Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Closing Time

Despite much fighting and frantic effort, our only private hospital, The South Burnett Private Hospital, closed yesterday.
One of the enrolled nurses, Racheal Collier, a local woman and mum, was one of many dedicated health employees to work her last shift. The hospital has been her second home for nearly seven years.
She put together this slideshow as a tribute to the tireless workers who are now without jobs. The people and faces behind The South Burnett Private Hospital.
This is a decision that has not only made life harder for thousands of South Burnett residents, who now have to travel for the treatment they need, but has put caring people like Racheal and the people in this video, out of work.
I defy you to watch it and not give a damn.
These are the faces of rural health in Australia.
These people deserve jobs. And we deserve this hospital.
(Almost Wordless Wednesday. I couldn't help myself...)
You can watch the video here


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

It's very sad when a regional hospital closes down. We take it for granted that we have a hospital to go to in time of need but we have a few to choose from. How far is the nearest hospital now Bronnie?

Char said...

That's such a pity.

Unknown said...

There is a public hospital here. But the private hospital is where specialists would visit and do surgeries that currently are not done at the public hospital because they are not equipped and they don't have the specialists. So that means people have to travel to get consultations with people like paediatricians incontinence specialists, facial/teeth surgery, gynaecological, eye surgery, urologogists etc. That's surgeries like hysterectomies, prolapses, cataracts, vasectomies wisdom teeth removal, colonosocopies and more. The nearerst place is a 2 /1/2 -3 hour drive away and there is no public transport to there. The next choice is Brisbane. That's about 3 hours - sometimes 4. There is one bus which leaves once daily Monday-to-Friday and goes as far as a train station at Caboolture, a city near Brisbane. It's not cheap (and it's subsidised by the council to keep it going). It's not a viable alternative for most people, particularly pensioners, or those who are really sick or frail. Then there are all the people who are losing their jobs, and their families. There is hope the council will still find another provider. The current provider, Pulse Hospitals, claimed the hospital was not profitable. But there is a lot more to the story. Isn't there always? And a human right like health shouldn't always be about money-making. Sorry for the essay. I'm quite passionate about this as you can tell. We need more services in this area, not fewer!