Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stuff that shits me #283

Cuddling a warm, loving doggie is the best medicine when you are feeling poorly. Miss 11 with Everybody Loves Lucy

There's been a lot of positive talk on Facebook recently, and for good reason.
With all the terrible things that are happening in the world, a few peeps are tagging others in a Five Days Of Gratitude challenge.
The idea is that for five days you post three things that you feel good about, that are positive, and that make you grateful. Kind of lightens the mood a little.
To be honest, I was a bit peeved when I was initially tagged by well-meaning friends.
I had my Cranky Pants on at the time.
Let's face it, it's winter, and that means Freaking Cold Weather in Kingaroy. (But no fun stuff like snow, or hot chocolate around a roaring log fire).
Plus, the kids have been sick off and on for months.
Traces of giardia are still in Miss 11's tummy with a few other parasites thrown in for good measure. Apparently, the giardia, plus the treatment has basically stripped her tummy of all the good stuff we all need to stay healthy, so she's going to be vulnerable to illnesses for some time.
And Mr 13 is still recovering from the middle ear infection, which makes every car drive more than 15 minutes or so such a pleasure. (He gets motion sickness really easily. It's BYOB in my car at the moment. Bring Your Own Bucket).
But after a while, I got into the positive stuff. It is quite nice to stop for a moment, and be grateful for all the things you DO have going right for you, rather than worrying about the things that are not. (So in tune with my Mindful approach to life as well.).
And after all, there are always loads of things to be grateful for at Chez MIA.
Like having my sick kids at home with me, and not at a hospital. Furry animal to cuddle up to instead of hot water bottles at night. And trips to Brisbane and beyond to feast on all the yummy foods we miss now we live in the country.
But to be honest, unicorn farts, glitter and nice stuff doesn't sit well with me. At least not all the time. Because life isn't like that.
I get all kinds of pissed off on a regular basis and I think it's about time I got some of it off my chest.
Time for another Stuff That Shits Me Post in fact.
You're welcome.

Stuff That Shits Me #283

- Our local Maccas, where staff insist on making you drive through and wait a billion and seventy hours * for your so-called fast food, just so they can make it look like they are fast. **

* Might be an exaggeration
** And yes, I shouldn't buy my kids McDonalds, particularly if I don't like the food or the service, but I am human, and give into Pester Power sometimes okay? 

- When so-called fast food places continually forget to give you Very Important Pieces of your order. Like Miss 11's snack wrap. Or potato and gravy. Lovely to get home to the fallout after that, since buying takeaway is meant to reduce stress, not enhance it.

- Never being able to get a freaking doctor's appointment in country Queensland. And when you do get one, it is then months to see a specialist.

- Couples who not only snog but practically tear their clothes off and do IT in front of you. This annoys me, A.They usually aren't the kind of people whose body parts you actually fancy seeing. And B. It is not me doing the tearing off of clothes and other business. Get a room people.

- People who don't let me watch My Shows, and/or who talk all the way through them. You know, important shows like Offspring, and House Husbands. I may talk through other peoples' shows, but that's different. (Also do not like people who talk during movies. Unless it is me.)

- The fact that on the rare occasions that my house is tidy and clean, no fecker ever visits. Eggs explode in the microwave, milo spills mysteriously onto the kitchen floor, and no one is wearing pants, and every men, woman and child drop by.

- That I get to look after a budgie. I don't own a budgie. A certain small human does. That person  begged and pleaded for that damn bird, and promised he would look after it. Guess who gets to feed it, water it, and clean out its disgusting cage? This is why we are not getting any more pets. (Until next time ..)

- People who buy your children expensive, noisy toys and then send them home with YOU. (The toys. And the children).

- Furbys. See above.

- Dickhead drivers. Enough said.

- That I can't seem to be any Free Nut Butter anywhere. I extensively research the supermarkets in every town/city I visit, and it no longer seems to be stocked anywhere. Yay, there are almond, cashew, macadamia and all other wonderful combinations of nutty spreads, but my son is allergic to all of them. Free Nut Butter is made from sunflower seeds and it rocks - plus it's one of the few sandwich toppings he will eat. Plus I love it too!

- Disappearing socks. Seriously, with all the money I've spent on socks over the years, I could have a swanky new car or taken a luxury overseas holiday. Mr 13, in particular, seems to lose socks on a weekly basis. Consequently, we never seem to be able to find matching pairs, no matter how many I buy. Seriously, what does he do with them?

And those are a few of my least favourite things.

What about you? Do you have things in life that shit you to tears?

Thank goodness for Lucy, who makes everyone feel so much better


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Bad drivers are so common here! Honestly even when I had my Ps and Ls I was still a better driver than some out there because I was at least paying attention. Don't drive in Sydney Bronnie ;)

Char said...

I can't stand people talking through my favourite shows either. It's a lot better, though, since we've bought a digital recorder - I can just pause the show and pretend I care then resume it once they've gone.

And the specialists's appointments? Also a few months wait here in Brisbane. We had to wait 6 weeks to get an ENT surgeon appointment I was given special treatment because I knew the surgeon. Heaven knows how long it wound be otherwise.

Joy Adan @themamaminute said...

Urrrggghh the disappearing socks. Drives me nuts. I read a book called "Finders Keepers" while I was in primary school which had all those things that go missing (socks, keys, pens) go into an alternate universe. Hmm... half that universe would be made of Mr 2 socks and my pen collection.

And boooo to noisy toys! Garggh!