Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Do You Like It? I'll Take Mine Straight, No Chaser!

PR Event*

Not many people realise that when I started studying my Bachelor of Arts, my major was initially going to be music.
I finished my grade eight AMEB piano at the same time as I finished my highschool Grade 12, and music was a major part of my life.
But I'd always loved to write, so I chose literature and journalism as well. Later, I had to narrow that done, so my BA became a double major in journalism and music.
Whether it was because I never had enough faith in myself to make a living as a musician or a writer, or the fact that something about journalism sucked me in, journalism won me over.
But music was always there too.

Goody two-shoes choir girl, as part of the Darling Downs Singers. Don't blame me for the outfit. That was the uniform. The hair is my own doing. We even did a capella. 

I remember as a young pianist, my first, very wise teacher, explaining that there would be some pieces I would not be able to play convincingly until I had 'life experience'. She was right.
As I gained that experience (and then some), I honed my skills in piano, theory, choir, musical theatre and more. Occasional back-up singing for rock bands. (Yes, those who think I am quiet don't know me quite as well as you thought you did, do you?)  Providing background music in restaurants and on award nights.
And for fun, (and on special occasions), karoake.
I've dragged a family piano with me everywhere since I relocated to Australia, pretty much full-time, some years ago. In fact, I just had it tuned!
Though I'm rusty, my kids seem to have a natural talent for music, and in recent years, Mr 15, has shown a particular interest.
So I was thrilled when I was asked to help promote the I'll Take Another ... World Tour for the American a capella band Straight No Chaser.

This group is awesome. (Easy on the eye too. Just saying.)

If you love the Pitch Perfect flicks, you've seen nothing yet. And I say this with the greatest of respect.
This male a capella band is as far away from cliched college performances as you can get.
Although the group was originally formed by 10 guys who loved to sing at Indiana University, Straight No Chaser have grown far beyond that.
With more than 20 million YouTube views, too many public and private appearances to count, and a worldwide fanbase, they are bringing their I'll Take Another ... Tour to Australia, with the endearing subtitle The New Old-Fashioned Tour.

Who wouldn't want to see them?

Seriously the kids and I enjoy so many of the Straight No Chaser performances and, can't even choose a favourite.
I'll share a few here, but I seriously could go on and on.
And SNC, as their fans call them, are a capella, they do sometimes add in backing. And there is always humour and fun.
In the meantime we do have a double pass to giveaway to Straight No Chaser New Old Fashioned Concert in the Australian City of Your Choice.
Tour details are:

July 13 Perth, Australia, Astor Theatre
July 15 Brisbane, Australia, The Tivoli
July 16 Sydney, Australia, York Theatre
July 17 Southbank, Australia, The Palms at Crown in Melbourne

To enter, please state which city you are entering for, and your favourite Straight No Chaser song.
And in the meantime, sit back and enjoy a few of our favourite SNC music.

Straight No Chaser: Can't Feel My Face

Straight No Chaser: Creep

Straight No Chaser: Uptown Funk

And that's just a taste of what you're in for at a Straight No Chaser concert. Straight Up!

Entries are for Australian residents only or foreign residents who can make it to the concert of their choice. Entries close at 5 pm AEST on July 8, 2016, but please ensure you check back in to see if you have won and/or are easy to contact. MIA makes every effort to contact winners, but if they cannot be contacted within 24 hours in the case of timely events, reserves the right to award tickets to the runner-up. You can learn more about Straight No Chaser and their tour here

* Maid In Australia has been given a double pass to give away, as well as a pass for myself and my children to attend the Brisbane show as a thank-you for writing this post. Excuse me while I fan myself ...

The competition has now closed and the winner was Carolyn. Carolyn please get in touch so we can organise for you to receive your double pass. Thanks for entering.


Anonymous said...

Their version of Rolling In The Deep ��
Surely one of them have to be single right?lol

Unknown said...

Okay so that comment came from Kayla Anne. If you have trouble leaving your name, just leave your first name so we know who you are. There are a few fan videos on their web sites of mash-ups which I love too. One features Maroon 5 and LMFAO. I love that one!

Anonymous said...

Up Town Funk 😍
Carolyn xx

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Well we learn something new about you every day Bronnie! :D

Unknown said...

Many more where that came from NQN ...

Denyse Whelan. said...

How lovely to get to know more about you Bronnie and to know how much music has played a part in your life. My hub is the same about music. Other members of my family are very creative in that way too.

Unknown said...

Thank you Denyse. My one regret is that, as my Mum says: "I let it go". In that I travelled a lot (and couldn't take a piano), and then I settled down and had kids, and didn't play a lot and was then ashamed of how rusty I was. It took my own childrens' interest to get me back into it, and I love it so much! I had forgotten how much a part of my life music was (and always has been). It de-stresses me, it helps me express joy, sadness, anger, fear, hope, laughter. It keeps my mind - and fingers - active. I wholeheartedly believe every child should learn it as there is scientific proof it opens parts of the brain - just as older people (ahem) should continue it or take it up as it keeps those neural pathways firing. Sorry, I get a bit carried away at times. And these guys are a good excuse to enjoy it, aren't they?