believe that was the PLANNED outcome, but I'm not sure if the mission was completed or if something went wrong for the terrorists and somehow the plane crashed before the plane could be landed in the jungle type area that I'm seeing. I hope one day we'll know ... as long as we don't find out from it being used in a terror attack. I feel this won't be the only one. I think they want several aircraft and they are laughing that they will use "our" own aircraft against us in an attack they think will be "brilliant" and "mastermind". Like they think they are the smartest and most powerful in the world for plotting this.

Anonymous said...

All of the bold predictions made by The Psychic Twins about Malaysia MH370 are now being validated. US intel is now saying that the plane's diverted path was "a deliberate act by the pilot or pilots" and that it was deliberately steered off course, with a sinister intent. The debris found this week on Reunion Island is certainly from the missing plane, and confirms that it is in the Indian Ocean, as the twins had said.
Perhaps you should do a followup article?

Unknown said...

Evidence can be planted!!!