Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Shit Charlie ...

Originally, I'd planned this post to be part of a Wordless Wednesday link-up. 
Wordless Wednesday is a blogger thing, where you can keep blogging without putting in loads of effort, but still make a point with a photo or something that has meant something to you.
But me? Well I always find it difficult to keep my Wordless Wednesdays non-wordy. And I just needed to explain more about this one. 
So, I've been feeling down, as you know, especially as, in the aftermath of Mother's Day, my daughter split her head open at school.
She's okay, and her Dad looked after her. But it's the first time she's been injured and in serious pain that I've not been at her side. 
I hate this. I hate not being able to be by my childrens' side when they need me.
It's not like I can even jump on a plane, even if I could afford to. The nearest airport - which has planes which fly to Darwin - is a three hour drive away, but you need to allow at least four hours for traffic and parking. Plus getting there early for check-in. Then there are odd flight times. Transport when you get to the NT. Accommodation costs. 
So I have to suck it up and hope she is okay. And I've talked to her, and she is being very brave.
I'm not sure about me.
But when I'm down, some of the things that cheer me up are being grateful, being mindful, and thinking back to times when I was happy. 
Travel always makes me happy, and when a school friend and I visited our friend Ian in Bangkok some time ago, he showed us one of his favourite places to relax after work - the Charlie Bar. (No, not Charlie's Bar. Charlie Bar).
It's a typical Bangkok street bar, popular with expats, partly because of the very cheap prices, and partly because of the friendly owner. 

Sorry for the photo quality - I only had an iphone 3 at the time. #FirstWorldProblems right?

Charlie Bar is always very busy ... 

But there are a lot of rules ...

Including this one - in the loos. In case you can't see, because it's a well, erm used, the sign says:
 'Do Not Shit. Only Pee.' 
Okay then. 
I don't know what patrons do if they are suddenly caught short ... and I don't want to know! 

I came across the actual Charlie from Charlie Bar. He posed for a photo, but this was the only one which turned out because he was so busy working, which involved carrying bits of metal around and talking to interested strangers like me. He confirmed he didn't like people pooing in his toilets because it clogged them up and then no one else wanted to use them. And then he laughed, because he said people came to photograph the sign. People like me! Strange westerners.

It's always highs and lows in Bangkok (as in life). After that, Ian and his friends took us to one of the most famous bars in the city, the Sky Bar. Known as the bar in the Hangover 2 movie, the bar at The Dome is suspended on the 63rd floor of lebua.
It's expensive for Bangkok, but there are people to help you negotiate the magnificent stairs in your heels. Great for those of us who are unsteady in their 'going out' shoes. And, unlike most 'high towers with a view', there is no entry fee. 

The cocktails were about $AUD 15 which is steep for Bangkok. But when you take into account there are no fees, it's worth it for the view - and the experience. 

There were rules here too ... (Dammit, and I was going to wear my ripped clothing too. And who decides if the men are gentlemen? Rules seemed to be relaxed for women ...)

The view ... 

What gets you up when you feel down? And have you paid extra for a view? 


Char said...

I don't think I could go to the Charlie Bar if they have number 2 restrictions. Especially in Thailand where the chance of stomach issues are so much higher and my stomach's never good at the best of times.

Unknown said...

Bit of irony really there, right Char? Just the place where you might need to go in a hurry. They frequently don't have toilet paper either (or run out of it.) I guess that's why regulars usually stay at Charlie's for a few drinks and then 'move on' to another bar. With a real toilet. LOL.

vegemitevix said...

Can I be honest? A couple of nicely lit candles and a beautiful glass (or two) of wine.

Radhika@FulltimeNomad said...

I hope your daughter's feeling better.

We went to Charlie Bar in December so your post brought back funny memories of the random signs in Thailand. Thanks for the laugh :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling down. I hope Harmonie is ok? Sending her getting better wishes :) I've been at the Lebua bar and they won't let you take pics from the top of the stairs which has the best vantage point. I can't say that I understand why!

Fiona said...

That no shitting sign is... interesting.... Better stick with the cocktails then, and no snacks!

Sally@Toddlers on Tour said...

Ah toilets and travel - it is always comical if not scary.

Life Love and Hiccups said...

No numbers 2s? LMAO only in Bangkok x

Maxabella said...

I'd be nervous about the rules, but what a fab place. A happy place. A place that's just a little bit crazy and that's the kind of place I like to escape to too.

Eva Angel said...

Amazing photo and their photo combination.....i love their culture and tradition .....Two years ago i went this was amazing moment for me.....