Monday, June 6, 2016

Win Tickets To Oz Comic-Con

It's here again!

The most awesome event for anyone who loves cosplay, anime, gaming, sci-fi, TV, film, comics and basically all things fun: Oz Comic-Con.

Last year's event in Brisbane was my first time and it was freaking awesome. And I don't even consider myself a real fan.

But my teens are, and I'd hoped to take them (unfortunately a clash of interstate school holidays meant that didn't work out), so I went with a loved one as part of a birthday treat for him instead.

I had no idea how huge the whole cosplay, anime and gaming scene was until we approached the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and saw the scores of impeccably dressed people making their way to the event.

But I had an inkling the day before at Comics Etc, where a couple of Cosplayers, still in costume, dropped by after a very busy day.

"You'll have the best time," said one. "Get there early and take plenty of water," advised another.

When we walked in, I was both devastated and kind of relieved my kids weren't able to come. Devastated, because they would have loved it. But in a way I was grateful because I don't think we ever would have made it out of there, and I think I would have spent a small fortune on all the cool merchandise for sale. There was so many cool things to buy, much of it limited edition or rare, that I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to choose for them.

Yay for us that this year we all can go!

Oz Comic-Con has already attracted huge crowds and rave reviews in Perth and Adelaide and is on this weekend (June 11-12) at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Guests in Melbourne include Robert Patrick, Callum Blue, Ivy Doomkitty, Lucy Lawless, Jake Abel and Samuel Anderson. Also attending is Rose McIver, whose career highlights include iZombie. Unfortunately she's only appearing in Melbourne, much to my teens' disappointment. (It is one of our favourite shows).

Oz Comic-Con will also run in Sydney (September 10-11 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island), and Brisbane (September 17-18, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre). 

Kermit will be mixing it up Oz Comic-Con this year.

Read on for more details (including how to win a family pass to an Oz Comic-Con weekend).

And to give you an idea of what Oz Comic-Con is like, here are some photos I took from last year's event in Brisbane. This year's theme is 'Unleash Your Inner Geek' but I thought everyone who attended last year was pretty cool. 

Avenue Q - a very naughty puppet show for adults (and kids who had their parents' permission to attend)

Avenue Q was just one of the many shows included in the ticket price, on one of several stages. Performances are held throughout the weekend, so it's important to plan which shows and discussions you want to watch

They walk among us - some of the many colourful attendees

Some cute costumes. There are Cosplay championships and parades

Oz Comic-Con includes gaming areas, anime stations, family rooms, and chill-out areas

Last year there were free samples of energy drinks to help keep you going

They were kept pretty busy

More gaming, plus colouring in, and Dragonball Z

The youngest Wonder Woman I've ever met - and her Super Dad

Chilling out

I was pretty sure my son would have liked this shirt but wasn't sure if it was appropriate ... 

A posy of princesses take time for lunch

One of the many discussions. This one on a different stage

Furries and friends put their feet up

My only regret about last year's Oz Comic-Con is that we couldn't stay longer and see more shows and discussions. But, living in the country, we had a long drive home and work the next day. This year, I'll probably try to see it over two days rather than a few rushed hours.

'That Lola Bunny', also known as Variable is attending all shows, as is Jason Palmer, while Amanda Tapping is attending Brisbane and Sydney. Australian comic book artist Nicola Scott, who is huge in America, will be in Brisbane. More guests will be announced soon. 

Thanks to Oz Comic-Con, Maid In Australia has a family pass to giveaway to either Melbourne, Sydney or the Brisbane event. 

To enter, simply leave a comment on who your favourite character is, whether they be in a book, comic, on TV, film or in a game. Please also let me know which Oz Comic-Con event you would like to attend - Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

The winner will be chosen at 5 pm AEST on Friday June 10, 2016. Please do check in, especially if you are intending to attend the Melbourne event. I always make every effort to contact winners,and announce them here and on Facebook and Twitter, but sometimes it isn't easy tracking winners down!

Good luck.

Disclaimer: Maid In Australia has received two family passes to Oz Comic-Con as a thank you from the organisers for writing this post. One is for my family and one is to giveaway to my followers. I have received no financial compensation for writing this post, and my opinion of last year's post is entirely my own. 

The competition has closed and the winner is Dee Potter, whose offer to show off her Warrior cry pushed her over the edge. Please contact me so I can organise for you to receive your pass. 


Kimmie said...

Knock knock Bronnie. Knock knock Bronnie.

It would have to be Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory :D

Kimmie said...

PS - Brissy please xo

Unknown said...

Ooh, Zena, or is it Xena? would have to be my fave. We'd love to go to the Melbourne one, pls. Then there is Captain Jack, of course!

Unknown said...

Ooh, Zena, or is it Xena? would have to be my fave. We'd love to go to the Melbourne one, pls. Then there is Captain Jack, of course!

Unknown said...

Buffy. Cute. Kick ass. And she has all the sassy one liners.

Unknown said...

There are so many to choose from aren't there? If I listed all the stars and the shows/comics/things they are famous for, it would be a novel, so I figured the real fans would know who was who. I love all of these artists and performers and I don't even think I'm up with the scene really. I didn't know what I was missing until I went last year. This year looks even better!

Unknown said...

Oh - don't forget to say which Oz Comic-Con you are entering for - Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

Unknown said...

Id have to say my all time favourite character is wonder woman. She gives us women strength for us to fight for what we believe in too. Tickets for Melbourne please.

Unknown said...

Id have to say my all time favourite character is wonder woman. She gives us women strength for us to fight for what we believe in too. Tickets for Melbourne please.

Janet Lotus Flower said...

Rose ­čî╣McIver from Izombie . It's my birthday 10th June ,so would love to win tickets for Melbourne please ,my daughter Rose Floundersnalle would love the experience.

Unknown said...

Christian Grey :) . Book character especially . Brisbane please

Robyn Pike said...

Kermit!! Melbourne, please (we will be there this weekend). Robyn Pike

Marita said...

Entering for Melbourne

Unknown said...

Xena is my favourite as I always fancy myself as a 'Warrior Princess', you should hear my war cry.
Brisbane please

Super Sarah said...

I would LOVE to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen but I don't think I could actually do it.... still, would be brilliant fun! I would love to take Amy to Comicon in Sydney this year!

Unknown said...

So many great ideas. I don't know WHO I would dress up as, but I am definitely dressing up this year. Even those who didn't do the whole Cosplay thing got into the spirit with cute outfits. I lost track of the amazing Dr Who dresses and Pokemon T-shirts and onesies I saw. So exciting.

Shauna 'Round the Corner said...

Strawberry Shortcake! Lol. I like Wonder Woman too but didn't want to look like a copy cat. I hail from the bush (kind of) and am not likely to make any of the events so don't pick me! I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Excited for you that you and your family will get to enjoy the event together x

Unknown said...

I REALLY want to take my family to this!! My littlest boys love all the super heroes and my 3year old wants us to dress up and go ten pin bowling so he'd totally love the experience!!
There are so many to choose from but I'd say Cat Woman! I wish I was going to see the Awesome Heather from Inspiring Mums dressed as Cat Woman this weekend in Melbourne. I would like to win tickets for Sydney please. Thanks Fee