Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Re-discovering Brisbane - With My Teens

All good things come to an end, and when it came time for my kids to return to the Northern Territory recently, I decided to spend a few nights in the city where their lives began, Brisbane.

We spent most of their lives there, but these days, visits to Brisbane, for the kids at least, are usually reduced to hurried airport pick-ups and drop-offs. These typically take place at the crack of dawn or at night, such are the prices of air tickets between Queensland and the Northern Territory. (That means they usually have to catch the red-eye flights, and I drive home exhausted and emotionally spent.)

Thank goodness for Tigerair, which have brought prices down, and serve the best food of all the airlines on the domestic travel routes in Australia, according to my teens. However, they really enjoyed flying back with Qantas last time, when I landed - see what I did there? - a really good deal. It meant we could say our goodbyes at a civilised daylight hour, and the kids were able to make full use of a generous luggage allowance - all the better for taking back collectables - and the on-board entertainment system as well.

(Note: My teens aren't spoiled: Our family circumstances are that they live between Queensland and the NT, which means they travel a lot. I'm always on the look-out for the best deals. And they have tried ALL the airlines.)

In any case, this time I was determined to avoid the horrid drop off rush, and because we hadn't been able to afford a holiday, to take the time to spend some time reacquainting ourselves with the city we love - Brisbane.

We'd not stayed at the Mercure Brisbane North Quay before, but the hotel's affordable rates meant we could go for an interconnecting room for the same price as a usual hotel room.

Now the kids are teens, it was an idea I was keen to try.

To be honest, when travelling I usually go for apartments or cabins for the extra room and convenience. But for one night, that is usually a false economy, particularly somewhere like Brisbane, where city hotels often offer deals during holiday periods.

The Mercure Brisbane North Quay is an older hotel to be sure, but it's been renovated inside, and we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. And how friendly the staff were. (Particularly to the teenagers. Let's face it - some hotels and resorts can treat teens a bit like aliens. And I might be biased, but mine are really a lot nicer and better behaved than many adults).

When we arrived, only priority check-in was available, and although we were not #accorhotel 
members*, the staff member on duty happily gave us the VIP treatment.

After reading some trip advisor reviews, I'd warned the kids that we might have to dump our stuff and park kilometres away, but nothing could be further than the truth. The parking station was right next door. An attendant was on duty who saw I had just checked in and showed me a place to park that was SO close to the hotel entrance, I could have wept.

 Yes, there was a charge to park ($36) but I don't know of any hotel in Brisbane's CBD that does not charge for parking, even for self-parking. (Except in the rare case of a special package, in which case it is usually built into the cost anyway). It drives me insane, but they all do it. In this case, at least the hotel had advertised it, so it wasn't a nasty surprise on check-out.

For me, the attraction was that once we had parked, we were so centrally-located, we could walk to everything. No further cost incurred. I've parked at many hotel car parks that have charged even more than this, where I have had to park a long way away or had to wait for ages for a valet to bring the car up. I was okay with that.

The rooms were actually really lovely. Mine had a king-sized bed which was one of the most comfortable I've slept in. The kids both had queen-sized beds.

We each had amazing river views - again among the best I've seen in Brisbane. A fridge, large TV, a bath for the kids, and a shower for me. 

The lobby featured a Nespresso machine where you could help yourself to free good coffee, hot chocolate, tea, free WiFi and computers, as well as magazines and a few newspapers.

But there was no time for that! We had people to see and things to do!

My king bed - bliss

My room was really very spacious

With my own work desk (the kids had one too)

I loved my day bed 

The kids bathroom, just like mine, except their room had a bath, and mine had a shower

The kids' connecting room. 'Lived in' within minutes of check in, but still comfy. They had two queen beds rather than one big bed and were quite happy. It looks dark, but that's a case of my rushed photography, because we were in a hurry to go out. 

View of the Brisbane River

And looking towards the other direction

I could seriously have stayed there all afternoon. But as part of the kids' Christmas/birthday presents, I'd bought them online vouchers to use at iPlay Brisbane. It was one of the discounted Living Social deals and was great value, giving them one hour each of unlimited play, so they could go crazy. I bought a couple extra so they could play with some of their old school friends, who they still stay in touch with. We chose the Albert Street store, just a short walk from our hotel, and just next to all the shops and eateries of the Queen Street Mall. 

At iPlay, Albert Street, Brisbane, waiting to meet friends.

Strike a pose

Let's get this party started...

All systems go...

Girls like games too!

Afterwards, we went to one of the 'coolest shops in the world'- we have now found a few - Comics etc. 

So much to choose from ...

Even better, with Manga Madness, the Birthday Boy got to choose himself an anime book he really wanted, at a vast discount to what it would have cost anywhere else (including online).

Afterwards, we fueled up with what I thought was an early dinner at one of the food courts at the Queen Street Mall. Harmonie even ran into an old school friend from primary school days in Brisbane. What were the odds?

And then it was back to our hotel rooms. Doesn't that sound decadent? We were just a short walk across a bridge to SouthBank, where all kinds of special celebrations were going on for the school holidays and the lead-up to Australia Day. But the kids just wanted to chill out and enjoy the pay TV, and some snacks we'd bought. Plus watching the city light up from our windows. 

Once again, I had to remind myself, as I often do, that time with the kids is not about me, but about them. Yes, there are days when I am going to drag their butts out of bed and make them experience something new if it kills them (joke), but I have to remember we don't have to do ALL the things. Sometimes just being together is the best thing of all. And the views and comfy beds were amazing. 

Watching the city light-up

Brisbane's South Bank from our rooms

Of course teenagers need to be fed within an hour of a four-course meal (I may have exaggerated a little), so we ordered room service. It was a holiday treat after all, and the room service menu was both pretty wide-ranging and reasonably priced. There was something there for everyone and there was no tray delivery fee either, which is a personal dislike of mine!

Even better, the service was prompt, and again, really friendly. The quality was great for the prices charged.

I'm pretty old-fashioned in that I still use a club sandwich as a standard-measure of room service quality. (I probably need to find a modern day equivalent). I also chose it because it was something the teens could share and fill up on. Chase went for a grown-up Angus Beef burger, and Harmonie chose a kid's meal, which was the best deal of all - a main, dessert and a drink for about $15.

Seriously, considering the cheapest meal deal at the mall food court was about $12, and this was real food, (the vanilla ice-cream was made from vanilla pods!) I thought this was exceptional value. 

Chase's room service burger and fries with aioli

Club Sandwich to share. A @WeWantPlates moment, for extra fun!

Miss 14's meal came with a giant bowl of vanilla-pod ice-cream and chocolate topping. She also had pasta with the topping of her choice, and a drink. But best of all, for a 'kids' meal' it was real food. Quality pasta, a nice drink (she chose juice), and vanilla ice-cream made with vanilla bean pods. No crap here. My kids have always been foodies and began ordering adult or entree meals from a young age because they couldn't stand the usual nuggets and chips and other rubbish.

Meal with a view - and a remote control

And my own television!

We all watched pay TV -  a rare treat - and chatted, between rooms. The kids would come in and out of my room and vice versa as required. Hot beverages were made as required.

I watched a movie I'd been wanting to see for a while, the kids watched cartoons, a few baths were enjoyed, and everyone went off to sleep peacefully.

I loved the experience of an interconnecting room. Of course, we've stayed in apartments before, and many hotel rooms, but never an interconneccting room. The kids loved it! Being trusted not to break into the mini bar (and we'd packed a few drinks and snacks just in case of midnight munchies.) Oh and the fun of ringing my room for the first five or ten minutes or so? So entertaining!

In recent times, many hotel deals end up with one child being in a single bed, which isn't really fair
now they are teenagers. In fact, I'm now the smallest of the three of us, and I don't want to sleep in a single bed if we're treating ourselves, so why should they? We don't mind sharing a room, but at the very least, we'd like a decent bed each, and the Mercure Brisbane gave us that, plus extra pillows and privacy. And it made the kids feel a bit special for a special occasion. Like the grown-ups they are becoming.

I woke early on Australia Day, also my son's 15th birthday, and watched the River City slowly come to life. I had warned the kids I might get up early to use the pool, which we hadn't had time to try yet, as I tend to wake early and they like to sleep in during the holidays. But in the end, I didn't want to leave them. I was happy to watch them sleep (Creepy Mum Moment) and enjoy the quiet time.

Good morning Brisbane!

Breakfast was included in our room deal, and as it grew closer to closing time, I rallied the troops. They were initially reluctant to move from their comfortable beds, and at least one wanted to order room service again (ahem) but I insisted on checking out the free included breakfast. 

Happy birthday to Chase - and Happy Australia Day. Nice view - and notice the built in charger and hidden electricity board. And juice served in a jar is always a novelty!

A big breakfast for a big day.

We would have done loads more at the Mercure Brisbane but the sad fact was, we had run out of time!

We didn't even get a chance to swim in the pool (which is rather small, but still would have been wonderful in the late January heat), or to use the gym.

Now that I live in Southern Queensland Country, and travel regularly to Brisbane, I would stay at the Mercure Brisbane North Quay any time. It would be perfect base to see a show at QPAC, an art exhibition, or just for a shopping or business trip.

I found the rooms much nicer and more spacious than some higher-rated hotels, and they were very quiet too. The location is so convenient (once you work out exactly how to get there. There's a one-way street system which google maps didn't take into account, so it's worth phoning in advance if you don't know the area, to get directions so you don't get lost like a certain driver did.).

The Mercure Brisbane is definitely a cool place to stay and I'll be keeping an eye on special deals both for when I'm in the city on my own, and when the kids are in the area again.

Maybe next time we'll have time to use the pool and pop across to South Bank too!


Char said...

Sounds like a really special time together. A lot of memories have been made on that trip.

Unknown said...

What a great holiday with your teens. Perfect really. The views from the room were sensational and I felt a tinge of envy looking at that room service meal on your bed!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

It would have been such a treat to order room service. Even as an adult I find it very exciting!

Grace said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad to hear that the Mercure wasn't only convenient but made for a pleasant and comfortable stay for you and the kids. Enjoy those moments! x

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. It was such a great time. We spent the next night at another hotel. Love that city!

Allisson Wright said...

Looks like it was a great trip! Brisbane is an amazing city, definitely worth visiting!

kereta sewa murah klang said...

what a great moments you’ve got.
hope you enjoyed them.